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  1. Yes, US forces start at 90%.
  2. Oh geez. I will check this today. I have all of the scenarios.
  3. It sounds like you did very well so you didn't have to fight the scenarios triggered by a defeat. I did not make a formal flow chart.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I will look into these and get an update out soon. FYI, all of the times on both sides have a random factor applied to reflect the reality that things do not always go according to plan. It sounds like you suffered from the worst possible case for that artillery support. That happens. That one particularly aggressive Russian AI plan was supposed to surprise the reinforcements, that was my intent but they might be too close as you say. I will look at that.
  5. That is awesome! Ia Drang Valley, Hue City, etc... so much wargame potential here.
  6. Hi everyone, first of all, thank you very much for trying the Battle Pack and I hope you are having fun with the battles. I've tried to make them challenging! I will be doing an update soon based on the feedback posted here and that will be pushed out to you guys as soon as it's ready. No ETA yet but it's in progress. One thing I wanted to ask is if anyone has played the separate battles in a head to head manner? All of the seperate battles are tailored for head to head play instead of being optimized for play against the AI. If so, I would greatly appreciate feedback on those exper
  7. The opportunity to take out the EW site itself isnt a playable mission. Ishould have been more clear. But selecting that means the Russians will not have EW capabilities in future missions at the cost of less resupply for your forces. I'll look at the graphics.
  8. Army cleaning up for Marine Corps again!  Doing some final adjustments on Anti-landing Actions for you.  Hope your overall experience with Threattec is going well!

    1. Imperial Grunt

      Imperial Grunt

      LOL. Well, somebody has to pick up all that brass laying on the ground after the battle!

      And yeah, my PPT skills fairly blow. I freely admit. Thank you for the final adjustments, hopefuly they are not major dope changes!


  9. Seconded. It is nice to see a breakdown of a battle like that.
  10. I love this video. This SAW gunner does a good job of laying down suppression that is not very well simulated in CM, AI wise. But the best part is that when the distinct sound of that first A10 arriving overhead is heard, the enemy attack comes to a halt and the incoming fire quickly diminishes. They know what is coming, but it is already too late. Feel the BRRRRTTT!
  11. Man, how cool it would be if aircraft, particularly attack helicopters, could be seen when doing gun and rocket runs. Jets dropping conventional 'dumb' bombs have to overfly target areas as well.
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