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  1. Well myself and toxic.zen are currently working on some stuff right now (Or rather he is working and I am making appreciative noises ). You would be welcome to join in! When I get some time I will do some writing or graphics myself as well, maybe this weekend...
  2. Does anyone want to act as a compiler? If we all send one person stuff then that person can gather it all together and let everyone know what needs doing.
  3. lol, I wouldn't write it off just yet. I am currently working my way through (by PBEM) a textbook Soviet style mechanised assault that could go into the strategy guide. I don't want to write it up right now though because it contains spoilers for my new scenario!
  4. Well, there is the CMSF FAQ by Stikkypixie and myself, I also am still working on the community strategy guide. The only reason why that wasn't published 'officially' was because of the lack of a good example of a mechanised assault. I would be happy to join forces and make a mega guide with chapters dedicated to FAQ, glossary, newbie tutorial, basic info and strategy if that is what people want. I have a very nice, professional looking cover page waiting to go and I can provide a certain amount of graphic design to finish it off. Would anyone be prepared to do something like that? I cou
  5. I havn't had a look at this thread for a long time - it is really good stuff. Chainsaw, can I add it to the community strategy guide?
  6. Nice! There are loads of little features that work really well to add a bit of flavour to the map. I am looking forward to scenarios based on it - I might even do one myself if I have the time
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