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  1. I want something fun not necessarily challenging... call me crazy. I have played CMFI - Bear Claws many times. It’s fun! I have played CMBN - Barkmann’s Corner many times. It’s fun! I have played CMRT - Tankoyi Desant many times. It’s fun!
  2. Have some time off and am looking for some suggestions as a good fun CMSF2 scenario. What you got? Thanks in advance! bobo
  3. I wonder if Steve would ever tell who the benefactor was... Curt Shilling seeded the MMP guys for ASL so I thought it might be him before he went broke with the video game company investment...
  4. It’s not a bug! It’s a feature! Probably makes sense for real time play. now I need to play more games that don’t focus on a Panther firing.
  5. Didn’t really trust any newer videos shooting old guns... but old footage and newer Abrams videos show the “issue” which is probably related to action point grid one somefink... not really necessary to complain about but it did give me a topic for a post.
  6. I was playing Barkmann’s Corner this weekend and I notice that Barkmann’s Panther was swaying backward like a teeter totter when firing. Just browsing YouTube took me to a video that showed the Panther firing and steady as you would think a 44 ton monster would be when firing. BFC fix or do somefink! same issue in CMRT. Didn’t check CMFI. bobo
  7. Did the big bundle ever get sold without the BattlePack? Maybe you reinstalled what you bought. either way the support team will sort it out for you. bobo
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