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  1. Haven't seen any new activity at CMMODs III for weeks. Anybody know what is going on? Thanks
  2. Yes. I turned the magazine file 180 degrees. Fixed it
  3. I installed the latest German Panzer (winter, whitewash & muddy) mods from Aris. Using the Quick Battle set up (Winter, snow December, 1944) the mods do not show up. Please help...what am I doing wrong? (Note Umlaut's German and US winter vehicle mods do show up.) Any advise/help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Love it. Thanks Keep on going. Looking forward to having snowy panzers.
  5. Having a problem unzipping the file. Please help. thanks
  6. Awesome !!! Thanks Juju...You are a master.
  7. Hoping that we get the M8 HMC back. I loved that little fellow.
  8. Like pad 152's ideas. Hope some or all will be implemented.
  9. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery Buddy. Been there done that...had a quadruple bypass January 2013...took a few weeks to recover but I am fine now. Take care. My prayers are with you.
  10. Good Job Skwabie !!! I also felt that gun mantlet penetrations were not correct. I also liked the mod to lower the TC. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving !!! Will these also work for CMBN and CMFI ?
  11. I prefer small scenarios. More like fire fights--platoon sized. At most company sized that lasts 30-45 minutes.
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