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  1. I am no expert on 3D, but I do know a little about moiré in the traditional sense and consequentially why anisotropic filters don't do anything to alleviate it. A moiré pattern is usually caused when two screen patterns interfere with each other, in print this could happen when images that have already been printed, and so made into a pattern of dots, are then printed again so that the dot pattern that makes up the original printed image clashes with the dot pattern of the newly printed image, producing interference. The same effect used to be quite common on older CRT TVs when, for instance, someone wore a striped tie which would clash with the lines that made up the TV screen image. What we see in CM is similar to this, the lines of the ploughed field are clashing, or interfering, with the lines that make up the screen image. Anisotropic filtering is doing a couple of things, the primary objective is to tackle aliasing of surface textures, the jaggies along edges, noticeably in CM the shadows have quite jaggy edges. It also helps to sharpen some details. Ultimately it probably makes moirés worse because of the sharpening. To get rid of the moiré would require the reverse, that is some filter that blurs or softens, or even randomises, the offending linear textures, which we sadly don't have. There are some filters in ReShade that can effect softening and blurring, but I've not had a look to see if we could remove the moiré with them as I only tend to use those filters for screen shots at ground level where moiré is not an issue.
  2. Hah! Bunch of old codgers 🧓👴👵 some of us have a way to go yet. (Not really sure why these emojis come up when I search for old 😅🥶😰😓🙏🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭👫👬📁📂🗝️🇲🇩 but since you're all old you can have them as well, maybe you have some insight as to what they mean?) 😉
  3. Had a good look through the various files that make up the interface and text rendering. Sadly I think that the colours are coded into the engine somewhere us mortals cannot access. The 'fonts' bmps are certainly not coloured so I think some coding is adding the text colour. Could push it up to management and make a request @Battlefront.com, if not now then maybe customisable text colours for the next engine ... please.
  4. Ta. I wonder how the scenario works without the mod, relying instead on BF stock F'u'R graphics?
  5. This is a mod pack? Not the winter graphics that came with F'u'R? Indeed we do. Now you can post pics to your heart's content and know that it only cost your soul. Seriously, I've been using Imgur for that last 18 months and I haven't even had a single email from them let alone any increase in spam ... I don't get it but I'm not about to complain.
  6. I went a took a look that same evening and, similarly, could not see any shoulders sticking out. It could be some weird shadow or it happens so quick we don't register it but you happened to capture it. As you say, odd ...
  7. Hah, brutal! I guess it's the ultimate big boys toy. I do know what you mean about being too clean, they don't have all the accoutrements one normally sees on a combat vehicle, not even the obligatory log.
  8. Great job! I just noticed that the commander's shoulder is sticking out through the turret side, dammit now I gotta go take a look instead of studying the flora of Poland and Ukraine, ho hum ...
  9. Interesting set John, but some extreme party games - this isn't how I recommend playing Blind-Man's-Buff ...
  10. They're not easy to find for sure, in the editor you can select them by setting the scenario date to minimum of 1st October '44. Then they appear under Heer armoured units as Heavy Panzerjäger Company (Elefant). I don't think they can be purchased individually, probably because they were only ever deployed in their own independent unit. But, of course, if you just want the single vehicle then purchase a company and delete what you don't need.
  11. Ooh yes, never noticed that but now you mention it I can see the dislocated MG in one of my screenies and empty mount in the other, though shadow's still there!
  12. Welcome back! Looks like they're all taking a nap after their exertions! 💤
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