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  1. The link to "CMSF2 Updated Campaigns" seems to be busted - is that required (I have CMSF2 2.01)?
  2. Thanks all - helpdesk responded really quickly and I got my SF1 licence (well, a replacement one), allowing me to buy the SF2 upgrade. cheers and thanks to Battlefront support.
  3. Hi, I own a physical copy of SF1 but cant find my license (likely registered to a now-defunct email account). I sent an email to sales@battlefront.com on 14 December with details of my licences for the Marines and British Forces addons and asking for help tracking down my original licence key, but have heard nothing back. For those who needed help with previous licences, did the process take long and were Battlefront able to help? Smith
  4. Tanks should jockey - that is change position in cover, before returning to a fire position. If the enemy expects to see you return to the same place, they can have an ATGM waiting.
  5. Thanks Schullenraft I only just updated to these drivers. They do everything else really well, including the IL-2 demo and Operation Flashpoint. At present I'm happy to turn off FSAA when playing CMBO, but I will take your advice and check out the beta ones at Guru - see what the word is about them.
  6. Hi all I am using the 23.12 drivers for my Geforce2 Ti running under Win 98 and DirectX 8.1 (I had seen similar problems documented but for Win2000). With FSAA enabled, I am getting graphical anomalies in the 3D screen viz: * text in the status screen (such as unit type, ammo, turn number etc) not showing up, leaving blank black boxes; * text in activated hotkeys box not showing up (same when hitting Alt-A - blank box shown); * black, blurry text for labels on Line of Sight tool etc. The problem seems to be solved after turning off FSAA and rebooting. My system: P3-500 upg
  7. Smith here. briansmith@optushome dot com dot au Sydney-based.
  8. I look forward to reading it - I am trying to learn more about defence, particularly siting AT gunds and using terrain to help my disposition of forces. I think the hardest thing is keeping some manoeuvre in defence - on smaller maps it's often hard to move your troops into supporting positions in response to your opponent's tactics, without exposing them and getting them clobbered.
  9. Jeez, I reckon that's a good idea. What might complement it would be a database of unit stats on the CD. You get some of this info in the unit selection screens, but it would be really useful to research the speed, guns, ammo etc of units (especially tanks) in CM. It'd help stop me from buying a Churchill AVRE without knowing what the hell it is....
  10. I fired one in the 70s in the army cadets! Thirty round mag, but we only ever put about 20 rounds in to save the magazine spring, we were taught to fire 3 round bursts, so as not to overheat the barrel (so they weren't for spraying) and they had a tendency to 'walk' forward on the bipod. I'm left-handed, but because of the magazine on top of the weapon, the sights (rear sight like a big dial) are offset and I had to fire it right-handed. Never felt comfortable with it because of that, but lots of fun to fire. We learnt to strip them and change barrels too. I was quarter-master sergean
  11. You're right Heidar about this being a dangerous issue - how long before it ends up locked?
  12. After reading Abbott's post I say kudos to troops of all nationalities. Anyone who has to stand up under fire is a brave man (plenty of soldiers in my family, including serving folk now). Some more about Aussies from my information: My old man, who was in the 6th Div AIF and served in the desert and New Guinea (rest his soul) told me that when they were shipped to New Guinea, they passed through what they termed 'chockos' (chocolate soldiers or CMF - Citizen's Military Forces, the equivalent of Army Reserve these days) on the way up from Port Moresby and that they had been pretty badly b
  13. Ahhh, Plank, This would explain why our PBEM has slowed...
  14. My nomination (with patriotic influence): Best infantry - Australian soldiers. Silent and crafty in the jungle (deeply respected by the Japanese whose arses they kicked), tenacious and inventive in the desert (deeply respected by the Germans who feared their night patrolling). Mostly volunteers with great bushcraft and ingenuity and mostly excellent shots. smith
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