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  1. There were several "one-off" Flakpanzers. One good example was the Flakpanzer T34 and Flakpanther used by the heavy tank destroyer unit that had the Elefants in 1944. They also had a Porsche Tiger command tank and a Panther with Panzer IV H turret.
  2. Not sure, I don't think defensive missions are necessarily a strength of this system.
  3. Well the latest Fortress Italy Module didn't even have a German campaign, likely because there weren't many interesting offensive battles this late. Maybe it will be the same here. On the Eastern Front at least you had the offensives in Hungary, but on the Western front not much was going on after Nordwind.
  4. Yes, as someone who never plays quick battles, this would be interesting. My guess: A Russian campaign in Berlin and / or the Seelow Heights and a German campaign with heavy tanks in Hungary. At least that's probably what I would do if I was in charge.
  5. Well I have been known to get angry at them, but delays are not really a reason. They will release it when they are done, and then I can decide if I want to spend my money on it, that is the extent of the interaction. Until it is out, I will find something else to occupy my free time.
  6. To get back to German morale and effectiveness for a moment, I recently read a study about the Großdeutschland division, one of the most prestigious German elite formations. One commander quoted in the book said that by 1943 "The infantry was only held in its fox holes by the assault guns."
  7. You mean you are making a campaign? Generally for late war German units, I would rank the experience and maybe also the motivation of the infantry (in this case the Panzergrenadiers) significantly lower. Especially the first SS was known for filling the ranks of its infantry, which tend to have high turnover, with unreliable elements such as "Volksdeutsche".
  8. Any way to use existing keys to migrate games over to steam? (Once they are there)
  9. Very cool! Were these actually used in combat?
  10. The HMGs are best used from very long range. This is why I kind of find them less useful in Normandy (outside of defending), whereas in Italy they are awesome: You put them on some hill on the back line and have them hose away.
  11. Come to think of it, I think Red Thunder already had the 9 man organization as an option, right? It's been a while since I have played it, but I think it is already in. So possibly the 7 man organization is included as a third option for maximum variety.
  12. Not an expert on Soviet TOE, but did they still use 11 man squads after 1942? As far as I know they switched to 9 man squads at some point?
  13. Interestingly, the Soviets mainly used the Panzerfaust as an engineering tool, shooting it at buildings, bunkers and obstacles. This was a more common combat scenario than a German Panzer attack in the last years of the war.
  14. The MG is an ex board weapon, MG15. That and the MG81 were often used in a ground role by the end of the war.
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