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  1. He's despondent over having a sorry rifle when all the cool kids are automatic.
  2. As long as the ammo bearer stays close, the ammo is being counted in the gun's total and will be used without any action on your part. If they get far away, the ammo will be unavailable until they're close again.
  3. It's 1 guy and he's created a good game, but that's all he does. The 6 people at BFC do everything. The VR Designs guy has Slitherine doing all the heavy lifting, marketing, and business side activities, so it really isn't a fair comparison at all.
  4. There is no BFC without Steve and Charles, so I don't even want to think about what would happen.
  5. Yep, packs are likely in the future for several of the game families.
  6. I don't recall anything for FI after R2V, but Steve mentioned Commonwealth Forces would definitely be a part of FB.
  7. Absolutely. But we can taste it now. It's a baboon, which is, in fact, a monkey, not an ape.
  8. Damn...that's fun. What goes on in CMSF2 stays in CMSF2.
  9. Interesting. I've played quite a few scenarios with 4 or more. RT and FI come to mind as having a number of them.
  10. Something like that. I never play 1 player scenario's twice, but I'm going to do this again with the mods just because I screwed that part up. 🤪
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