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  1. Gotta love @Warts 'n' all posts. He can even do a geographic definition with a flourish.
  2. Yeah, I know, not happening. But big stompy robots will always be at the top of the cool factor chart for me.
  3. Ian has the right of it. Scenarios are always forward compatible, but not backwards. It works fine for me.
  4. We also need to factor in the training and logistical cost of the 62 soldiers in those 31 Javelin teams versus the 4 in the Abrams. It's not the greatest cost by any stretch, but the men (and their survival) are the most important part of the equation.
  5. All of FI is available now. The Commonwealth module for FB will be a while, so that's another reason to wait on it. Speaking of which, always wanted to play both sides of a Peiper campaign with British defenders.
  6. +1 for both, but I would start with FI as it has a very different feel from everything else in the CM family with the terrain, nationalities, etc.
  7. Not only FJ, but by the second scenario iirc you'll be driving Sahariana's in the Italian sun with the top down.
  8. Agreed about CMMODS but with Elvis's uploads you can be certain that you do have the latest version.
  9. Since it is likely because you are helping get FR ready to rock, you are forgiven.
  10. The GL Foiling Fustian Fallschirmjäger campaign is a great way to start with serious infantry action.
  11. Click on @BFCElvis link, then hover your cursor over each of the 5 campaigns to see their upload date. Back on Tracks is 10-19-20.
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