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  1. 1. Read the Briefing Carefully. 2. Take your time during the all important set up and planning stage, 3. Don't advance troops before scouting the area you wish to move to. 4. Be patient and thoughtful. Treat your digital troops as if they are flesh and blood. Most importantly, if you continue to lose against the A.I., don't blame yourself...........it's Battlefront's fault for designing a half decent A.I.
  2. ^ Seems if you changed Russia to the United States, and Moscow to Washington, the body text would almost stay the same.
  3. That's odd. I just tried the link I posted again and it downloaded right away. Mind you when I downloaded it originally, it went to my pictures file instead of downloads. I should have mentioned that.
  4. You can download it as a PDF here. http://dobrochan.ru/src/pdf/1205/Red-Army-by-Ralph-Peters.pdf
  5. Red Army by Ralph Peters Book in PDF form here. http://dobrochan.ru/src/pdf/1205/Red-Army-by-Ralph-Peters.pdf
  6. It can be watched here. https://www.kanopy.com/product/manoeuvre You must have a Library Card or University Login to watch it.
  7. .................and then again, it could just be sabrerattling
  8. I had an issue with CMFI where I was getting a message that I was missing 3 breeze files. I messed about to see if I could sort it out with no luck. So I filled out a Help Desk form outlining the problem, and since it was Sunday I didn't expected an answer until later in the week. 1 hour and 15 minutes afterwards I had a reply from John Costello........on a Sunday. He had taken the trouble to provide a download for me of the 3 files I needed. What great service!! Unbelievable.
  9. 1. I rarely use vehicles for direct recon. I use them instead to transport infantry to do the scouting. 2. Use scouts..........if you don't have scouts break down your squad and use 1 section for scouting. 3. Move your vehicle so it remains out of sight. 4. When you deploy your infantry give them a target arc so they won't fire and give their position away. I usually use a very small round one. 5. Then I use a move or quick command to move them a little closer to where I want them. 6. I use the slow command to sneak them into the final over watch position.
  10. When I think it useful, I give a hunt order and a reverse order. At the waypoint where hunt meets reverse I use a 5 to 10 second delay, depending on the situation.
  11. ^ .....................and that's the problem with FPS games. Very few play as if their life depends upon it. It's mostly run and gun without much attempt at teamplay and survival.
  12. Exactly. Everything is relative. Quantity versus quality and one on one are 2 different issues.
  13. The largest advantage the Sherman had was mass production. Ronson (cigarette lighter) was the M4 Sherman tank's nickname. The British called it this because it "lights up the first time, every time" when hit. Other nicknames included "the burning grave" and "Tommycooker" (Germans referred to British soldiers as "Tommys"). The United States mass produced the cheaper Shermans rather than more expensive tanks. Here is a link to an article about the Sherman. https://archives.library.illinois.edu/blog/poor-defense-sherman-tanks-ww2/
  14. I tred to have a look at this but the link did not open fro me.
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