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  1. Actually one of the things I remember being disappointed about in CMSF1 was that I felt like I had all this cool western kit and was fighting less capable enemy forces. A cold war scenario with West vs PACT would have been interesting. However it is what it is. I must ask as well. Will the AI this time around be less reliant on the map designer? Be very interested to see the list of what is different from CMSF1. I love the fact that you guys keep updating the previous games to the latest engine. It makes me happy to know that when I load an older combat mission cmx2 game I am playing th
  2. Oh well. No joy. No sale as you gents predicted. Will wait until I have the resources and the will.
  3. Well tell me. What do they involve? Things that interest you? Perspective.
  4. C'mon man. As you say 2002 till now is a long time. Things have got to change at some point right? Heck they may even go steam and find they hit the big time. A man has got to dream.
  5. I would consider getting some modules I have no plans on getting right now if their was
  6. Any news on new core features like dedicated 2v2 or coop play, this would take the game to the next level and in line with a great many modern games. Also making the breifing text readable or at least fit the full screen res (enlarged).
  7. Any news on multiplayer features? 2 vs 2 or 2 vs AI for instance?
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