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  1. The Tunisian Mod… didn’t YOU make that one, Phil? IIRC, it was based on the Kasserine Pass. I have it, but not near my comp atm or I would check it myself.
  2. You guys have heard of the editor, right? Best sandbox out there. If you can’t change the game’s length in less than 30 seconds, you probably shouldn’t own a computer, lol! But beware, cuz Erwin is spot on regarding time limits.
  3. Where can one even find a 4G vagina? Asking for a friend.
  4. Ugly or no, “a” tank (on your side) is better than no tank. Well, unless it is just a bullet/shell magnet, then maybe not! I have to agree though, the Panther is my favorite. As is the Jagdpanther my favorite TD.
  5. Yes, the reinforcement times begin counting from the start of the scenario.
  6. That hack is used when you don’t want a unit to actually show up during the game but you need subordinate units which you can’t select in the editor without taking the higher HQ. Like when you want two platoons from the same company but don’t need/want the CO. So with this hack it will never show up until the scenario is over. Not sure why it would be applied to the arty if it’s not going to be used anyway?!?!
  7. It sounds like the drop shadows are on their own layer rather than on the layer the gear that you want to hide is on. I use Corel Paintshop Pro so if you are using Gimp or Photoshop I can’t vouch for this solution, which is to simply collapse/merge the drop shadow layer with the piece of gear layer. Hope that is clear enough…and that it works!
  8. LutzP, they possibly could have been suppressed/cowering if they were under fire for that turn.
  9. Nice to see bayonets, Phil! More blender work?
  10. Thank you! But now whose the gentleman, lol?
  11. Other than the shorts you mentioned, Phil, there isn’t any uniform with rolled up sleeves. The boots can be modded in, but making a rolled shirt means the using the existing sleeves as the arms and I guess masking along the forearms to eliminate the excess cloth. What model of tunic was worn then? That should be easy to make from existing m43 and m44 tunics.
  12. Just to clarify, Phil hasn’t hassled or put pressure on me to move faster on this project. I am my own worst enemy for time-to-completing things…as you probably remember while waiting for those Goums, Aragorn.😉
  13. Phil is being a gentleman, as usual. It’s being delayed by me, I’m afraid. I bit off more than I should have considering a number of life factors. Plus my own mission creep. But in a week or 10 days, I’ll wrap up the uniforms.
  14. AI plans can be set to drop HE on first turn and beyond. When you are playing that side, you may have to wait for events, like reinforcements with proper cred.
  15. Hey Panzerblitz, you don't have any FO's and your Regt Commander doesn't show up for 15 minutes, so I assume that is the problem? Then again, you should be able to call in the set up phase, but I never do that, so I'm not sure.....
  16. The Searchers, Red River, or The Oxbow Incident. But also really liked Open Range. Prolly the best gunfight sequence.
  17. Sez the man who used to autograph his maps with his name in wheat/cornfields, lol!
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