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  1. American General: Sieg Heil! Monty: Sure. Wait....what?
  2. Your thoughts are my thoughts, Mr. Rice.👍👍
  3. Reorganizing is maybe a better word, but you are reorganizing your teams, and therefore, the squad. It will maybe be clearer if you think of your squad as two or three elements that are reorganizing by combining. That work? The combining of a squad is automatic, the reorganizing is done with the combine command.
  4. No, you can only combine teams from the same squad. It’s really straightforward, John. As Khalerick showed graphically and I tried in writing, each infantry squad in the game either has 2 or 3 teams. When those get shot up and lose men, you may want to combine them, making them stronger but at the cost of losing flexibility (can no longer split that combined squad). By the way, in a three team squad, you can combine two teams without having the third one in the same square, thereby turning a 3 team squad into a two team one.
  5. Lol, danfrodo, it’s good to know I’m not the only one. My favorites are trying to figure out what band he’s talking about! But, as for the piss poor response above, you have to consider the poor guy has been dead for a very long time. Dull’s the mind a bit, I reckon.
  6. Elvis, that means I’m going to be mercilessly vilified. But thanks for the info.
  7. Don’t forget that a lot of the animations are abstracted. What you see is not always what you get.
  8. Khalerick, you are fast! They cannot be uncombined into their original configuration once combined.
  9. John, when they recombine automatically, they will do so in their original elements. As Khalerick points out, he has recombined those three elements into two...permanently. If he just moved them all into the same square, and they recombined automatically, they would still be in their 3 separate elements.
  10. Let’s try this another way. Say you have a German squad from 1944 set at 70% head count. So you might have one team with 3 guys, one with 2, and one with 1 (inevitably with an leg, it seems). You may want to keep the flexibility of having 3 separate teams for maneuver purposes. Great. When they are all in the same square, they will still be 3separate teams, so you can maneuver them indecently as you please. But if you just want to have one beefed up team, you can combine them into one (or two, but then you have to have one of them not in that square when you combine) and from that point one, t
  11. No, they will reconstitute into there original configuration...2 teams or 3. This method will take 3 depleted teams, and reconfigure then into 2, or 1, depending how many troops left from the original teams.
  12. Besides soft factors, it depends on how many grenades the section/team, whatever, has. I seem to get plastered about as often as I do the plastering. It does work a charm (usually) when close assaulting buildings.
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