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  1. Thanks very much for all these fine mods, Kieme!
  2. "Rise of the Machines"? Menacing techno music? Oh brother. I was about to type "TL;DW", but then eight and a half minutes in the docu gets to showing some of the not-necessarily-negative applications for drone technology. It'll be interesting to read about the first instance in the US of a police drone getting shot down by the same suspects on whom it had been performing surveillance. Then again, for all I know such an instance has already been reported on. So if, sometime in the near future, someone misflies their livestreaming-webcam-fitted mini-UAV and crashes it into my face as
  3. Panzerfaust instructions illegible. Game fundamentally flawed. /good-natured sarcasm
  4. Not saying it's among the "best" H2H scenarios, but two words: Lead Express
  5. Sounds like I might do well to change my moniker to something, oh, I don't know, Smedley, if only to not be presumptively mistaken for a closet-racist Nazi-honorer. Yes, yes, I know my posts heretofore could be reckoned those of a German fanboi; but how do you know my moniker isn't meant to honor Marlene Dietrich? Besides, what I meant was more or less what gunnergoz said, especially in regard to LLF's post. Dietrich simply means "skeleton key" (cf. Nachschl├╝ssel).
  6. I wonder how those who admire and respect the personnel of the 332nd Fighter Group would respond to those who might express the wish that said personnel had been not all in the 332nd Fighter Group. And then there's (for example) the Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team.
  7. I'll definitely be downloading it later today. So that'll make it 14. =P Not to put too fine a point on it, but if circumstances had allowed you to release it before CMBN was announced... *shrug* Whatever the case, thanks very much for your assiduous work, LongLeftFlank; and thanks to the beta testers who helped refine it. *salute*
  8. Many liked listening to "Lili Marleen". But to my knowledge that song wasn't among those which Landsers (or GIs or Tommies, for that matter) would sing themselves. My point was simply that whereas the GIs considered the Landsers' singing awfully corny, the Landsers themselves thought it indicative of fair-to-good morale.
  9. "Bring in..." <pause for effect> "...the pillow-plated Panzer!" Yeah, but even in 1944 the GIs huddling in their foxholes listened the singing of their German counterparts dug in along the opposite treeline and thought it awfully corny. =P
  10. He also lacked the accompaniment of a Berlin Philharmonic rendition of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcZp7u_Krp8. :cool:
  11. At present I'm about three-quarters done re-reading No True Glory. Makes me all the more keen to get my hands on this assiduously built scenario of yours, LLF. :cool:
  12. Fixed that for ya. But seriously: Signal flares (even if the animation for such is rudimentary at best) would be so cool!!!
  13. Cool GUI! Between this and your work on infantry and vehicle skins, as well as your in-the-works sound mod... well, it definitely looks like mod-age I'll be delighted to use. Keep up the great work.
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