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  1. You’re welcome 👍 But who is this other @Lucky Strike - we have not been formerly introduced, or perhaps a version of me from an alternative reality... If you are using the mod on an older laptop I would recommend using the low res versions, you’ll barely notice any difference most of the time unless you zoom in on stuff, but the overhead on your GPU is significantly less. It’s worth experimenting with various combos of resolution and settings to find a sweet spot. I personally don’t tend to use the highest resolution for most of the mod, that’s kinda reserved for development as far as I’m
  2. Quite! I just hand over the remote and make my excuses ... then head to the man cave, so long as she has the remote she won’t miss me!
  3. He’s clinging on to that tap (faucet) for dear life, poor beggar. Heeelllppp meee! You can get some relief either in this thread - you might need to try a couple of different links, not sure how well they have persisted. Do read the instructions as there are quite a few variations to experiment with. Or easier still try Booties CM Mod Warehouse IV here Whilst you’re at the CM Mod Warehouse there is plenty of other stuff to check out. If you get stuck give me a shout I usually drop in once a day ... Enjoy!
  4. Hah, I’m suffering form a lockdown time shift, days have all just melted into each other, not good ... but then again, more CM is no bad thing! Just blame the 🐶 or 🐱
  5. Yes, I can see how the UI would be the biggest problem, I have enough trouble reading subtitles on my TV as it is 🤓, don’t need to put any more strain on the old peepers. The advantage of using AstroPad would be that it mirrors what’s on the screen OR it can mirror just a section of the screen so, in theory, one could have the UI at a sensible size on the iPad and use that to control the game, but TBH I doubt the good wife would be impressed with my using the TV for this purpose ... I get enough grief as it is!
  6. Yeah, I think the game would struggle on a 50inch screen ... the interface doesn’t scale very well. On my iMac, which is indeed calibrated, I have to fudge the resolution to get it looking nice and sharp, but the actual UI elements are a bit too small to use. I actually have a PC which I run through to my iMac to play the games on, prefer how the nVidia GPU renders the game, plus I like to use some ReShade goodness. The colour shift might have been ‘cos I was trying this out a bit, huh hum, late at night, the iPad was probably doing that less blue will make you sleepy thing - doesn’t work
  7. Okay, so, now that you have no soul, what you need to do is open your imgur account page, add some images, it should then look something like this with lots of nice thumbnails (minus strange old ladies, that comes later): ... click on a picture in your account view, you should see a pop up with the image and some links to the right, something like this: ... now click on the blue “Copy” button next to the “Direct Link” link, notice it starts with https and must end in .jpg or .png, and possibly .gif and .mp4, though not 100% sure what imgur does to videos and gifs. This examp
  8. So I fired up AstroPad last night and set it to full screen on the Mac so that it displays the full screen on the iPad - in normal mode it just displays a section of the Mac’s screen which can be zoomed, good for Photoshop work etc. I was surprised how fluid it was even over wifi. No serious lag, very easy to zip around the battlefield, but would need some modifier keys assigned to get it working sensibly, out of the box it can’t really control much. Worked fine with either touch or the Apple Pencil. Noticeable colour shift, not horrible just different, I guess that on the iPad it’s probably d
  9. I had some spare today so sending them backatcha ... and some of what my Nan always said I should eat 🥬
  10. I too suffer from this, using Chrome on an iPad ... I have to download the image to see it, lots of little baby umlauts scattered all over my downloads. It might be the type of link pasted, I think it has to start with https to display in certain browsers, but don’t quote me on that.
  11. Ahh yes, anything more than a few postage stamps and you’ll run out of space pretty quickly. You can either click on your name (top right) and select My Attachments. From there you should get a list of all the guff you’ve ever posted. Delete away to make space, but be aware anything recent will not be glued into the forum archive so will permanently disappear. I think the forum archives a couple of times a month so one needs to leave your image in place for a few weeks to make it a permanent fixture that can be seen years later ... then it can be safely deleted.. OR Try using something li
  12. @Canuck21 Heh - beat me to the punch ... 😃 I was just thinking out loud ... with an app like AstroPad on an iPad one does have screen mirroring so, over wifi, technically, one can “play” on the iPad. AstroPad is a bit of a battery pig and it’s gonna be laggy depending on your wifi conditions, but for wego it could work, sort of. Also I think now Apple have built-in some kind of screen mirroring to the iPad/Mac OS. Might go and try it out in a mo ... Can you do anything useful with the pressure sensitivity on the Intuos? Would be cool to be able to somehow leverage that for zooming i
  13. Interesting concept, since there’s not much inside that would be of interest in a scenario this could work quite nicely as a substitute. Worth a try with some 88’s and bunkers on top. Also, are they introducing that 128mm PaK in F&R? That would make a, perhaps too good, substitute for the 128mm double Flak that the originals fielded. Maybe try a slight stepping on the top to recreate the slightly different levels. I think the 20mm quads were perched quite close to the edges. The Russians gave these things a wide birth cos they knew it would cost them way too much time material and eff
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