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  1. I don't find it particularly funny, or in any way warranting a mocking emoticon. Someone risked, and lost, a chunk of their life savings. That money will never come back to them, and now their retirement will be constrained at best.
  2. Thank you for your honesty. A lessor man would have disappeared and kept his head down for a few years.
  3. It does. Now I can curse the design decision instead of a coding error Thanks.
  4. You're right - and I'm suggesting that the behaviour is a 'bug', since it is inconsistent from France Vichy. It's not believable to think that British units would just put up their hands because they were geographically in the wrong spot.
  5. Certain statements made here turn out to be, how shall I put this? Wrong. Testing shows that British units in France at the time of capitulation survived just fine, as one would expect. It doesn't matter whether or not the units are in, near, or far from a port. Like this: So, Hubert, are non-French units outside of continental France supposed to disappear when France surrenders, while non-French units inside France proper continue to fight, or not? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the well-meaning advice about keeping french units going... but the issue is: British airfleets disappearing from a cluster around Beirut when France falls. The Beirut area is converted to Vichy, and the airfleets, instead of being relocated, vanish. I have a savegame if/when Hubert shows up.
  7. I know a certain regular forum poster will be pleased with this shot of Finland. [ November 14, 2002, 10:06 AM: Message edited by: aaronb ]
  8. That feature represents that all french units on french-controlled hexes lay down their weapons and surrender. Operate french units of any kind to commonwealth territory, and they will be available for further action after the fall of france.</font>
  9. Playing as Allies against the AI, my entire airforce was clustered around the city in the french area next to Iraq to support the conquest of Baghdad. French and British airfleets. Just as my expeditionary force landed, france fell, and the entire airforce vanished. You can imagine the effect this has had on the campaign! Should they not have been displaced instead, perhaps to British-controlled Egypt? [ November 24, 2002, 01:01 PM: Message edited by: aaronb ]
  10. Right. Otherwise you'll be the target of hurled beer bottles (empties, of course) and bizarre, jargon-laden insults.
  11. I'm running a 933 with 64mb card. Works fine. The "minimum" requirements are posted on the pre-order page (which just went up). An 8mb video card is necessarily an old video card, so you would have to disable a lot of graphic bits-and-pieces to have to work adequately (like turning off "doodads", stopping tree-swaying, perhaps turning off trees altogether, and so on). Check out the hotkeys and disable anything that uses graphic power.
  12. Remarkable. I take CD checks to be a fact of life, but was pleased to be able to occasionally play SC on my bus ride to work (laptop) until 1.03. Most happy to return to this - thanks. I hope it doesn't cost you any sales, and believe that it won't.
  13. Rather than odd, it's clever marketing. Just like GM has multiple divisions in order to have a car for everyone, Battlefront now has covered all areas of simulated warfare: tactical (CM), operational (AA), and strategic (SC). So a 'serious' wargamer has one-stop shopping for all the basic needs. BTW, CM is not about eye-candy, it's about mechanics. The eye-candy is pretty good to make it more immersive, but has not been taken to the point of compromising mechanics.
  14. Got mine yesterday. To busy playing to post. Damn! Lost the 'rolls' on tech advancement - facing soviet heavy troops with '40 technology! Live near Hamilton, FYI.
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