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  1. http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/americas-killer-m1-abrams-tank-now-has-its-own-shields-22720, A brigade of Abrams with APS makes the games backstory/equipment mix look a lot better, the Army must have gotten tired of waiting for the mythical American made "better" system.
  2. A remarkable percentage of the German's problems came down to the fact that they just never got their logistic's train mechanized enough to support their fancy toys at the pointy end. I am not entirely clear how much of this can be blamed on Hitler's idiocy, the army command as whole, or simple resource restraints. Clearly none of it got better when they lost control of their airspace so completely that allied ground attack pilots were hunting locomotives like they were deer.
  3. The announcement header is currently blank. They generally don't leave it that way for very long......
  4. Something that vastly increased the penalty for scattering elements of a platoon all over the map certainly seems appropriate. Just a better graphical representation of the current morale hit would be very useful. There is a reason they tried like heck not to do that in the real world. Even with modern comms mixing units up willy nilly does NOT enhance performance.
  5. I would say this is my two cents but it probably isn't worth that much....... Thee game needs a formal planning stage instead of the current opening turn/set up phase. At an absolute minimum this phase should include phase lines with times of arrival, movement corridors, and general areas that it is acceptable to area fire blindly. The area fire designations could be tied to the phase lines. Such that area fire into a copse of woods is allowed until the plan says it should be occupied by your own side. Now here is the first trick, any orders that are within the units preplanned movemen
  6. And if the gun crew is not suppressed your tank is probably going to be smoking wreckage before it gets to the gun. Unless your armor is more or less immune to piece in question anyway.
  7. Steve, this bunch's hold on reality is tenuous at best. You are surely used to us by now.
  8. The bigger maps will really come in their own in the new modern game. When many weapon systems have multi thousand meter ranges, a 2k per side map gets a little cramped pretty quickly.
  9. What he said! I would even settle for a halfway coherent fighting retreat. Though it must be said that Comrade Stalin could be rather convincing on staying in that hole until the very most bitter end.
  10. You do realize I am going to get in all kinds of trouble if I buy the Eastern front game a month after I bought the Normandy Bundle, don't you? Of course if she wasn't speaking to me, I would have more time to play.......
  11. I am going to melt the processor out my new toy. I mean its guilt free war gaming, there are totalitarian nuts in charge on both sides.
  12. Obviously their are engine tweaks and terrain details that would make make the simulation better. But LLF has created a tour-de-force in how CMSF can be pushed to its limits. It is both fascinating to play and seems to give results in accordance with the historical record. You really can't ask for much more. Well except for BFC to give him a job maybe?
  13. If there was a couple of platoons of Syrian Special forces level bad people in there with heavy weapons you would have to level whole blocks to even attempt it.
  14. I got some real time in with it yesterday and allow me to state that LLF is giving excellent advice above, in all particulars. When you go to the roof tops all #$%^& T%^&*** breaks loose and you cant possibly suppress all the bad guys in time. The thing about staying in the street really works as well. You have to kind of retrain yourself from playing heavier forces on more open maps, where streets are suicide. It is really kind of a large mental shift. While the marines are under armed compared to most CMSF scenarios, so are the bad guys. It just requires a very different appro
  15. Which is too say its raining #^&&^$$#^&&g bullets in this #^&^$#Q@ hole. In the very best way of course, for a game. Way too many posthumous medals if its for real.
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