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  1. Love it. Thanks Keep on going. Looking forward to having snowy panzers.
  2. I love small battles. Thank you. Keep them coming !!!
  3. Problem solved--Downloaded successfully. I turned off my virus protection before downloading. Great Mod...Thanks
  4. I have tried three times to download from Green as Jade site but each time the file would not unzip. Can you break it down to smaller files? Maybe the massive amount of data is causing problems for me. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Bill. Your labor is very much appreciated. I do wish you can give us more scenarios with which to apply your lessons. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
  6. Thank you Steve. Thank you BFS.. I am overflowing with joy. Merry Christmas to one and all !!!
  7. Thank you very much Aris. Enjoy your well earned vacation. You are a master artist !!! Come back refreshed and ready to go.
  8. Thanks Aris. As usual, your mods are SUPERB !!!
  9. Dear Fuser, I would like to thank you for making my CMBN-CW-IF +++ gaming experience that much more pleasurable. Your unselfish sharing of your modding talents is a marvelous example for us all !!! Merry Christmas and the best of the New Year to you. Cheers, Willie (Stingray)
  10. Haven't heard from Fuser for sometime now. Hope all's well with him. Not that I am rushing him to finish the Chrchill V...just a wee bit concerned. Need to hear from our great artist and hero soon!!
  11. Love that "Charging Knight" decal. Thank you.
  12. Fuser, Gimme...gimmme...gimmmeee the Lynx and Tiger II... My turn to play with them...
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