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  1. Support sorted this out and everything i s now working. Thanks everyone
  2. I installed 2.10 and activated Rome to Victory, but some of the units are not appearing. For instance this screenshot from "Casili Road" In "Smokey's Challenge" no Allied infantry units are visible. In "Flames in the Mist", the vehicles Archer and Carrier Wasp are visible, but M1O Wolverine,Scout/Carrier and Otter are not. The menu reports v.2.10, Game Engine 4 My guess is I missed a step, maybe an upgrade.
  3. Just a thought, but maybe you did buy it from battlefront. As Steve said in this thread: >The old store went live shortly after CMSF was released. Anybody who placed a CMSF order in those early days definitely won't see it in their profile. It wasn't there in the old store either. I'm in the same situation - I have the activation keys for all the CMSF modules, but nothing for CMSF itself. Graeme
  4. I noticed today that the state/province of my delivery address is "Aberdeenshire" . I'm in Liverpool, UK, my state/province should be "Merseyside", but my guess is the I had left this optional field empty and in the data migration this has been changed to the first entry in the list of UK states/provinces. Or, I could be completely wrong and totally confused. I am getting on in years :-) Graeme
  5. I was hoping the smoke would be nearer to the vehicle so that I could use it for cover, so I was suprised. Then I got to wondering how I would know for any vehicle, where the 'pop smoke' command actually pops smoke. (The 20m indicator didn't help.) ​ I guess if I need to lay down smoke at a particular point, I should use 'target smoke'.
  6. Playing "Taking the town" I needed to pop smoke and this is what I saw: ​ ​ ​ ​What surprised me was the distance of the smoke - the 20m indicator line can be seen on the left but on the right the smoke is over 90m away. ​I couldn't see anything in the interface or the manual telling me the "pop smoke distance" for this vehicle - am I missing something ?
  7. ​Could someone please give me some idea about the mix of scenario sizes - are they mostly big ? I ask as someone who bought CMRT and only played 2 or 3 scenarios and then gave up in disappointment. Nothing wrong with the game, but if I load a scenario and am confronted by a sea of icons, I lose the will to continue. ​Thanks ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  8. Looking forward to playing them. Thanks for all your effort.
  9. Platoon formation orders would get me playing again.
  10. When the scenarios are listed in the (default?) order, small -> large, I've played the first three and loaded then quit the rest. Can't check the names at the moment. Please don't think I'm saying there's anything "wrong" with the scenarios
  11. I've pretty much stopped playing because of the battle sizes. The three smallest battles are ok for me while the campaigns are way too big (again, for me). Partly it's the setup phase: I open a battle and on being confronted by a sea of icons, I mutter 'oh c**p',and hit Control-Q. If the scenarios came with a sensible setup so that I could start immediately, I may be more patient, but spending a heap of time getting everything into position just drains all my enthusiasm. I've read posts where people report spending hours on the setup phase, but for me it's something that has be done bef
  12. Is the red button (the Go button) supposed to blink? It blinks continuously on my kit and only stops when the mouse hovers over it.
  13. I see they redistribute some Qt libraries. (Which is definitely platform independent C++).
  14. Googles ngram viewer suggests that "to gift" has been on a steady rise since the 1920s with a bit of drop in popularity during the '70s. Go to http://books.google.com/ngrams and have some fun.
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