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  1. I will do what I can. I have RT and FI so I can do stuff with those maps. I haven't got round to purchasing BN as yet. So if you want me to try something with a map for either of those games then yeah I can but try.
  2. @MisterMark Very good suggestions and the only thing I feel that would be restrictive to going back over the older QB maps is the sheer volume of work that it would entail to put in more dynamic triggers. Not so much on each individual map but to produce a body of maps that would give that behaviour for the defence would be restrictive in so much that a reasonable time frame is not feasible. What you suggest about triggering a counter-attack of sorts is what I am working on just now on a few maps and to get it almost right has taken hours so far and that is probably the most simple count
  3. @MisterMark Interesting points and I often miss CMBB myself but if you don't mind me asking, and I mean no disrespect, how would you like to see an AI defense force behave in a CMX2 battle? I believe with the triggers we have now and a bit of jiggery pokery and creative licence with the scripting could we not come up with something? I understand what you mean about a static defence but in all honesty to move from a defensive position is to invite death in the face of an advancing assault. What else can we do as scripters with the tools at our disposal? Currently I am making a very sm
  4. I remember Steve saying that CMX1 AI literally had a single plan. It was the random maps that the game could generate which gave a good illusion of the AI dealing with the situational stuff but in fact, as others have said, the AI just went straight for the objectives. Don't ask me to find the post as it was from such a long time ago but I am sure it was mentioned. But for random maps to be a thing again.... sigh. Sadly the map is integral to the scripted AI now so how to marry up the random map generator with the AI scripts is a project I feel that no one would have time or money to i
  5. @George MC Ahhhh ok. I see what you mean now. I am getting that off in the distant grey tree thing going on but no actual fog to speak of. Right, at least I know what is normal now for the new game engine. My first foray into playing CMRT seriously and I remembered there were issues with fog and mist in the distant past and had glorious memories of CMBB wreathed in spooky fogs that you half expected an undead army to come shambling out of. Thanks for all the replies. Meach
  6. Hi guys, I searched and poked about for an answer to this but didn't really find anything that I could use so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I promise I did have a nosey about first before asking. When I load up a battle of Red Thunder and have any form of fog or mist selected I am not having any graphical representation on screen of said moisture particles in the air. I see rain perfectly well and don't seem to have any other graphical glitches or oddities to report. I am using an Nvidia GTX 970 4Gb Vram with up to date drivers. I have the effects of the fo
  7. Ummmm I don't mean to butt in here but I have made a scenario which involves around 30 tanks or so on each side in a meeting engagement. The map is fairly big and about 1.5km x 1.2km if I recall. Some infantry and plenty objectives to fight over but the briefing and tactical front end stuff is non-existent mainly because it was for private consumption. I can stick it in a drop box folder if anyone wants to try it out. I have worked hard on 4 AI plans for each side so you a fair bit of replay-ability is in there. The battle boils down to a meeting engagement and for a briefing each c
  8. Back at ya big guy! Hope all is well with you and things are groovy
  9. It's really good of you guys to help @Topkick out. It must be about ten years since Mishga put together her QB maps and scenarios along with @MarkEzra.
  10. Ah well at least you continue to put one foot in front of the other at a higher velocity than most could possibly manage up a mountain. Good job!
  11. I hope @Mord is doing well and still kicking. He is a good guy and hopefully doing away just fine.
  12. @George MC Hiya Matey! Yeah all good thankfully. Been raising the rug rats and keeping the wolves from the door. How are things with you? Still climbing mountains?
  13. Thanks guys! @JoMc67 I used to paint toy soldiers for a living back in the long ago years of my youth! @MOS:96B2P Good Ol' Infantry? Thanks for the links!
  14. Hi Guys, I treated myself to Red Thunder recently and have everything running at "Best" in the graphics options and the game runs sweetly at 1650 x 1080 on my monitor, which is a few years old now but I am wondering how I can take the slightly jagged edges off the vehicles and soldiers limbs. The game runs fine even with a couple of battalions going head to head on a fairly large map so it's not performance related but more a lust for the eye candy to look more appealing. I am not that techy and haven't fiddled with the Nvida settings but maxed out pretty much everything I can
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