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  1. An updated version of the campaign has been uploaded. Thank you everyone for your feedback!
  2. I am ashamed of myself that I still haven't wrapped this up.....and that's not what I'm here to do now...... However, as an update, the bug that had my units not go through doors that I expected.......most spectacularly displayed in the Human Wave has been fixed. I ran a bunch of tests on the AAR map this morning ad can confirm that all units entered and exited buildings as expected. I triple checked the buildings in the Human Wave and each time they pathed the way I had intended.
  3. It has been uploaded. https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/s7d76501e23a4e608/fof9f423-8c9f-4494-82e5-704ab8a27de7
  4. Correct. Everything released since CM Final Blitzkrieg comes with multi-platform keys and downloads for both Mac and Windows versions. After you've purchased the game, use the download link and you will see download links for both systems.
  5. I was poking around it today to see if I could figure it out. You are correct though, Ian.
  6. Thanks again, guys. It should be fine now.
  7. Thanks guys. I'll make a point of going through it today. Appreciate it.
  8. This and.... this, gave me hardy laughs. "We can guarantee you that not a single armoured division will get done over for fifteen bob a week."
  9. @benparkhas been creating some really cool maps. He though that it may be interesting if we posted screenshots of them and mention where they represent and the size of the maps. Not everyone wants to cut down maps themselves and make scenarios. Portions of most (probably all) are spread through the module in scenarios, campaigns and Quick Battle maps. He said there are about 20 in all. Here are screenshots from 3 of them: Arnswalde 2824x
  10. VS in the summer of 1944 currently look like VC in the summer of 1969...if ya know what I mean.
  11. The Partisans aren't camera ready yet. Anything else that I can pull up for ya?
  12. Did I say January 8th? I meant Janruary 8th.
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