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  1. I'm not very familiar with modern weapons systems so I'm not really sure what works against what. For tanks with ERA - is it just a case of throw all the ATGMs I have against it and hope I get lucky? Or is it a complete waste of time and I need to only use specific kinds of weaponry? (if so - what?)
  2. What would the quality of the various irregular troops be in comparison to regular Syrian army forces? Would there be a big discrepancy between say ISIS forces, other fundamentalist factions and say Peshmerga? I imagine some on here have followed the war really closely and could comment.
  3. I've PMed him but he hasn't been on the forums in a few months it seems. If anyone could upload them to dropbox or something similar I would be super appreciative. Especially eager to get my hands on the uniform ones. Thanks in advance! All the links I could find are dead.
  4. Yeah my situation was with infantry which made it even more noticeable.
  5. It used to be any gunfire or a partial spot would halt a unit's movement. Now it seems that it requires a full spot? I had a unit keep moving while under fire for a full 15 agonizing seconds. If it was changed, is there a way to order it so it is "soft"?
  6. Thanks Steve. New AI plans make them basically new anyways
  7. I'm kind of out of the loop - but from a cursory review it seems this way? Any new campaigns?
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