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  1. Welcome Mr. Toaster, and thanks for the listing!
  2. This^^^ Steve (or someone from BFC) has said they aren't keen on Kickstarter, but a run-of-the-mill pre-order, started much, much earlier than they do for an announced game should tell them a lot about the potential customer base for Early War/ East Front games. Like a lot of the older wargamers here (and a lot of younger ones!) I always thought East Front was by far the bigger seller. But that was based on playing/ buying board games more than anything, especially ones like Panzer Blitz, or even Blitzkrieg. Observation bias at its best, lol. That Steve is so adamant that interest in it
  3. One trench will only line up in one direction (I think always N-S). You need at least two to change orientation. IIRC, if you use a second one to get the proper orientation, but then remove it, the single one will revert to the original orientation as soon as you hit the Big Red Button.
  4. Glad you see the light and are enjoying your liberation (assuming you are indeed, French) brought to you by The Commonwealth and United States armies, navies, and air forces. Great picture choice, too! James Whitmore was not only a great actor but served in the 4th Marine Division on Saipan (where my Dad fought and was wounded) and Tinian.
  5. Yes, I know, they added gloved hands (and toques)in FB, but they haven't made different skins for different seasons, like cold-looking for winter and sunburn in summer, etc., so not false.
  6. That’s the thing, BFC has yet to make more than one set of skins per belligerent faction in all its titles. This would be a new thing from them. And now that I think of it, pretty easy mod to do (the cold face look, that is).
  7. Are there winter and summer skins, by chance? Their cheeks and noses have a nice, wintry rosy red look.
  8. My recollection is .50 cal and above can cause FF casualties.
  9. Yay, great perseverance there, KGBoy! Glad you finally got it working.
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