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  1. Sorry for the late reply. TacOps runs fine inside MacOS if you have the Wine "emulator" (technically it is not an emulator, it is an API translation layer, but whatever). Unfortunately due to a variety of reasons the Wine software does not have prebuilt packages for OSX. You will have to build it yourself. This has been nagging me for years but it is what it is. https://wiki.winehq.org/MacOS It does, however, work. And once you got it working I don't see why you would have to update it since no security problems should arise when just using wine for tacops. As such, y
  2. Some high-end rigs don't perform as expected, but I am sure that a NVidia x50 will be a limiter. There just isn't enough memory bandwidth.
  3. I wonder which game will be the first to introduce a depth of field mode for screenshots. It would be a huge improvement for realistic looks. Not practical for the moving gameplay (since the user needs to pick the focus point) but for screenshots it would be awesome.
  4. What did I do now? I was just asking a question. I was curious who you wouldn't aim for the hardware 3D resolutions. Anyway, as a PSA: the 2048 resolution was actually crashing my NVidia-equipped gaming computer, as in hangs with sound loop. I updated the drivers today and whatever NVidia has in their auto-updater today fix0red the hang.
  5. Why would you target the soft renderer? A modern mobile device has a 3D chip, and it is much more capable than combining CPU (weak in mobile devices) with 2D painting (Linux framebuffer in Android).
  6. Well I just tried. I get 2048x1536 with no problems. Apparently I never nuked my preferences file after I upgraded from 1920x1200. UPDATE: same for CMBB.
  7. I'm surprised. I have the same 30" monitor resolution and don't get this offer. You need to configure the screen to leave black stripes left and right instead of stretching. It isn't a game setting. It is a screen setting. You can set this either in the in-monitor menu or in the NVidia control panel.
  8. Fraps for what? They depend on what's visible. You will need to pick a scenario and then we measure fraps on the opening screen before anything moves (including the camera).
  9. Unfortunately the wonders of XML seem to be lost on wargame developers...
  10. Maybe they should have done less "Agile Development" and actually write code?
  11. These problems were fixed in vBulletin long ago. AFAIK thread length doesn't do any more damage than same number of posts by other means in current vBulletin releases. And of course new threads have their own overhead. And the actual 300 post problem BFC did have was with their previous software.
  12. Probably an unrealistic amount of gun depression, though. Gamey!
  13. Was that based on the CMC code? The code kinda runs, but interest is very low for reasons given.
  14. How are business practices of a CM:SF distributor in Spain relevant to CMC? People who buy the repackaged versions of BFC games from other publishers have always and will always be the ****ed soup chickens. What's new?
  15. BTW, I have a CMC installation that is prepackaged so that you don't have to go through the manual install process of all the components. Some manual steps are still required but not many. If somebody would like to "beta-test" my install file please p.m. me. If it works for somebody else and/or there is more interest I can upload it to sourceforge. I highly prefer to only upload stuff that works for more than just me In case you didn't see it above, you MUST have a BFC (not CDV) version of CMBB to use this. To use my quickest install you must know how to make your Windoze have a d
  16. Well. It be realistic, the chance that any of them have no bugs in the control file processing left is very very close to zero. Either way, you have to see what works and what doesn't and then see how much fun can be had. Efforts to do something about the newest binary's license problem are underway.
  17. This thread has the most extensive evaluation of the parts of CMC so far (to my knowledge). There are some corrections to the documentation for the CMBB files in there. http://forums.gamesquad.com/showpost.php?p=1124509&postcount=37 If you have a BFC CMBB disk you can use any but the newest CMBB binaries.
  18. Which one, CMC or the CMBB binary? The newest CMBB binary uses elicense and is unusable at this time. The other CMBB binaries use a CD check against the BFC CMBB CD. CMC is started with ClientWx/App.py But you need to install all the junk from Apps.rar first.
  19. I'd just amazed how long the punishment for going dark side lasts. That's what, year 7?
  20. Yeah, and so do all the DooM and Quake projects. But those were given working code, not code that missed enough for somebody who wanted to earn money from it to give up on the whole project, and in addition we cannot fix whatever issues the included CMBB binary (certainly) has. There is a discussion on at gamesquad with a couple of people being able to run something from the provided package, but at least one key person can't do anything in CMBB since the included binary requires the BFC CMBB CD and he has that CDV loser version.
  21. No such thing. It's very non-obvious what the top-level thing to call in there is. Since we don't know the intended gameflow in first place I think we've got to wait for a beta tester to chime in or something.
  22. Well, before we can get to that we'd have to locate some documentation on the interface. A couple files with names that would indicate to be it don't contain much.
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