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Fire and Rubble


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On 4/27/2021 at 9:03 AM, Dan Dare said:

@Battlefront.com all all the staff...This game is incredible...is amazing...it is the game I have always wanterd...brings me back does memories of when I do first discover some small company that got a game call CMBO and I decided to give it a try... on the time that any penny in my pocket counts...this is mind blowing..with the atmosphere, the big and small toys, the ANYTHING it get... I guess i'm becoming insane!! i have just found myself literally crying of joy...just thinking that even it can be improved with upgraded engine #5 and my brain goes nuts...

Welcome to the club. You'll find many of us here share your compulsion. some even exceed it and beta test new releases.

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Finished CMFR To Berlin campaign.

One of the best CM campaigns which I played. Well balanced, historically accurate and tactically diverse. 

Every mission has something of its own. Nice job! 

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Destroyed more than 50 Soviet tanks in single battle in 8th mission of Broken Shield campaign. 

How realistic is that from historical and realism standpoint? 

Looks like it reverse of what actually happened on Balaton lake in that timeframe. 

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On 4/25/2021 at 12:38 AM, Dan Dare said:

@ASL VeteranASL...why don't you check the unit history and move along...

in fact there were only two in action from august to october (i was wrongly recalling 3 )

On August 12, 1944 an entry in the 9th Army records indicates a battery of 3 vehicles of 38 cm Sturm-Mörser with the first arriving on August 13th..... etc

Just thought those, @Dan Dare, @ASL Veteran, who might be interested in the SturmTiger, and following on from the conversations back in April, would like to know there's a new unit history which is about to be published by PanzerWrecks:

Sturmtiger: The Combat History of Sturmmörser Kompanies 1000-1002

Due out on 26th, should be a very welcome addition to unit histories if the previous books by Lee Archer of PanzerWrecks are anything to go by.

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