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  1. I think this policy create more difficulties for honest People than the pirates. Moreover, the real security system I think is the activation system, am i wrong? Sorry for my English.
  2. Great news. But, why not a torrent? (sorry, i know i'm a bit repetitive, but an answer will be welcome)
  3. Is a serious question or are you kidding?
  4. Same problem here... My internet connection is very, very slow, but i can be able to dl (almost) all previous CM2 titles. Why not a torrent? EDIT: Today i can't login to the site....
  5. I think there are some abstraction in close combat and grenade use; despite the graphical 1:1 representation, this is not a Call Of Duty clone... (sorry for my english)
  6. Thanks, and sorry for the rush...
  7. Cypress are more usual in Tuscany than Sicily, i think. Anyway, the more the better!
  8. Have you preordered? Yes, preorder get it early. (downloading now...)
  9. Same with AVG; solved including Shockforce exe's in the exception list. Saluti.
  10. I've noticed too; i think (and hope) those textures will be corrected before the release. EDIT: sniped
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