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  1. MG34 was used in an infantry role throughout the war.
  2. Probably for the best, considering they tend to run out of ammo for the MP44s (and good luck finding more). Also they are largely inaccurate for Normandy anyway.
  3. This might be hard to adress without either a complete AI rework (meaning the AI is able to recognize when an attack has failed and withdraws) or a strategic layer like in Graviteam where your forces carry over between battles and you can decide which battles to take and which not. Until then it is "all or nothing".
  4. Improvised protection against shaped charge weapon, often bed frames welded or otherwise affixed to the tank.
  5. If I am in the middle of a campaign affected by the fix, will that corrupt the savegame?
  6. FWIW I just played a quick battle to try some stuff out and my StuG knocked out an IS2 early.
  7. I will release 1 CM episode every Sunday for a while, starting with the "Rites of Spring" scenario that was posted here earlier. Probably going to do a campaign after this.
  8. I seem to recall that starting with the 43 toe, the ideal loadout for the Grenadier squad was two self loading rifles. If stocks made that possible is a different question of course. Up until the autumn of 44, the G41 seems to have been more common.
  9. Volkssturm weapons were really varied, but documents are hard to come by. The Volkssturm around Bautzen for example used French Berthier rifles, Italian impact grenades, Panzerfausts and 4 MG34s in each company. Some of the weirder stuff I have come across were rare Russian rifle grenade launchers and SVT40s, in use by a tank hunting unit.
  10. Sounds to me like a typical example of mission creep. I see it in modding all the time: Oh, let's put this in while we are at it. We have some time left, why not add X, it will be easy! And suddenly everything balloons in complexity.
  11. Wouldn't go that far. One thing I had to learn in GT due to the inability to micromanage the inf is that you need to heavily support them with mortars, MGs or AT guns. Without that they are indeed useless.
  12. Well if he knows so much, how come he lost? Anyway, regarding infantry: I am kind of confused why Graviteam Tactics is cited as an example of very strong infantry, the developers even pride themselves in infantry being somewhat useless against tanks. That is not a joke, there is a thread on their steam forum that only exists to post reports of tanks being basically impervious to infantry. I would even turn it around: In Combat Mission infantry is a bigger factor, in Graviteam the anti tank gun. edit: Although I should say that this is partly because Graviteam plays before the introduction of effective hand held anti tank systems, at least the WW2 part.
  13. I wont get Cold War, World War 2 is the only thing that interests me.
  14. RTFM? We used to joke that it stands for "rolling on the floor masturbating".
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