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  1. I wonder if the version released in Russia may be different to the BFC one.
  2. I hadn't seen that video before. Thank you for posting it.
  3. There is a Mod!! Link to youtube. On the you tube page, below the video there is a link to the download.
  4. Thanks for the link. I will download the scenario, but won't look at it right away. I will ask some of my opponents if they would like to try it first. I will post here on how things go.
  5. If you need a player I am available. Let me know.
  6. The CMBS link to download patches is not available. When I navigate to the page it displays " invalid link ".
  7. Thanks for taking a look. I think I am almost finished.
  8. Here is my dra uniform mod. Still a few things to do.
  9. Just to say once again that this is a great wargame. Hopefully it will receive some attention from BFC.
  10. Thank you, Sgt.Squarehead, 37mm, and Sgt Suchy for responding. I really appreciate it. Nice mod Suchy. Looks good.
  11. Hi, I am making some uniform mods and I have started with the dra models. Previously I have done soldier mods for other titles. In those other titIes I can always get a mix of uniforms to display by using the proper numbering. However this does not seem to work with CMA. I have numbered the different uniforms as dra-summer_body dra-summer_body 1 dra-summer_body 2. I put them in a folder called dra uniforms, then in the z folder. But only the first uniform ever shows. I have checked and checked. I have it arranged as to how it works in my other titles without any luck.
  12. I have a very modest system compared to the one you will get. However I have never had to overclock in order to have clear, crisp, and smooth video. With your new set up overclocking is something you shouldn't have to consider.
  13. The articles I linked generally seem to suggest that if gaming is your prime interest then the i7 would be fine. If one is using a lot of productivity software, and may have software for specialized work like photo, video, or music editing, then the i9 is probably the best choice.
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