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  1. Last post. We have a 13 players for the tournament on the Few Good Men site. We could use one more to have an even number. The tournament jumps off on Sunday October 17th.
  2. Ha! 64 views and not one reply. I guess the rumblings of war have quieted to a purr. I am going to start the tournament over on The Few Good Men website. If you are interested in playing in this tournament and are not already a member of the FGM please head over to the Site and join up.(https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/) You'll find the tournament thread under the "Combat Mission WW2 Titles" thread." From the sign up thread: Fire & Rubble Tournament The Fire & Rubble Tournament is a series of 3 quick battle scenarios each on a specific map: a December ’44 small German probe on an open/village map, an April 45 Soviet Berlin city attack and a late ’44 armor only meeting engagement on an open map. Players will play both sides, one Russian and one German, in each battle against different opponents who will be chosen at random for a total of 6 games played. No player will play against the same opponent twice. Each player will play two 45 minute games per round at a minimum of 5 turns per week against two different opponents simultaneously for a 3 round tournament. This would require a minimum of 6 players to join and start the tournament. For each map a player would play two battles, one as the Germans and one as the Russians. The scenarios: 1) A Small 45 minute German Probe with both sides set to Armored Infantry only on an Open-Village Map. (FR_Reitwein-880x880-Village-Open-Probe-01). December ’44, Eastern Europe, Dawn, Light Snow, Mist, Rarity: Standard. 2) A Small 45 minute Mixed Russian Attack in Berlin City. (FR_Berlin Z West-480x480-City-Attack-01), May ’45, Germany, Day, Clear, Dry, Rarity: Loose. 3) A 45 Minute Huge Armor Only Meeting Engagement on an Open/Village Map. (FR_Batzlow-1520x1200-Village-Meeting-01), April ’45, Eastern Europe, Day, Clear, Dry, Rarity: None. The type of service, Army, Guards, SS, etc. is up to the individual players. I’ll give everyone a week from today to sign up. The tournament will start Sunday October 17th at which time I will assign everyone their opponent for the first round. At a minimum of 5 turns per week the 1st round should end no later than Sunday December 19th but I’m hoping for a much earlier finish. Note: What made me decide to create this tournament is there has been a small debate as to whether the Soviets are handicapped by Combat Mission’s order of battle point values or is it just the way opponents choose their forces and the tactics they use. Perhaps this tournament can help influence this debate. Please, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
  3. I have an idea and would like to check the interest. On the Few Good men website there is a tournament going on where the Soviets in Quick Battles did not seem to fare as well against the Germans as both the Common Wealth and the Americans did. A question was asked and then debated whether there is an QB imbalance or is it just the way players chose their forces and the tactics they use. This made me think of putting together a Fire & Rubble tournament to, besides pitting the best tactical CM minds against each other, kind of do a little test of force balance during Quick Battles. I figure a minimum of 3 quick battle scenarios will be played, each on a specific map, a December ’44 small German probe on an open/village map, an April 45 Soviet Berlin attack and a late ’44 huge armor only meeting engagement. (More QB's could be added. We could make the tournament 4 or 5 scenarios long depending on everyone's preference. The more games the better idea of balance.) Players would play both sides in each battle against different opponents chosen at random for a total of 6 games played. The goal would be to play 2 games against two different opponents simultaneously for a 3 round tournament. Three quick battle scenarios played on three different maps. For each map a player would play two battles, one as the Germans and one as the Russians. Right now the three battles and maps will be: A Small German Probe with both sides Armored Infantry only on an Open-Village Map. (FR_Reitwein-880x880-Village-Open-Probe-01) probably December ’44, dawn, light snow, mist. (This could change to a "Mixed" Probe if everyone would rather it that way.) A Small Mixed (or maybe Infantry only) Russian Attack or Assault in Berlin City. (FR_Berlin Z West-480x480-City-Attack-01), April ’45 day. A Huge Armor Only Meeting Engagement on an Open/Village Map. (FR_Batzlow-1520x1200-Village-Meeting-01), Late ’44 or early ’45. No rarity. I would like to make all types of tanks available. The huge armor QB is technically is not too huge. There aren’t many tanks you can buy that the points of a huge scenario can purchase, especially late in the war with big tanks. I wish I could double the points. It would probably be a lot less units to control/move than the small QB’s. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Check your library, it may have it. I requested it and it did have subtitles.
  5. I don't believe so. Actually, whenever a cease fire is called either I or my opponent will tell the other player.
  6. I had the same problem. I right clicked on the name of the scenario or the black download button and selected "Open link in new tab" and it immediately downloaded.
  7. I believe an East Front - to end of war - module is knocking on the door.
  8. In CM1 didn't mg's "jam" quicker in freezing weather?
  9. [repeated exchange] Pope Julius II: When will you make an end? Michelangelo: When I am finished! From the "The Agony and the Ecstasy"
  10. Bootie, what's going to happen to the scenarios that are in the Proving Grounds now? Will you transfer hem to the Depot?
  11. How far can you fast move before you Tire?
  12. I have created a scenario for The Probes Tournament over on the Few Good Men (FGM) website (https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/). It’s called simply “Tournament II - The Probes”. (https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forums/tournament-ii-the-probes.453/) My name on the FGM is Gunner. The first scenario pf the tournament I thought was balanced but it turned out to be lopsided so to avoid the situation again I would like to have this scenario Beta tested. Of course if you are playing in the Probes you cannot Beta test this. It's a scenario that is "small" in points but played on a large map. It is 45 minutes long, mainly an armor battle with both VL and Unit objectives. I especially need to see how the first 10 minutes plays out. I sure would appreciate any help with this. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
  13. Actually, I didn't see an attached Read Me file. Is there a list somewhere that describes what was fixed or modified?
  14. This was quite the pleasurable experience. All games patched without a problem. The best part was the speed it was completed. No mirror sites or long downloads like the early days. Of course I was probably using a 56K modem back then
  15. OK in the mean time I'll learn how to use this one. Thanks and good work.
  16. Wow Cat, that looks really well done. Is there a way to chat or message your opponent?
  17. No no, Under "Units" in the editor I assigned German units as Unit Objectives when you purchase them and then switch to back To Mission - Unit Objectives (Allied) and give them a value. Where would I find this battle? And HT, the reason for this is I'm trying to put together a tournament over at the Few Good Men website and if you would want to create a scenario for it it would get a lot of play test and feedback. I don't think that's an option in CMBN (?) The Roadblock I thought I would create was a AT minefield under barbed wire. I though it would be interesting to have to protect and be careful with an engineering squad so it could get close enough to clear it.
  18. So what you are saying is the Germans would lose 100 to 0 even though they prevented the Allies from achieving two thirds of their goal? In that case how could the Germans ever win a victory? It seems that way, at best, all the Germans could do is achieve a Draw by holding the Allies to 0, no?
  19. In the Scenario Editor/Units/Purchase Axis Units you can purchase wire and assign it a Unit Objective number. Then go to Mission/Unit Objectives and choose from Destroy, Destroy All or Spot. Nothing about suppression/killed/captured. Unless the wording is just semantics and Destroy is the same thing as Kill. Now that you brought it up, and it's a good point, you may be able to Destroy or Spot wire and mines but you can't destroy a trench or a foxholes. Also re-reading the manual it says "To designate a unit or formation as a scenario objective....." Unit probably means infantry or armor.
  20. Hey, Rockin' thanks for the quick reply. I did set the Objective to "Known to Both Players". That was a good thought on the UI Mod. Didn't think of that myself. I should have pointed out that this is a CMBN V4.0 scenario also.
  21. I am creating a scenario with both Terrain and Unit Objectives. This is the first time creating a scenario with Unit Objectives. For that matter, I never even played a scenario with Unit objectives before. I have some questions that I need help with. In the Scenario Editor - Units I assigned as a Unit Objective 3 German Units: U1 - Tank U2 - Gun U3 – 1 Wire plus 1 Mines, or what I call the Road Block In the Mission Editor I assigned a name and point value to each U-Ob’s. I then went to deploy the German units. According to the manual “When Deploying Units in the 3D Preview” I should see a U in the Suppression Area of the team info panel followed by the number of the objective. I don’t see a U1, U2, U3 in any of the Suppression areas all I see is an A:1 the same as all the other units. I ran a test to see if they actually had point values in the scenario and if they counted towards the Victory Conditions. I set the scenario for 10 minutes and just clicked Go without moving anyone. At the end the Allies failed to, but could have, received points for the Tank (U1) and the Gun (U2) but the Scenario did not recognize the Road Block (U3) as an objective even though I had given it a U#, name and point value. The Germans did not receive any points for saving the Unit Objectives from being destroyed by the Allies. Questions 1) Why did I not see a U# when deploying in the Suppression Area of the Unit Objectives I created? 2) Other than being told, is there a way either side knows what the Unit Objectives are? For example Terrain Objectives are highlighted, are Unit Objectives marked in anyway while playing the Scenario? 3) Why didn’t the wire and minefield points count towards the Victory Conditions? Can an inanimate objects be given as a Unit Objective? 4) Should the side tasked with defending the objectives receive points for avoiding their destruction? Thanks for any input and/or advice.
  22. Thanks CMFDR for pursuing this. If I find anything out I'll post it here too.
  23. Great pics and a great job putting this together. I had no problem downloading it. But is there a way I can mod the initial screens text back to black from the blue?
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