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  1. Turned out really well. Looking forward to lowering the property values greatly.
  2. Kieme hasn't been on the forum since March 3, 2016. Mord tends to be gone for a while periodically, so I'm betting he'll be back sooner or later. Kieme, not so much.
  3. Forget WW1, the vaaaaast majority of fighting in WW2 was infantry v infantry.
  4. Both of them are revolutionary in concept and execution. There's so much fun and immersion in each one.
  5. Not to mention the eleventy billion lend lease trucks, which were far more important than the tanks.
  6. +1 Bil and so many other awesome people make this game and community the best.
  7. Considering that the Javelin didn't come into service until 14 years after the Falklands and aren't real good at surface to air, that's quite a feat by the British. We undermeant what you stood though.
  8. Armor Data for the Tiger I (slope in degrees from the vertical) Front Side Rear Gun Mantlet 120 mm @ 0° Turret 80 mm @ 0° Turret 80 mm @ 0° Turret 100 mm @ 10° Superstructur 80 mm @ 0° Hull 80 mm @ 0° Superstructure 100 mm @ 9° Hull 60 mm @ 0° Hull 100 mm @ 25°
  9. It can be hard to ride the line between caution and pushing objectives, but patience will almost always pay off in the end.
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