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  1. Are you referring to the activation code when we preordered or a new email with new key? I have my activation code but no new email.
  2. Think it's just an error when updating the German TOE , Soviet stuff truncated out. Just a guess though .
  3. Elvis The Fire and Ruble store module graphic says Red hammer. Red Thunder
  4. Looking forward to F&R as well as other modules and engine 5. Cheers .
  5. Odd names are typically incompatible mods. Remove any mods .What's in the Z dir?
  6. Yes I have it installed perhaps emails are being distributed.
  7. Thanks for posting further information on the atrocities the article I found mentioned them briefly but this shed much more detail on these terrible crimes.
  8. On the subject of Goums an interesting article Moroccan Goumier
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