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Instructions for Upgrading CMFI to Engine 4


Upgrading CMFI to Engine 4 requires prior product purchases be relicensed.  This is because we've updated the copy protection software.  This is a one time thing which also affected CMBN Mac and CMRT for both platforms, so some of you will find these instructions familiar.  The method of relicensing is flexible, but here's the optimal method:

1.  After installing using the Full or Update installers, launch the game.  You'll be prompted to license.  Enter you Engine 4 license key and exit.

2.  Use the "Activate New Products" short cut in your CMFI folder to launch the game with the license window.  Enter your Engine 3 license key.  If you bought the Upgrade 3 + 4 Bundle then you can skip this step.

3.  Use the "Activate New Products" short again and enter your Engine 2 license key *IF* you have one, otherwise skip this step.  Note that CMFI started it's life was Engine 2, therefore if you owned the game prior to Upgrade 3 coming out then your CMFI Base Game license key is your Engine 2 key.

4.  If you purchased Gustav Line as a separate product, use "Activate New Products" again and enter your Gustav license key.  If you bought Gustav as a Bundle, it should already be activated.

If you should run into any issues, try to figure out what key is missing (the game should give you adequate feedback for that) and use "Activate New Products" link to allow you to enter whichever key is needed.  If you still have a problem, especially if you bought a Gustav Line Bundle (some keys definitely didn't transition correctly!), file with our Help Desk and include the license key you're having problems with:


If you can not find your license keys sent to you by email, no problem.  Go to your store account and check your Order History.  Keys and download links are always there for you unless you ordered a "hardgoods only" option.  In that case your license keys are on the back of the CD/DVD cases that came in the mail.

Also good to know... if a download link in an email confirmation doesn't work, go to Order History and try from there.

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