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  1. Just trying my hand in editor - don't think I could make a map though - too much like hard work ! P
  2. Cheers mate Perfect, and just what I was after thanks P
  3. I seem to remember from some time ago that someone made a mod that differentiated dirt roads from footpaths in the 2d map editor. Anybody got a link or the file handy ? thanks P
  4. This is quoted within the information presented on the scenario selection screen, P
  5. Yep it's the time. Check out the compass rose when in a scenario - it contains a 24hr clock. P
  6. "Positions of Two NATO Ships Were Falsified Near Russian Black Sea Naval Base" https://news.usni.org/2021/06/21/positions-of-two-nato-ships-were-falsified-near-russian-black-sea-naval-base P
  7. try this https://contentdm.lib.byu.edu/digital/collection/GermanyMaps/id/360/rec/1 P
  8. Glenn - just to point out what you are discovering but creating editor map overlays can be a major task in itself. I find a blend of period maps (1:25k ideally) period photos if they can be found and GE provide the most help. The period map will give an indication of the built up areas at time, road nets etc and contours, while GE allows a level of detail re individual houses etc if the location has not change too much since WW2 or what ever period. A great many places, particularly rural areas in Europe have not changed a great deal since the war, but other areas are almost unrecognisable. Just for fun, but below are the overlays I used when I created the Arnhem Road Bridge map. It's worth noting that the bridge is not even showing on the period maps having only just been completed at that time, and so 1st AB were working with maps that did not include the bridge !! P
  9. Oh, the Womble resurfaces - hope you are good mate P
  10. If you mean this That was just me being too clever by half. When I was in the British Army it was (and likely still is ) convention when giving orders that the mission paragraph was always repeated for emphasis. Apologies it caused confusion P
  11. Also just to add - keep in mind the size of the AI group vs the size of the AI setup zone. Not sure what happens if you try to put an AI group comprising an entire tank company into a 1 Action Square AI setup zone, but whatever the result I suspect its not good. P edit And the answer to my question is one tank jumps to the AI setup zone, the rest remain where they were put on map, but then move to the AI setup zone. That could actually come in handy on occasion.
  12. Yep that should work. Coloured set up zones don't have to be contiguous. But as you only have 16 AI groups and 27 zones (3x 9) there will be an element of random placement for those groups that have more than one AI zone allocated to them. This can be good, but it can be bad if you want a certain weapons system in a specific location. For key weapons a degree of control is often better so as to get the keyhole or LOS that is wanted. P
  13. You can use all three coloured set up zones for the AI, but each AI group can only be in one zone. So A1,A4,A5 can be light blue for example, A2, A6, A7 in dark blue, and A3, A8 in green/blue, but you can't have A1 split across light blue and dark blue. Does that make sense and answer the question - I'm not sure. P
  14. When you upload the correct file just confirm which game you are using
  15. @Canuck21 - Have you got the scenario file you can upload, so I can look at it. It should be easier to find the issue that way. P edit to add beaten by the pro, but I my defence I did type more !
  16. Lets try and cover this for you. Lets call AI Blue for ease of description. No initial AI set up zone (yellow square), No Blue setup zone (map editor) will mean the AI unit will start in the location you last placed it in the editor deploy Blue tab. (also should the player chose to play as Blue, he will not be able to alter the position of the unit at game start). No initial AI set up zone (yellow square), but unit is within a Blue setup zone (map editor) will mean the AI unit will start in the location you last placed it in the editor deploy Blue tab. (however should the player chose to play as Blue, he will now be able to alter the position of the unit at game start, but only within the specific Blue set up zone that the unit is already in). One AI set up zone created, no Blue set up zone will mean the unit will always move to the AI set up zone at game start , but note the move does not occur until the game start button is clicked for the first time. (Blue Human player will still be unable to move the unit at game start. More than one AI set up zone created will mean that the unit will randomly choose which AI set up zone it moves to. However if you have units within a Blue setup zone (map editor) despite being able to paint AI set up zones outside of the Blue setup zone the AI unit will not move outside of the Blue setup zone if that is where it starts. So once a unit is in a coloured map editor set up zone the AI placement is also locked to within that zone (the coloured zones show in the AI editor to help with this) This stuff is easier to do in the editor than to explain. Try creating really small test scenarios with only one or two units and play around with the two types of set up zone so you get a feel for what you can and can't do. What Ben says above is good advice. Hope this helps P
  17. Let see if this works aircon 3, 4 & 5 are your friends P mods.zip
  18. yep that’s one of mine. I don’t think it took too long for us to realise that Cold War combined arms would require larger maps in order to get a real feel for the peer to peer all arms combat. Great to hear you are enjoying it P
  19. That's very kind, but kudos to all the usual suspects who also contributed. I'm only responsible for the US campaign maps and two scenario maps. Plenty of good stuff all round. P
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