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  1. What a roller coaster. Great to see how this is playing out and it really shows how with a peer to peer force it only needs a little (bad)luck for things to tip one way or the other. P
  2. Just as a teaser then (given that's what these AAR are all about) This is from an in game scenario, so will be available for all to enjoy Yes he is, and there is not much cover on the slope. His only other option would have been down through the wooded area, with the risks inherent with that. Warren was forced through a bottleneck earlier in the game and now it is Bil's turn. P
  3. Well I guess he had to launch it at some point, and am not sure he could have done so much earlier without it being a rush into the unknown, but this does have the potential to be another charge into a valley of death. I think a lot will depend on how many of those three M60's are still alive in about 2 minutes time. If 2 or 3 can shrug of hits, they can do a lot of killing in quick time, but there are lot of barrels pointing at them. I have to say this game as a whole is throwing up some magic moments in testing. ATGM kills at over 3500m are something to see - if they can track the ta
  4. The shaped charge is certainly capable of killing the M60, perhaps more so than a kinetic tank round, but is not a guarantee. There is an interesting dynamic in CW that's not really been seen before in the other titles. ATGMs have a longer flight time (finger bitingly long sometimes) and can often miss, but they generally kill a target when they hit, whereas tank sabot rounds are fast and accurate, but can be shrugged off by some of the tank armour in game and it can take a good number of hits to destroy a MBT. P
  5. I'm intrigued to know whether Bil has yet established quite how large a force Warren has already got across the valley and into cover. I can't recall any comment from him so far that suggests he fully appreciates how large this force is. I wonder what contacts that lead M60 saw before being hit and whether it might change things ? And the all important question of whether the hit was kill ? P
  6. that is certainly true, and do not let me put you off. If you have any questions on large maps happy to cover off here or via PM P
  7. @slippy The maximum map size was at one stage larger than is currently allowed and post earlier is this thread include Steve's comments on this . The largest maps that are out there were made before the restriction was put in place. As you say maps are now capped at 18.1 kilometers squared (4.254k x 4.254k or any combination thereof) My advice is don't make a map any bigger than it needs to be. Creating large maps is a time consuming task. The maps I have made for the US Cold War campaign by my reckoning total 90.6 square kilometres which if my maths is correct equals 1,415625 x
  8. I meant to add in my previous post that this map is one of the eight I completed for the US campaign. It is 2k wide and 2.5k deep, so not large, and in fact the smallest of the 8 maps. Bil and Warren do have an awful lot of heavy kit in quite a small place on this one. Knife fight could well be an understatement ! As tease I can confirm for the US campaign that the average map size is over eleven square kilometres and so this one is less than half the average size. P
  9. Cheers Mate - While I'm probably biased I think some of the maps in game (and not just mine) are top notch, and on the large side. P
  10. Difficult to say as armour dominates in most of the stuff I've played. This is a real combined arms affair, and so infantry are just part of the puzzle. In simple terms most/all infantry is mechanised and so this affects how things play out. In addition artillery and air support often features in high volumes (real "air land battle" stuff). I was working on a small scenario that was mainly infantry only but that's on hold as I work on other stuff. I might get it finished in time for release but there is a lot of stuff going down at the moment. One example of how infantry plays out thoug
  11. Just to add I think you will really like it. Plenty of cool moments already and some of the campaign battles and scenarios are real corkers ! P
  12. Having made the map for this, I've got a good insight into the terrain. The village sits in the valley bottom but Bil has covered routes through the woods into the village from his side, while Capt has to cover a lot of open fields to actually get there. I think it is a clever move for him to already have infantry moving to the village as Bil can only really engage them with his own scouts of which he doesn't have many, or his M60's with HE. Neither is an attractive option for him, nor one his force is well suited to given armour dominates on both side. If Capt can get a foothold the
  13. all this ^^ plus you'd need a new death animation, as you shake, sh*t and vomit yourself to death. When three combi pens is not enough and four will kill you. P
  14. Believe me when I say you really don’t want know, but yes there is another thread out on ice cream trucks
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