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  1. Megalon, Really nice video. I enjoyed it - it was cool being in the middle of the action. Very nicely done. I played this one a while back. I actually did work some of my guys through the town on the right flank, took a fair number of casualties, but managed to secure the town objectives. I did reduce the bunkers early on, so I was able to storm the last objective on the left flank at the end. Thanks for the video. Heinrich505
  2. This was great! Thanks so much to you and BFC Elvis for going at it tooth and nail. It was really cool naming your battle groups after so many of our vaunted CM personalities. It was a nice showcase for the upcoming equipment and troops. The map is so nicely done. Your tactics came to the fore when you started taking control of long avenues of fire down the streets. That really limited Elvis's reactions. If the NKVD didn't summarily execute Elvis after his bold human wave failed, I suspect he will be banished to some tank factory in the Ural Mountains, making sure tank pro
  3. 37mm, That was a really nicely done video. I thought the lighting and the rendering was particularly effective, and made parts of it seem almost photo-realistic. We were definitely there in the middle of the firefight with the guys. I remember playing this battle a while back, and I did well playing Elite, but as I recall, I had way more casualties than you did. Thanks for sharing this. It was really cool to watch. Heinrich505
  4. Fingers crossed for the armor charge. Cutting through his center like that will be quite unsettling. I'm right here with Mjkerner and Aragorn. I really like your aggresive use of the equipment, especially the halftracks. I'm not sure how you managed to get the troops motivated so much, as it is so close to the end of the war. I wonder if you slipped c3k in to give them a pep talk, haha.
  5. GeorgeMC, Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you like the storytelling. I think it adds another dimension to the battle. Heinrich505
  6. Thanks Elvis. Got it and it loaded up with no problems. Heinrich505
  7. Ultradave, I concur. There is always some sort of twist that comes at you from left field. It's some sort of magic that he weaves into the scenario. If you are doing things that are doctrinally sound, you can weather it fairly well, but if you aren't preparing for it, then it's a wild scramble to adjust. Always a challenge. Heinrich505
  8. Thanks Erwin. You are so right. George makes amazing scenarios!
  9. ...Accidentally managed to submit before I was done. Doggone, I hate when that happens. Shall we crack on, then? The Challenger tank commander actually slipped over to the right flank and eased past the IED area on the White Route, before driving back over to cover the center. While clearing buildings and moving forward, LT MacGowan's HQ rushed through a courtyard that several squads had already run through, believing it was cleared. It wasn't, and he lost two of his command staff to a vicious ambush. The enemy was finally blown away when one of the Spartans pushed their w
  10. @George MC I just finished this battle and I wanted to thank you for posting it. It was quite an exercise, and I'm rather exhausted. I'm pretty pleased that I got the enemy to surrender for a Total Victory, playing at Elite. There were about 53 minutes left when the AI caved in, and I was just about to start formulating my assault on the compound that had the victory positions. I didn't have to make the final assault, thank goodness, which would, of course, have added greatly to my casualty list. Of course most of them didn't actually surrender, preferring to slink off into the da
  11. Good Day, Gerard, Thank-you for the compliment, but while I have read quite a bit about the battle, I didn't research it like the battle author, @PanzerMike. You might be getting me confused with him, as I only did a written AAR of my play-through of the battle. The video AAR done by @Ts4EVER was way better, because you could actually see the action along with his narrative. I'd suggest you get in touch with @PanzerMike for your offer of your research to detail the battle further. I'm not much of a scenario creator. I prefer to weave stories about the battles that are being
  12. I love the screenshots. We are right down in the middle of things, seeing what the groundpounders see. I suspect that if anyone dared question the Waffen SS boys about them bugging out, their story would be that they got word there was a breakthrough to the rear and they were rushing to reinforce the defense there. Your quick moves to control the limited thoroughfares have well and truly boxed Elvis in. He's going to have to make some fast bum-rushes to cross those avenues of death. It's possible that Marshall Zhukov has already alerted the NKVD troops near Elvis' HQ that he migh
  13. BFCElvis, Judging from the screenie of the T-34, it seems that the hedge might be further concealing the SPW 251/21, maybe making it hull down for visibility. Trying to spot the gun and shield only would be very difficult, if that were the case. I'm just guessing here though. The only limited success I've ever had with stuck AFVs is by trying to reverse them out in as straight a line as possible from where they got stuck. I wonder if it would help to bail out of the tank, and then re-enter it. Just a thought. Keep plugging away. Stalin likes high body counts - sho
  14. Ithikial_AU, That was certainly some crazy action. The shot of the paras was classic. There they are, slapping out the flames on their comrades and administering buddy aid. After being hit by the flamethrower tank, I would have expected the survivors to run in panic from the location. These two must be pulling a "Crazy Heinrich." Hmmm...very strange that the Volksturm changed their minds about surrender, around the time that the SS showed up. No, no, Obersharf├╝hrer, it is very warm in here und our weapons schlipped vrom our hands. You see, vee pick them up very quickly.
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