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  1. Did Steve really say CM3? I think someone who was dreaming about Barbarossa said CM3 but I'm not sure Steve said it ...? Or did he? I would be surprised if he did.
  2. Yes, there is always Cold War to wait on as well. At least with that we can all agree which direction everyone was climbing over the wall.
  3. On the bright side though, when Steve gets chatty like this it usually means ....
  4. Once everything gets on Steam then everyone can go to Steam Charts and see how many players are playing each game series so people will know which titles are the most popular based on current players (as opposed to sales which we aren't privy to). That also makes the discussion about what came out before what and what has more content largely irrelevant - at least for current players anyway since the measure is the same for all titles (who is playing the game today). More than likely all the East Front fans have also bought CMBN because it came out first, but not all players who bought CMBN
  5. well, and obviously the properties of the flavor object made by someone would not be coded into the game as the ones in the game are done by Charles so whatever object you chose to modify would retain the properties assigned to whatever the object was before you turned it into whatever you turned it into.
  6. I seem to recall Steve saying that Panzershreks were not normally available to Panzergrenadier formations by TO&E, but rather that Panzershreks were distributed amongst leg infantry units instead. I'm just going from memory and I haven't looked at the TO&E for Panzergrenadier formations or anything like that, but if what I'm remembering is accurate then that's why Panzershrek teams wouldn't be available in the Armored Infantry category. Incidentally the teams are functionally identical no matter what category you are choosing them from, so if you want Panzershrek teams with your
  7. Well that's the thing. There is a Well flavor object in CMRT so if it provided cover then you would see bullets bouncing off it since it's stone. It might, I've just never tried it or noticed it. At the same time though any flavor object that gets added to the game has to be coded on the back end by Charles to give it cover. Flavor objects typically have a very low priority when it comes to getting a game completed so I'm not sure how much time is spent on giving flavor objects appropriate properties. Map makers always want more flavor objects, but there is always push back on what we can
  8. Well I don't pretend to know how complicated it would be, but it's been like this forever ... I'm sure if it could be fixed it would be. It seems like, for whatever reason, buildings just tend to have an invisible footprint inside an action spot when placed at the diagonal - at least for vehicles. A footprint beyond what you can see visually 3D or even what's represented in the 2D map editor. I've been bit by that on occasion in the past and it's aggravating. If you catch it you can adjust the map accordingly, but that's not always going to be possible to catch that sort of stuff if you ha
  9. Color me surprised. I've seen them get destroyed when vehicles drive over them (disappear). I've never seen the pixeltruppen take a knee behind a flavor object - at least that I remember. Interesting.
  10. I feel your pain. I can't really tell from the screen shot, but the game does have some vehicle pathing issues for buildings at a 45 degree angle (as opposed to straight north south cardinal directions when looking at the 2D map in the editor). Your compass in the screen shot seems to indicate that everything is at a 45 degree angle, but I'm not certain because you may be looking at a 45 degree angle and buildings are at cardinal directions. For example, you can put a road down an angled street with buildings along each side and then find that you can't drive anything down said road.
  11. From a scenario design standpoint there really is no need for window entry. As I recall there was a lot of discussion about this years ago, but ultimately if you just think of doors as 'entry points' rather than doors then the window discussion becomes academic. On the modular buildings a designer can put a door on every side of the building as well as putting doors on every floor between adjacent buildings if the designer chooses to do so. I can't do that on the independent buildings, but for the most part if I want to allow the player easy entry to every modular building I can do that as
  12. Flavor objects do not provide any cover. They can be driven through freely by any vehicle. Not certain if they provide concealment or not - but if you are already spotted it probably doesn't matter that much.
  13. Yes, but when you fire them from a building it causes suppression and possible casualties to building occupants.
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