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  1. In Los Angeles I would kill to be able to park in a building.
  2. I dont think you can go wrong no matter your choice. The mod and scenario community are exceptional here. I do however like our modern titles more but the best value and the most active will always be the WWII titles. Now you just get to decide which nationality and equipment will be the closest to your interest. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  3. Chuck Norris doesn't need a crew. He doesn't even need an enemy because even his friends will surrender to him. Armata is just Chuck Norris.
  4. Ya I think a lot of you would really want a refund if you were bombarded by the AI at the start of a turn with MLRS LOL. Its bad enough when they do it with anything in the game as it is. I remember I heard a guy once say it should be called DEAD (DEM ENEMY ALL DECEASED).
  5. CMSF did well in sales, and so has Black Sea LOL. The rocky release was made up for by the time it was finished with CMSF. It is still my favorite and one of two video games I ever played in a combat zone. Black Sea is a far far better product but I really still like the theater and terrain of CMSF better. And the NATO module is the best BFC ever did as well, but waiting on an update to CMSF2 might be kind of a long one, but unless I win the lottery and can fund a Pacific WWII game, CMSF2 is what I am salivating for in the coming months or years.
  6. When I lose I just remember that I lost less men and tanks than General Patton and that he can never beat me at this game. So in a sense, I am a better general than he is.
  7. On behalf of everyone who ever heard Steve give a tentative date for a game coming out, I'll buy you a beer*. *Disclaimer: Only if all of us where there when the Playboy mansion is teleported via the Dark Internet portals to Tahiti and I have won the lottery 6 times. Otherwise I couldn't afford the billions it would take to placate you guys. *Disclaimer part duex: We are working with Steve to make up a 13th month so ambiguous that even if he says an exact date within this month, you will all be utterly too confused and think you have been playing it already for 2 months..
  8. Working fine for me. You might need to update your Flash to view the videos properly.
  9. You already have a job Mikey, let someone else snuggle up to Phil for when he stages the coup and takes over...
  10. So explain again how getting less money for your work actually makes a business more successful?
  11. You know a F-Type Jaguar costs more than a Honda Civic. Its better and in almost every way much more sexy to have the Jag than the Civic. So when you go to buy your next CM purchase, remember they gave you the F-type at Honda Civic prices.
  12. Well what I loved when I was on the job was the people sitting there complaining about our brutality or how it was turning into a police state were the first ones bitching when they had someone come steal or assault them. Oh why werent you there to shoot them. And there is no attempt in jaywalking. The first step you made into the street was actually jaywalking, so if you really want to look at it, they did cut you a break.
  13. Oddball. Most likely to be added into a module. If they couldnt confirm it had any effect on the current A.O. then I can understand them not representing it in the base game.
  14. It reminds me, One time at band camp we modified a MG42 to fire a 155mm shell. We set it on auto but we were having trouble with this as it fired just once and took 2 minutes to load again. The tuba player had an idea to use it on 3 shot bursts. Well dummy that didnt work as it really did the same thing. The flute player had an idea to use 50 shot bursts. So we set it to 50 shot bursts and that fixed the problem. See why flute players are usually smarter than tuba players?
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