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  1. Normandy is supposed to be released on Steam next. No one has mentioned holding off on that to me (at least not yet). I think that once PBEM+++ gets bolted onto Cold War it will be pretty straightforward adding it to everything else. Ain't dat the troof. Fortunately, it isn't stopping anyone from playing the games and causing a delay in release. You guys already have access to the game. 🙂
  2. You can gift them a Battlefront version and when it's available on Steam they are able to get a Steam key at no charge.
  3. This message is accurate.
  4. He was told that what he was saying wasn't acceptable on our forums. The place where we determine what is and isn't acceptable. And he double downed. If he'd said. "I get it" (or nothing) and moved on that would have been the end of it. Heck, that is what Erwin did in that thread. I pointed out what he'd said wasn't cool and he stopped. This here looks like another one that's gone off the rails. @AttorneyAtWar fired the first salvo and it's gone no where good since. Well, maybe @Erwinfired first. Regardless, before it gets too out of hand and I do something "retarded"* again, Imma gonna lock'er up.
  5. UUmmm.......Yes we are but it isn't really that secret.
  6. I can give you more detail on the Help Desk but the short answer would be to use whatever download that you have access to that contains the 4.0 Upgrade. If the game was Game Engine 4 then use that link. If you got Game Engine 4 by purchasing the 4.0 Upgrade then use that link. Whichever one it is will install the entire game. With the new installers you never have to do the step by step installation again. Once installed use the Activate New Products utility and enter all of our keys (it doesn't matter what order you enter them.)
  7. I have found on the Help Desk that there is a connection between the game and how we hear it. Since it is close to zero the amount of times that people turn off their sound it seems to affect people who install with headphones plugged in that experience this. Try uninstalling and reinstalling without your headphones connected. You'll still be able to play the game with the headphones installed but the game won't be "expecting" the headphones. And, as far as anyone's regular speakers go.......how often does anyone turn them off? Turn the volume down (sometimes to zero) but off?
  8. I replied to you ticket yesterday morning. It contained information for you to log back into your account. Also, I pointed out that you have the original Game Engine 1 version. Which will not run on Windows 10. You need at least the 3.0 Upgrade.
  9. The rudeness is how one looks at life. Something doesn't go as someone expects one person will say "I don't know enough about their process. Maybe this is normal for them." And another person says "this is a 'pretty absurd' amount of time" and "this is something an intern could do in an afternoon" and "Sounds like Slitherine needs a solid kick in the ass." Completely ignorant about what the process is but quick to get outraged and cast judgement without even the tiniest bit of actual knowledge. As far as I'm concerned Slitherine does not need a kick in the butt. They do what they do, the way they've been doing it and have been very successful. That's why we have partnered with them. And we're very happy with how things have gone so far.
  10. Ugh. Who on this blessed planet said they were testing and installer for a month? It is now clear that you're just trying to make stuff up to be rude about. Man, that's a hard way to go through life, brother. But you have given me a good idea. We should coordinate our patch releases and hold ours back until they are ready. It would avoid pointless nonsense like this.
  11. There are 5 executables for each game: BFC - Mac BFC - Windows Matrix Steam Internal Use What would be unreasonable would be to throw whatever wrapper is being added onto an executable and not test to make sure it works before releasing it to the public. That sounds sloppy to me. But maybe that's just me.....wanting to confirm that something works before giving it to customers. As I said, I don't know how complicated or time consuming it is to take the Steam executable and prepare it for Steam. I don't know their current workload for this and all of their games. And if this has been in a queue for things that need to be done. I don't know if this is the normal amount of time we should expect between getting them the files and when the patches are released or if this is "pretty absurd". What I do know is that nobody knows but them. Not you, not me. And we are the anomaly. No other game designer in their stable is allowed to sell their games on their own site. So, if we didn't have that arrangement there would be no situation where a patch is released on the game designers site but not on theirs. If we had the same arrangement as all of the other developers no one here would even be aware that a patch was being worked on. EDIT: I've already wasted enough time discussing something that neither of us has a clue about. Time to move on. I have said that I don't know why it has taken this long. You act as if you know why but actually have as much of an idea as I do. Which is none.
  12. I understand that. That isn't what I'm saying. The files that are created by us and sent to Slitherine are not "Steam ready". Just like the Battlefront builds that we beta test are not "public release ready" until the installers and anti-piracy software etc are wrapped around the builds. We don't create the "wrapped" version for Matrix and Steam releases. Slitherine takes the files that we send them and prepares them (and tests them) for both the Matrix version and the Steam version. IN other words, it isn't a matter of Slitherine just uploading what we send them. The have to prepare the files so that they can be installed on the games. If you read any of our pre-release earlier this year....that is when something goes from a Beta version to a FC (Final Candidate) and RC (Release Candidate) version. A RC version is eventually what gets renamed and released to the public. The same wording isn't used but essentially the FC version is what gets sent out and needs to be a RC version before it can be simply uploaded. We don't have anything to do with the Steam and Matrix installers. We don't touch them. If that isn't getting through then maybe this is a better way to explain it......I can take the Battlefront v2.16 patch and upload it to Steam but when you open your game on Steam it will not install on your game. It does not have the attached software that installs it. I can upload it to the Matrix patch whatever but it won't install on your Matrix version of the game.
  13. What is painfully simple? Uploading a file? I don't doubt that. What is done with a file from the time Charles creates it and sends it to them and when it's ready to be uploaded is another thing. Uploading a file to the servers we use are painfully simple. Preparing the file so the the end user can use it is something different.
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