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  1. I do as Ian does; target light for on map mortars almost always, unless I need a real stonk real quick.
  2. Exactly what I did. No matter, two of my Pumas were victims of Allied spotting first regardless of the fact the M8s were moving into contact as they spotted and fired (playing WEGO) and the Pumas were stationary, hell, one was even in a sweet—or so I thought—pigeonhole. War is hell, lol!
  3. Nope, first and only run through. Thought of trying it again, but will wait a year or two to ensure that I will forget how it plays out. Although with my rapidly advancing CRS (judging by my not remembering what I watched on TV yesterday, or had for breakfast this morning, etc.), I may only need to wait a week!
  4. Thanks Masicle! I have done similar for myself. I occasionally do a batch of simple scenarios and then leave them sit for a couple of months while working on others or whatever. Pretty soon I have a lot of scenarios the details of which that I’ll have long forgotten. My general rules of thumb are: 1. Don’t bother with anything more than victory points for terrain objectives, if that (I don’t care if I win against the AI, because I just enjoy playing in a war movie—I get down in the weeds and play my tactical best, and if I grab that village/hill/bridge, then great! If not, bett
  5. So, I played this as US when first released. IIRC, I lost. So thanks to Vacillator, I gave it a go as the Germans a couple of days ago. And, I kid you not, my first run through was to do exactly like altipeuri. Rush one to behind the farm and the other two around the edges of the hill. And have a drink or two while watching as I did manage to nail 3 jeeps and 2 M8’s before all three original Pumas exploded in flames over the course of two turns. I believe it was around 9 minutes in—the turn when the first reinforcements come, and the one immediately after that. I think more alcohol is needed
  6. There are colored dots? Kidding, but I’m with Bulletpoint. I check through my FO’s and HQ’s for LOS and quickest arrival time . That’s the extent of my arty procedure.
  7. Hey, you shouldn't laugh at early onset Can't Remember Shyte! Actually, it's not early "onset". It's full blown "set"!
  8. Probus, The Few Good Men and ___________ (forgot the other site--the one IanL posts the Battle of the Month to) both usually have tournies going fairly regularly.
  9. Dream on, you crazy diamonds! First we need Finland and the Continuation War. Then Barbarossa, then French Indochina, then Korean War, then US in Vietnam, and THEN, and only then, can you guys have your wishes fulfilled! Don’t fight me on this...it’ll only get ugly.☠️☠️
  10. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Uhhhh, better luck next time?
  11. Just as an FYI: I have anywhere from 25 to 90 mods in each of the games (I have them all), which contain thousands of textures; uniforms, skins, vehicles, buildings, foliage, walls, roads, etc. The only mod I never use anymore is Vin’s UI-animated text mod. It is the only “strings” mod that I know of, and is the only known culprit for causing problems (weird nomenclature) if left in during install of a patch or new module that I have ever seen mentioned in these forums. If there is another specific mod or type of mod that causes the problem, I must not be using it cuz I never have had any pro
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