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  1. The link to "CMSF2 Updated Campaigns" seems to be busted - is that required (I have CMSF2 2.01)?
  2. Thanks all - helpdesk responded really quickly and I got my SF1 licence (well, a replacement one), allowing me to buy the SF2 upgrade. cheers and thanks to Battlefront support.
  3. Hi, I own a physical copy of SF1 but cant find my license (likely registered to a now-defunct email account). I sent an email to sales@battlefront.com on 14 December with details of my licences for the Marines and British Forces addons and asking for help tracking down my original licence key, but have heard nothing back. For those who needed help with previous licences, did the process take long and were Battlefront able to help? Smith
  4. Tanks should jockey - that is change position in cover, before returning to a fire position. If the enemy expects to see you return to the same place, they can have an ATGM waiting.
  5. Great news. I've been waiting for this with bated breath. Thanks Battlefront.
  6. Really looking forward to a demo - not too much longer chaps?
  7. Haha - clearly fake for this . Geographacilly. Only shape-shifting lizards spell it that way.
  8. Interestingly, the Chinese Burn is known as the "policeman's glove" in Hungary! Great name which must represent an intriguing relationship between school children and the Hungarian authorities.
  9. It's excellent, I'm having a blast with it.
  10. Here's where to find smart pause in the demo:
  11. There's an option in setup to disable the pause for casualties thing.
  12. I was a bit dissapointed by the desert version of TOW2, but this Kursk demo has me eyes wide open again. Enjoyable!
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