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  1. Big red button? If so, I love it. I still refer to it as clicking "Go" from the CM1 games.
  2. The first example I can think of off the top of my head would be changing the characteristics of a weapon. Rate of fire for instance. Or ammo loadouts.
  3. I'm not sure what you're on about, mate. But the 1 thing that I did understand in the original post and yours is the desire to modify weapons. As had been said before, that will never happen with the commercial versions of Combat Mission. This has been our position for 22 years and I don't see any reason to change it now. Some companies may be interested in making games where weapons and vehicle attributes can be change but we aren't one of them. That said, the military being able to change things would seem to be a mandatory feature because they are testing things that may be made in the real world. I think one of the things the original poster was trying to say was that he felt the LMG-42 is not modeled correctly ? If that's the case put together some information that people can look at and test a maybe a change will be made to that weapon. It wouldn't be the first time that something has been changed with how something is modeled.
  4. That's kinda what I said. The question I answered was "will a patch be out before the PBEM+++ is available?". To which I answered "no" because PBEM+++ is the only thing being tested right now. Now, "only thing being worked on" is a different question, unless you meant only thing being worked on by beta testers.
  5. Let's watch the political stuff, lads. (I'm looking at you @sid_burn) I'd rather not lock up my 2nd thread of the day.
  6. My first thought when reading your post was that you might not both have both have the same content. If you're playing a Quick Battle, for instance, and select a unit available in Market Garden, the battle will only be playable for him if he has Market Garden too. I would suspect that before Mac vs Windows or how the files are being exchanged.
  7. I'll ask around and see if anyone knows why a Hummel isn't available as a single vehicle. My guess is that there is something historic about it.
  8. I noticed that too. He had a goatee the times we've gotten together. It may be a Covid thing. Like the mutton chops and mullet that I grew last summer.
  9. The most surprising thing about this thread is that nobody commented on having a Steve sighting in the video and the award we got from Dstl.
  10. A patch hasn't gotten to the testing phase yet. So, it's unlikely there will be a patch before the one adding PBEM+++ The "patch" that is being tested now only includes PBEM+++ at this point.
  11. As Shrullenhaft said, if you don't see the key in the CD case it will be in your account. That said, the case that you have a picture of is from the tin box that came with pre-orders for CMBN. That disk is Game Engine 1. Game Engine 1 will not run on Windows 10. So, if you have Windows and don't have any of the Upgrades you will need to purchase at least the 3.0 Upgrade. Also, if you already have Upgraded to Game Engine 4 or 3 you should use those downloads to install the game. They are all-in-one full game installers and will install the base and every module, Pack, Upgrade and patch through the most recent version. If you have any trouble with this please open a Help Desk ticket. I can look up your purchase history and give you the exact answer that you need.
  12. Your question was one of the first that I'd asked because I wanted to take it for a test drive on something. I tried it in Field of Glory II and Gary Grisby's War in the East 2. It's probably time for an update. So, I'm glad that you asked @Probus. The 2 main features that it will introduce are: 1) After you have finished your PBEM turn the email file is automatically sent to your opponent. The opponent is also sent an email notifying them that the turn has been received. 2) There is a "lobby" where you can pick up a game. In it is a list of available games that you can play. If you are starting a game against a specific player you can password protect that battle so that only someone with the password can play it. Otherwise, anyone is free to play any available battle. The look is what you are already used to. As things get closer to being done I'll post some screenshots so that you can see what I mean by that. Everything looks very "CM". Which means the learning curve will be very shallow for people familiar with Combat Mission. When setting up a PBEM battle the dropdown list that now includes 1 Player - Real Time, 1 Player - Turn Based, etc now also has "2 Player - PBEM3" as a choice. The naming of that will likely change. It looks like it looks now when setting up a battle. There is just 1 additional chpice. In Saved Game where you now load your saved games and PBEM turns there is a dropdown menu with several choices. One is PBEM 3 Challenges and another is PBEM3 - In Progress. The latter is where you load your PBEM3 turns from. The drop down menu changes what you're looking at (Challenges, saved games, PBEM3 in progress games etc..) but those screens look like what the Saved Game screen looks like now. Those are the basics. There are a few more details that we'll get into once they are locked down. Like how you'll be logged into the Matrix servers and stuff like that but the items listed above are the main functions. Also, the intention (and no one has suggested otherwise) is for the existing PBEM system to remain for those that don't want to use PBEM3 for whatever reason. The obvious, and reasonable, next question (I'll answer it before someone asks it) is "when will it be out?" Dunno. Last April is when we wanted it. There was a feature that worked perfectly........and then stopped working perfectly. It has been a bear to figure out why it's stopped working. All that I can ask in the meantime is for you to enjoy your Battlefront version of the game.
  13. Well, it isn't titled "TECH SUPPORT". It is titled "CM General Tech Support" and the first stuck post lays out what this part of the forum is about. Not for nuttin. Just sayin.
  14. No. This forum is not the official Tech Support location. This is more like asking friends for help. Although Schrullenhaft does an amazing job of keeping an eye on things here. The Help Desk is the official tech support location. You should have seen it before.
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