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Bolshie lover?  uhhhhh, the wehrmacht et al killed around 25M folks in soviet russia.  Russia did not attack germany.  So yes let's 'honor' them??  for a war of murder and extermination??  Hitler's pl

Actually most of us Bolshie lovers won't get too upset, because those red bastards got the last laugh, so to speak, and we are too-well-used-to wargame developers pandering to players that glorify the

Actually, most of us have thought about these issues and have various sad, complex and humanitarian opinions, often coloured by the experiences of the many people we know, have known love or have talk

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53 minutes ago, benpark said:

YOU are the target audience! My fellow mapping maniac.

I grok many of the footsteps of your long, long journey, senpai. The only way to really understand what kind of work and devotion goes into making the kind of wonderful content you are creating is to stick your hands in the clay and try it yourself.

Can't wait to dive into your magic. Both to play and to learn.

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5 hours ago, sburke said:

Hopefully this puts to bed concerns the module hasn’t had any love while CMFI is getting honed. Hell I am not even a huge East front fan, but this stuff is awesome. 

Are you a married man? Just telling your wife you love her wears thin after a while. You also have to SHOW her...😎

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