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  1. Nice to ese that the M10 is included. Note that these actually fought at Studienka (the scenario from the base game).
  2. The Russian equivalent of the bazooka was the 45mm AT gun attached down to platoon level.
  3. Cool stuff, looking forward to checking out the scenarios and campaigns.
  4. With all this talk about the new RT expansion, I felt like dusting off CMFI again: The scenario is very good, although the ridiculous finale felt like something from a Tarantino movie more than an actual battle...
  5. Indeed! If you continue watching my videos, you will see that I actually never finished the campaign for that very reason. I had spent a lot of time setting up everything for the historical tactic of just rushing through the town, only to see my force wiped out immediately. Generally the campaign is not one of the better ones, the Peiper campaign in FB is superior to it in many ways. The main problems I saw with the Courage Conquers campaign (From memory): - Repetetive and samey scenarios with little variation or creativity. You have the same kind of forces and objectives almost ever
  6. From my limited experience I can tell you these things have a way of ballooning out of control and I am going to assume that they are not in a position to hire tons of new people for crunch time etc. At the end of the day I don't get impatience, just buy it when it is out (or don't, if it looks crap) and until then play something else.
  7. No the Puma (SdKfz234/2) was only produced in very small numbers (101 in all). It is the most commonly depicted version but also the rarest. It was issued to these units: Panzer Lehr 2nd Panzer, 1st SS Panzer (most lost in Normandy) On the Eastern Front: 20th Panzer Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Divsion
  8. Interesting stuff. One thing regarding the excel table: I doubt they had Pumas, there is a very short list of Panzer Divisions issued with those.
  9. I think in retrospect the best campaign might have been the Raging Bull one, it had cool forces and a nice feeling of "**** is going down" in the final scenario. The Papertiger ones are also quality, but sometimes feel overly "scripted" to me, with too little room for error.
  10. There were several "one-off" Flakpanzers. One good example was the Flakpanzer T34 and Flakpanther used by the heavy tank destroyer unit that had the Elefants in 1944. They also had a Porsche Tiger command tank and a Panther with Panzer IV H turret.
  11. Not sure, I don't think defensive missions are necessarily a strength of this system.
  12. Well the latest Fortress Italy Module didn't even have a German campaign, likely because there weren't many interesting offensive battles this late. Maybe it will be the same here. On the Eastern Front at least you had the offensives in Hungary, but on the Western front not much was going on after Nordwind.
  13. Yes, as someone who never plays quick battles, this would be interesting. My guess: A Russian campaign in Berlin and / or the Seelow Heights and a German campaign with heavy tanks in Hungary. At least that's probably what I would do if I was in charge.
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