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  1. yep...that will be surely welcome from all of us poor little desperatly waiting guys...
  2. If I recall correctly, this feature was on CMSF1 initial release and it was called "cocking" or something like that... but what i really miss was the operation concept....that was pritty cool...really...a big pitty BF discarded it (start crying in solitude)
  3. pitty, anyhow it will do less visual damage if everybody wears the side cap...Thanks a lot!!!
  4. Frenchy, I will appreciatte your support in that matter and even a mood for it..(I'm not good at handling files) will it be possible to have the officers with peaked caps and the NCO with side caps?
  5. It surely is cause those would be a perfect addition to our games...
  6. Great, it works!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  7. that is essential for recreation of a task force or Kampfgruppe......someday...someway...
  8. ough...you have just ruin the rest of 2015 for me...you *******!!!!
  9. so Battlefront...any news about the CMRT module?
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