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  1. 😎 Merci mon ami. Great, atmospheric screen shot, as always. As one US officer noted at the time “the enemy can be ten feet away and be undetected. He can fight up to spitting range” ... Our beloved and feared bocage is almost ready, one tree to finish and then I can release the new version.
  2. Haha, it will be quite close to 'bung it in your Z folder', though you may have to choose what to bung in there - Sycamore or Oak, or both but not a Plane tree - choices, choices ... Oh yes, there'll be plenty that you're not already using. In fact, I will recommend that players remove everything from the earlier versions then do a new install of the mod. It's all seen some updating with many textures getting quite a radical overhaul in the last few months. Some of it will work, maybe, some may not. I don't have RT yet, but judging by what is in the demo that won't be too compl
  3. I remember that there was a kind of CD compendium released for CMBO back in the day which did feature a whole shed-load of community-created mods. I guess with today's internet there's no real incentive to release them commercially. Of course, if anyone is willing to bung me a wad of cash they can do what they want with them ... 😉😉 say no more!
  4. Thanks @benpark I haven't done anything to the low bocage 3D models yet. They are a bit more choppy than the tall bocage, which makes them ideal for thickets. They have quite a bit of random height variation, easily enough for a pixeltrüppen to kneel behind or lay down and hide. If I do make changes to any of the 3D models it's more likely to be remodelling the tall bocage as they are rather uniform in height. However the original 3D models are complex so it doesn't take much to foul them up. Here's a screen grab without any lighting changes, shadows/shaders are off, raw colour - yo
  5. @benpark So, as I'm quite close now to finishing the bocage textures and finally 🤞 releasing the mod, assuming that no other significant discoveries come to light in the meantime, I checked out what we might do for the thickets texture idea. With the amount of textures I have created it looks like we can just use some of the low bocage textures as representative of thickets in woods and forests. The image below shows a wooded area, it features quite a lot of brush doodads, two to three trees per tile, and a single tile of low bocage. The bocage is best used individually, not joined to a neighb
  6. Not so sure it’s Ukrainian, isn’t that a Russian Blue?
  7. Thanks umlaut, much appreciated. I was just testing a few things when I saw this bucolic view, feeling a bit like a tourist I couldn't resist taking snap of it. I have almost finished with tweaking the bocage textures, then I have the only to finalise the Sycamore tree and make a few last tweaks to some of the other textures, so release is very soon. I know I've said it before, but there's really not a lot left to do this time!
  8. Bocage textures are almost done, and we nearly have Sycamore trees ... A pretty view ... sigh, remember the summer ... ... and without ReShade ... ... just RockinHarry's movie shader
  9. AKAIK the big things that ReShade does that the nVidia controls don't provide are to do with focus and bloom. I think it would be possible to tweak some things in the nVidia controls to change sharpening, colour and those AAA settings (which I frankly don't fully understand). That combined with maybe a custom movie mode might get some of it, BUT the movie mode doesn't play nice with anti aliasing. When I run movie mode with ReShade it somehow switches off depth effects. I don't think anyone has found a way of using the movie mode to alter things like focus and bloom, though it may be possible.
  10. Thanks Aragorn, much appreciated. I’ve got some new stubble fields that should do nicely for early autumn in the Low Countries, which I’m going to include in the mod.
  11. Thanks @sbobovyc. My efforts are mostly just cosmetic and are as nothing compared to what you gave us with your Blender import/export tools. It took me a while to get something useable out of Blender. Getting models into it is easy, getting something that’ll work ingame is much harder. I did look at the metadata on a couple of the bocage and tree models, but have to confess it was pretty much meaningless to me. One thing that I did notice, which occurred when I was having export problems, was that the tool would spit out an error related to unknown metadata values, and on closer inspectio
  12. In an effort to raise the level of conversation again - why camouflage is important plus some hazel bushes and trees ... there's hazel in the bocage as well, but this view caught my eye ... With my ReShade sunny, dusty settings applied ... Raw image for those who like it that way ... with a bit of @RockinHarry's movie shader tweaks applied There's a hazelnut in every bite ...🌰 (okay, so they don't have a hazelnut emoji, it's close, and may well make its own appearance ...)
  13. I remembered what I was doing when I saw the download thingy, and the request was for something to do with invisioncic.com. A quick Google suggests it something to do with forum software. So perhaps there were some updates. Yesterday I certainly had a few problems, wasn’t able to get pages to load at all, didn’t think much of it, but guess it could be related. Who’s in charge of these things here? @Battlefront.com
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