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  1. Yes, reviewing the turn it seems that the shell passed through the roof. My tank could also spot the panther as well. The turn can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0yyx5a04hzbr01/Assault at Huberderie 055.ema?dl=0 pw: get216
  2. Hi, I just encountered this during a PBEM game, I tried to hide my tank behind a barn but the enemy panther managed to not only spot it, but also put a hole in it as well. I have the PBEM turn if needed. Here are some screenshots: https://ibb.co/5T97Gnb https://ibb.co/nc8ygy6 I am very curious as to how this happened.
  3. Didn't you guys not release a patch for Shock Force 2?
  4. Well it sure stuck in my mind
  5. Just want to highlight again that scenario has a duplicate paragraph. In case you ever want to fix the briefings. Again, don't mind. The briefings are not better or worse than the other games.
  6. "Killing time at Kirtof" has a repeated block of text. Can't copy it here because the game does not allow for copy-paste. My 2 cents is that I don't care really. I do know that the game was delayed to get all the details right, and if it's important to have polish to the game, then the briefing texts are part of that. But again, I don't care, just as I don't care that the pouches are not entirely correct on the soldier models :)
  7. Just wanted to add that it might help to lower the graphics quality when this issue comes up
  8. Having an admin account is not about trusting the people you live with. It's about denying applications being able to make changes to important settings on your computer without your explicit permission. Many other OS's including mac and linuxes require you to enter a password before installing new software. It does offer complete protection of course, but it eliminates a bunch of them :).
  9. A lot of people use their admin account as their everyday. Only explanation I can think off. Once the steam version is out this will be auto resolved
  10. @Thomm I had the same issue. My guess is you installed the game as a super user and are running your game as a regular user. The battle and the game files are should be located under C:\Users\<your admin users>\Documents\Battefront\Combat Mission\Cold War Simply copy those files over to the same location for your regular user and you are good to go!
  11. For now making sure that firefox and spotify are not running seems to be working. Hopefully that's the fix.
  12. I tried again today to see might be causing the issue. I first tried to record my actions with fraps, but in six attempts I tried the file generated correctly. I then realized I did not have firefox and spotify running. So what I did was start firefox, go to youtube and leave video on pause. I also started spotify and left it on pause and went in to the game. The first time I tried to generate the file, the file was truncated (attempt 7) and the second attempt the game just crashed. I know that both firefox and spotify have hardware rendering and I wonder whether that might interfere with the game. I will try to see if I can narrow it down.
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