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  1. Today's infantry receives more extensive training in working in smaller tactical elements. Having appropriate leadership for each element is extremely important and that has to be known and planned in advance for a split team to be able to do anything useful. Much tougher to do that effectively in WWII.
  2. They are both great, but very different. SF2 definitely has more content, but it is more a case of victory being next to no casualties for blue. Lots of good red on red slugfests though. BS, on the other hand, is a case of: if you're in LOS you're as good as dead, so shoot and scoot.
  3. The great thing about "here we go again" is that the result is often wildly different. So, while it may feel like deja vu during the opening minutes, it will end up being it's own unique battle.
  4. Nothing on his Dogs of War forum since August 2022 and he hasn't been on here since November of 2022, so it may indeed be expired.
  5. Nothing good ever happens when you get shot in the patootie.
  6. Clearly he's hinting that we're getting CM:Succession Wars with Battlemechs....finally.
  7. Generally I wouldn't send a jeep to recon unless it was a situation where I needed to cover a lot of ground quickly. The eastern front had a lot of smoking pyres from recon vehicles, but the western front was much more infantry-centric snooping.
  8. It was just an amphibious vehicle with a decent sized HE chucker. Useful, but far from a wonder weapon.
  9. Juju said many times that anyone was welcome to use his work as long as they credited him. You're not on shaky ground at all to publish your icons.
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