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  1. Thank you for your help, everything working fine now.
  2. I have the original version of CM:BN from 2011, reinstalled it, and got a UI not found error. Looking on the forums this seems to be a problem with windows 10 and that I need to upgrade it. No problem, I was probably going to do the upgrade anyway. So my question is what do I buy. Do I just get the version 4 upgrade and install that over the base game? Anything else I need to do for upgrading a original version?
  3. I am very confused that you bought multiple copies of a game you considered buggy, then continued to buy its sequels which apparently retained the bug, and you only post now? Why? I have played the CMx1 series on a total of 10 very different PCs and never had a single issue that repeatedly caused a crash (I don't think I ever even crashed once).
  4. Generally there isn't a hard and fast rule as is kind of evident here, and how you choose to deploy is based largely on your equipment you have and the terrain. Though as general rule I have noticed one thing. A forward slope position does a good job of slowing the enemy down. On the other hand a reverse slope position does a better job of inflicting casulties. So it depends what you want (my experience at least, not sure if others as well). Also I find machine guns to be of much better use in a forward than a reverse slope position (do to their suppressing nature).
  5. Being I haven't played the AI in years I tend to forget that is option. Sorry I meant vs humans.
  6. Question for those who have played far more CM:BB than I have. In a quick battle assualt who is more helped by a large map size? Is it easier or harder to attack a huge map vs. a normal size one? My gut reaction is that a small map helps the defender as it it narrows the field that needs to be defeneded. On the other hand it is easier for the attacker to employ artillery and in a huge map the defender has more opportunities to ambush. Any of the map choices most balanced? On a second note what is a balanced number of turns for a battle. I normally play relatively small battles c
  7. 24, not yet old enough to have a witty comment about my age.
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