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  1. Nope. You can order a physical DVD but it does not come as part of a preorder unless purchased that way.
  2. The answers you have gotten at correct. The simple answer is that any purchase made through Steam will not work with a Battlefront version. And any Battlefront purchase will have Steam access at no extra charge. As far as pricing. If the Steam version is on sale we have been offering it on our site for the same price. There may be some weird timing issues where they start before us or we offer it for a hour or 2 longer but, in general terms, they'll match
  3. No. And it has been talked about but no one in the conversation seemed interested in doing it. 🙂 Having people pay to beta test doesn't sit well with anyone. What will be released with Cold War will be a complete game that we hope will have no bugs or needed tweaks. We always strive for that.....sometimes when a game has hit the masses previously unspotted bugs appear and we pump out a hot patch. But we don't knowingly release something that has unfixed bugs and can't imagine a future where we do. And this is coming from a guy who can imagine flying cars, a Lobsters in Space game and carrying
  4. No. There will be no printed Cold War specific manual. The only manuals that are printed are the game engine manuals. Pre-orders get a little bit of a head start on downloading the game when it's released.
  5. Puttin me on the spot Icedude. If I were a betting man (and I am). I would bet on Fire and Rubble first but Cold War still having an April release. I would give 2:1 odds on that and 3:1 odds on both being out in April, regardless of the order. (CYA...none of that is a promise. But it is an educated guess. Please bet responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem please call the hotline in your state http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/?q=hotlines)
  6. Yes. Something catastrophic would have to happen for that to now be the case.
  7. I just finished "unpinning" nearly every topic in the Fire and Rubble beta forum (2 remain). Almost all of those threads are moot now. That isn't enough to say "very" yet but it's a step closer.
  8. We figured most people would be interested in checking it out. But I'm happy that there is an "opt out" (by not installing the new builds) for those who don't
  9. Kinda. Any patches (or whatever we'll call) that come along between the April release and June will be optional. If someone doesn't want to participate in adding the new system to their Cold War game all they have to do is not download and install any of the patches/builds that come out during the development. As CptMiller says, when it is released it will have the same features as every other Combat Mission game. So it's not really a beta version. It will be early access to the new system for those who want it.
  10. Yes, pre-orders are still open. The physical manual is the Game Engine 4 manual and not specific to Cold War. So, if you already have the 4.0 Manual then you probably don't want another.
  11. I think that I can answer this for Steve....... Sure. Because we have seen that those will be more popular and a better use of our resources. That seems to be what he has been saying in his last few posts. "We could do it but it would be at the expense of other titles that would be more widely popular" (I think that I speak "Steve" fluently) Unrelated.......we reached a milestone in Fire and Rubble last night.
  12. To a degree. Umlat's post on the previous page sums up Steve's stance (in his own words) pretty well.
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