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  1. Yes. Completely unplayable as it is. Selling all shares of BFC when markets open. This never happened in Flight Commander 2. Charles is losing it.
  2. I am guessing no... Its too bad that there isn't an easy way to real time connections and that everyone is only into PBEM...
  3. Contact the CMFI sponsor and see if he lusts for Barbarosa?
  4. I can not load it... I am not that unhappy I just thought it was an interesting bug...
  5. Did you do a full reinstall from BFC? I did after getting a new computer and saw the same thing. Luckily I had saved my user files from a prior install. the all in one install with module activation seems to have some bugs. bobo
  6. This is odd. I am sure that I made this scenario probably prior to upgrading to from 3.0 to 4.0 but now I can't access this scenario without buying Fire and Rubble? Fascinating. Yes, I can recreate a king tiger vs IS2 at 500m range scenario pretty easily but it is odd
  7. Think I am going to skip lunch today and just eat a lot at Mother's Day dinner.
  8. Like CMSF 1.0? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. I want something fun not necessarily challenging... call me crazy. I have played CMFI - Bear Claws many times. It’s fun! I have played CMBN - Barkmann’s Corner many times. It’s fun! I have played CMRT - Tankoyi Desant many times. It’s fun!
  10. Have some time off and am looking for some suggestions as a good fun CMSF2 scenario. What you got? Thanks in advance! bobo
  11. I wonder if Steve would ever tell who the benefactor was... Curt Shilling seeded the MMP guys for ASL so I thought it might be him before he went broke with the video game company investment...
  12. It’s not a bug! It’s a feature! Probably makes sense for real time play. now I need to play more games that don’t focus on a Panther firing.
  13. Didn’t really trust any newer videos shooting old guns... but old footage and newer Abrams videos show the “issue” which is probably related to action point grid one somefink... not really necessary to complain about but it did give me a topic for a post.
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