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  1. Can not connect to database. Please check database access information. ???? guess you will have to wait
  2. just though of a feature for a more candy turn review toggle key on/off to visual aids (i.e.- base markers, occupied translucend buildings)
  3. UPDATE on SturmPanzer IV Brummbär (mid) "not selectable by clicking in the 3D model"...guess related, if you you move away from it, at certain distance, more or less the same distance where some other models loose the shadow and become bright (or the other way around depending where the sun is), the Brummbär (mid) 3D model vanished, leaving just the commander floating in the air...
  4. Already on it. g41...same issue...but new to F&R...loving it... @t34577685in the intering give a try to the mods of @Frenchy56 , both issues visually corrected nicely
  5. @Frenchy56And now in F&R...you save me twice today....
  6. I would try a fresh new install if I were you
  7. 1.-pzgr batt 44 (as I said is old) and Kampfgruppe (just check 1co 1st squad Hq) 2.-all "pzgr" formations...weird enough even in the motorized, who don't take the appearence themselves, the team attached (AufK team) all change the appearance but one member who keeps the standar (same, checked on 1sco 1st squad)
  8. @JM Stuffit is just below the king tiger...where the sturmtiger also is (but if exchanged with another mdr is not going to be the same BOOOM)...🙉 the bmps (including the heer one) are in the flavour objects folder @kohlenklauyours is a good job (great)..as Newton said...I'm on the shoulders of gigants...
  9. maybe thats why the diver could not dismount...didn't check the passangers yet... tooo busy playing....
  10. by the way...more than 3 passangers and one ends up into the trunk (not exactly...) in the editor you could dismount the driver...🙃
  11. I think this is not a new one, happened to me before F&R...if on your side just delete waipoint and trace new ones (usually happens in my end if the crossing waypoint was too near the bridge) if on the enemy the only solution I did found was...save on command and load...but not always works on the first save, and sometimes didn't work at all talking of old ones: 1.- Heer formation PzGr (never test on motorized) the jr officer of the platoon decided to wear a NCO uniform but shows the Lieutenat rank on the ui. still with us 2.- teams attached to a Herr formation (again PzGr) one (maybe more?) of the units decide not to wear the panzergrenadier appearence uniform and use the standar (on standar and mixed cammo it is unnotizable ). still with us 3.- dont now if related to the above crossing bridge one and don't tested yet on F&R, also maybe related to a waypoint too near the bridge (thing that Ilearned to avoid but...sometimes..), if a infantry squad or team is ordered to cross, sometimes one of them refuses or starts running in opposite direction, same solution as above...never see it happening on the opposing side. as said...not tested yet on F&R and the new ones, all found on editor while looking at the beauties: 4.- Already mentioned in another place. SturmPzIV early not selectable by clicking (icon and kb + -, working perfectly) 5.- hatch covers disconected from hull while oppened on various new vehicles and missing on PzIIIG (IIRC)
  12. @Frenchy56...waiting for your m43 caps...I've done mine but when triying to put some silver piping for officers i turned it back to standar...windows paint is not the tool....
  13. the opel mdr from vehicles module works....you have to get its textures from the flavour objects folder...(even there is a heer one) I test exchange gaz for it, rides nicely, but somehow the crew is refusing to dismount...so I guess the Hiwi driver is wondering how to open the doors...or I messed sth. Waiting for all your good work!!! (Hungarians...a new life for the volksurm maybe?)
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