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  1. Friday release much appreciated to milk every ounce of pleasure all through the weekend.
  2. Must have been an odd corruption in the download as the original .btt has nothing on the Soviet side. But I grabbed the modpack again and this one has both sides. Going to discard everything from the original d/l.
  3. There is a scenario called Breakout from Korets in the pack that I didn't have, but it has no Soviet forces, just FYI.
  4. My first thought if not propaganda was an aircraft that just flew over. The AA crew hunkered down facing away tracks with that. But the big problem I have is that the photo is awfully sharp for a pass that low, imho. I feel like there would be more blurring.
  5. So incredibly grateful for your doing all these. Truly looking forward to using it.
  6. I don't think the pic with the tank on top of it is squared up to the camera:
  7. Thank you very much for that. I always enjoy these when you post them.
  8. If your unit is facing the way you want them to, but you are concerned about threats from other areas, give them a 360 degree arc. There are situations where you won't want to do that, but often times it is helpful in not ignoring unexpected threats.
  9. Unbuttoned, the CO won't be using his CITV, so yes, it will generally hamper spotting ability.
  10. What's going on is all your pic links are bursticated. I assume you are putting the pictures on a hosting service. The architecture of the link makes it look like you're trying to show pics from your own hard drive.
  11. Welcome. We were all new once. Glad you found the commands.
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