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Demo's out !!!

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I don't even play Normandy anymore, I spend all the time in the Italy game since it feels and runs much better than CMBN does atm. I can recommend CMFI warmly even if your interest in the theatre is limited, it is a great tactical wargame.

There is no particular need to have major interest in the area of operations as long as you like to battle it out with WWII forces. I can't wait to have the same update for CMBN and slug it out within the Market Garden scope.

Also the future is bright for us wargamers.. Eastern Front, Modern setting while keeping all the old games fresh at the same time. :)

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Figures. Shortly after I posted it somehow downloaded okay.

I still got the "your download has been interrupted" message, but instead of hitting cancel, I hit resume. When I did that, it showed "download complete." It didn't do that last night when I hit resume, but this afternoon it did.

Hopefully that might help others with the same problem.


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Performance definitely seems better than CMBN... I also prefer the terrain to the whole bocage deal. I was getting pretty sick of that.

Kinda broke right now though so I can't get it yet.

I played the one with US rangers attacking a small village and that was a lot of fun... going to try the Niscemi one now, which side is more challenging to play versus the AI? Does the AI have plans for that scenario?

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