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  1. Whenever I see the "what if's" about the eastern front I can only come away with the feeling that "these what if's" would have lengthened the struggle, not changed it. I believe firmly, that even if Moscow is taken in '41, the Russians by '43 would have started to roll back the German tide. When you couple the western front with the eastern front, you can only come away with "they lose.." I am too interested in playing in the '42-43 time period, something along the lines of Velikie Luki or Kharkov 3.. Again, the day the German army stepped into Mother Russia, the war was lost for them, and t
  2. Hummm.. interesting test. I usually load out AAA for my German units and I have yet to see a plane shot down or driven away. That said, I asked a similar question .. "how do shot down planes get modeled?" and no one had yet seen one shot down.. so, I'm guessing this is a very rare occurrence. That said, I don't know what the amount of ammo per kill was in WWII for ground attack aircraft, I would imagine it was rather high, that said, I would also imagine that gunner routinely "drove off" attacking aircraft.. which never seems to happen no matter how many guns I have on the map. I'd be curi
  3. Why is it that the Heer Units have PanzerFausts as part of their TO&E and the Waffen SS units do not? When I go to check the opel trucks or even some Hammogs for additional PanzerFausts during dismount, they don't exist for SS Battalions and they do exist for Heer Battalions? Bug?
  4. This is kinda gamey.. It would be nice to take towed AA guns into combat and then deploy them against tanks or infantry. It seems that well trained gun crews could do the work in 5-10 min, depending on quality. That said, it somewhat neuters the Soviet side with the inability to bring these guns into the theater map..
  5. Personally. I would enjoy trying my hand with lesser tech against soviet armor in the mid '42 period. Where the Germans began practicing with Panzer Jaeger units culled together from bolting on guns to Frankenstein concoctions. Anyway.. That would be fun. The Nazis can thank god they integrated air defense into their basic infantry battalion structure otherwise, they would have been in big trouble.
  6. Wait.. there are a ton of source material for Bagration.. I mean, some of it obscure, but many not. For example, here are some books on the subject: (I got some of these from Wikipedia, but I've read some of them too) Beevor, Antony; Vinogradova,, Luba, eds. (2006). A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army. (great book) - READ Glantz, David M.; House, Jonathan (1995). When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler (another good book - READ) Glantz, David M. (2002). The Battle for L'vov, July 1944 - READ Buchner, Alex (1991). Ostfront 1944: The German Defensive Battles on t
  7. I guess MikeD makes my point.. it's hard, ney impossible to move a legacy game from one engine to another, even in the same game universe.. I remember when I first played CMBN and the small/medium sized maps were not as enjoyable as say, "the passage" was when I first opened CMRT..). I think this is the result of a clean start, and them having the benefit of hindsight with the previous iterations. I mean, I've always wondered how one could make a game like this with three separate pieces, Maps, Units, and Game Engine.. with each plugging and playing into one another.. and do as well
  8. I think I just want to point out that I believe the continual upgrading of the engine is difficult.. that said, I believe the clean slate of CMRT is reflective of a more mature gaming experience vs. CMBN..
  9. Does the engine seems cleaner? faster? That said, the units SEEM to not do as many DUMB things (path'ing).. sadly tho, we still get one-shot wonder "Heinz" with his 88mm Pak 41/43 penetrating an IS-2 at 4k M, but I digress.. I was trying to explain how hard it can be to modify an existing game engine and move it up to higher and higher fidelities today with another friend of mine in software development. It's not easy, and I think we see this quite clearly with CMRT vs. CMBN. Not to say that CMBN isn't fun, it's just that when I play CMRT I have a much better experience with larger maps,
  10. sadly.. this is a game and the mechanics are sometimes a bit.. well.. worrisome. I had two Tigers knocked out by one 57mm Zis at 400m (side shots mind you) slight after a Nerberwerfer 300mm swarm on the gun formation (general area, at least I heard the guns).. The barrage only managed to wound three of the gun crew and knockout NONE of the guns.. now, I would think the concussion alone from 300mm rockets would have incapacitated any crew within a 100 m radius.. but, Yakov was drunk and the concussions got him sober only to shoot the f'ing AT at the тигр.. ура ура ура
  11. Battle of Debrecen 6th Army crushes three Soviet Tank corps. October '44.
  12. I'm assuming that we can use AA to shoot down those iron IL-2 tubs.. but what does it look like when one of those commie planes are obliterated by the crack uber 37mm AA fire? is there a big commie crater? a boom? something? I could not find anything in the forums.. hence the question.
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