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  1. Fair enough. Ukraine will naturally seek to take back territory in more force but I'm not sure it can tolerate some more thousands casualties as well. I got some questions to ask if you don't mind, since you have studied the tactical situation really closely. Was Ukraine able to replace the relatively big hardware losses in 2014? Tanks, APCs, aircrafts etc? Is it autonomous enough in military industry and can it build its own T-90s, APCs, SPAs, S-300 or Sukhois. I recall some military plants shared the manufacturing process with Russia (and vice versa of course). In short, can it compete
  2. I didnt say they are useless. Its just a fact they cant do much in case of a second russian ivasion. They are sufficient enough to drive back a makeshift force of middle aged volunteers but they are probably no match for a coordinated russian army counter attack. The only thing that hold back the russians was international outcry. Thats what I call support. Political pressure, sanctions etc. I didnt mean the romanian army helmets. If political pressure gradually dissolves, with the current confusion on the US/EU camp, Russia will have a lot of more space to play.
  3. Is there a realistic possibility for Ukraine to make serious territory gains with no support from the West? And is the divided and strategically confused West with Putin's buddies leading now in US and UK and soon in France, willing to assist Ukraine in any way? Not in the next ten years imo. Whatever is happening right now is of very little significance compared to the bigger picture.
  4. haha yes, me too playing DI's Tornado in 1993. Landing was hard among other things. At least I got better in english reading the big manual;)
  5. The short lived era of russian naval airforce:/ Poor pilots fearing more of the return to base than the actual mission.
  6. Yes that film is haunting and as close as it gets to the horrors of war
  7. Unfortunately no. Maybe I should make a new one Kip, the mediafire removed my file and I dont have it on my HD either. Cant edit the original thread unfortunately.
  8. Has anyone by luck stored the map somewhere in his HD? The link has been removed by mediafire and I didnt backup the original I was planning to extend it a bit.
  9. I played it as Syrians, a well made scenario indeed. My only disappointment was that the game engine with the known LOS/LOF issues doesnt hadle the reverse slope well and you get shot through the terrain. I lost a technical from small arms fire shooting through the rise while there was no way it could be seen. Currently all the non urban maps suffer from this problem.
  10. I use photobucket http://photobucket.com/ to host any images. Just upload your image from your hard drive and it will provide you with a direct link for forums etc.
  11. Its 480 x 590, rather small. I get the impression that compared to CMx1 similar map sizes, CMSF's look quite bigger. Maybe due to the finer details and mesh. Seems the stadium with all these buildings is causing you some trouble. Also, balconies increase the poly count a lot. Map looks great though!
  12. Thanks Louch heh...yeah the parking lot came out a little too perfect, especialy compared to the primitive stadium nearby I will soon upload an updated version with AI for both the Red and Blue side. Unless I make seperate vs AI versions it probably still be a cakewalk since the force balance was initialy for a 2p match.
  13. LOL..we can make the complete Syrian Football league series You have done incredible work with the buildings. From what I can see infantry will be able to use the roofs/seats, while in my version is not possible. Your team must be playing in premier division also..Mine is conference the most
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