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  1. check if FXAA is on for your graphic card and if so turn it off. That may be the cause. P
  2. FM 100-2-2 gives details of Soviet river crossings https://irp.fas.org/doddir/army/fm100-2-2.pdf and has this to say Tank unit crossings are more complicated than motorized rifle assaults. Although tanks may be attached to support motorized rifle assault crossings,a tank battalion usually crosses in the second echelon. However, a tank battalion could cross in the first echelon in a weakly defended sector. A tank battalion crosses a river by fording, by going over bridges, by being transported aboard ferries or on tactical pontoon bridging, or by snorkeling. Although Soviet tank crews receive periodic underwater training, snorkeling is the least-preferred option. Some elements snorkel across at one site while others cross elsewhere by other means. Sealing arras arc [areas are] selected near concealed routes about 3 to 5 kilometers from the river. Snorkels are installed about 1 to 2 kilometers from the water barrier. Some tanks provide fire support for the crossing, and artillery is used for both direct and indirect fire. The far bank must be secured before tank snorkeling starts. Efficient traffic control is essential. If the traffic controller permits tank formations to mass, they become a lucrative target for enemy aviation and artillery. Tanks cross underwater in column formation at approximately 30 meter intervals. They cross at low speeds without shifting gears or halting. The tank must be halted to remove waterproofing before the turret can traverse and the main gun can fire. I suspect the process remains much the same for the Russians with that confirmed pretty much here https://community.apan.org/cfs-file/__key/docpreview-s/00-00-13-80-40/2019_2D00_12_2D00_04-Russian-Deliberate-River-Crossings-_2800_Grau_2900_.pdf Russian Deliberate River Crossings: Choreographing a Water Ballet from 2019 P
  3. What move command were you giving them as Hunt may have meant they didn't move if there was enemy activity going on in their LOS P
  4. Just trying my hand in editor - don't think I could make a map though - too much like hard work ! P
  5. Cheers mate Perfect, and just what I was after thanks P
  6. I seem to remember from some time ago that someone made a mod that differentiated dirt roads from footpaths in the 2d map editor. Anybody got a link or the file handy ? thanks P
  7. This is quoted within the information presented on the scenario selection screen, P
  8. Yep it's the time. Check out the compass rose when in a scenario - it contains a 24hr clock. P
  9. "Positions of Two NATO Ships Were Falsified Near Russian Black Sea Naval Base" https://news.usni.org/2021/06/21/positions-of-two-nato-ships-were-falsified-near-russian-black-sea-naval-base P
  10. try this https://contentdm.lib.byu.edu/digital/collection/GermanyMaps/id/360/rec/1 P
  11. Glenn - just to point out what you are discovering but creating editor map overlays can be a major task in itself. I find a blend of period maps (1:25k ideally) period photos if they can be found and GE provide the most help. The period map will give an indication of the built up areas at time, road nets etc and contours, while GE allows a level of detail re individual houses etc if the location has not change too much since WW2 or what ever period. A great many places, particularly rural areas in Europe have not changed a great deal since the war, but other areas are almost unrecognisable. Just for fun, but below are the overlays I used when I created the Arnhem Road Bridge map. It's worth noting that the bridge is not even showing on the period maps having only just been completed at that time, and so 1st AB were working with maps that did not include the bridge !! P
  12. Oh, the Womble resurfaces - hope you are good mate P
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