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  1. I completely missed all of this. I am shocked how awesome this is.
  2. Enough with this already. BFC isnt trying to make some PC civil rights statement or have you idiots stirring up a debate that has absolutely nothing to do with this or any other BFC game. The color of someones skin has nothing to do with ability on a real or on a virtual battlefield. Never has and never will. So if you are really bothered by the color of the troops then you may mod away. You want Max Klinger running around the map in pink chiffon, mod away. You want BFC to incorporate troops of color, play CMSF.
  3. c3k, Well since you asked for not just a flare, I think they are in. Good job. Oh wait no they arent in, just making attempt to placate you for when you ask for stuff that isnt in but we tell you it is so you will be dazzled by our massive efforts and forget what it is you asked for originally. Its the BFC way to be Activision.
  4. Ok, ty Brian, I tried for 10 hours to figure it out hehe. Gonna have to duel O/S this computer I guess.
  5. I just tried to play on my Vista (Home Premium) laptop and I get the same error code, -216..... I have reinstalled Netframework 1.1 and Dx9.0c, turned Windows Defender and Trend Micro suite off opened port 8080, done a rain dance, sacrificed virgins, and joined a cult and still no joy. Any thoughts except for running an emulator as I do not have a XP cd and forgot to ask the wifey to ask her IT guy at work if he has an install disk lying around. -Ray
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