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  1. The link to "CMSF2 Updated Campaigns" seems to be busted - is that required (I have CMSF2 2.01)?
  2. Thanks all - helpdesk responded really quickly and I got my SF1 licence (well, a replacement one), allowing me to buy the SF2 upgrade. cheers and thanks to Battlefront support.
  3. Hi, I own a physical copy of SF1 but cant find my license (likely registered to a now-defunct email account). I sent an email to sales@battlefront.com on 14 December with details of my licences for the Marines and British Forces addons and asking for help tracking down my original licence key, but have heard nothing back. For those who needed help with previous licences, did the process take long and were Battlefront able to help? Smith
  4. Tanks should jockey - that is change position in cover, before returning to a fire position. If the enemy expects to see you return to the same place, they can have an ATGM waiting.
  5. Great news. I've been waiting for this with bated breath. Thanks Battlefront.
  6. Really looking forward to a demo - not too much longer chaps?
  7. Haha - clearly fake for this . Geographacilly. Only shape-shifting lizards spell it that way.
  8. Interestingly, the Chinese Burn is known as the "policeman's glove" in Hungary! Great name which must represent an intriguing relationship between school children and the Hungarian authorities.
  9. It's excellent, I'm having a blast with it.
  10. Here's where to find smart pause in the demo:
  11. There's an option in setup to disable the pause for casualties thing.
  12. I was a bit dissapointed by the desert version of TOW2, but this Kursk demo has me eyes wide open again. Enjoyable!
  13. I was playing the second tutorial and had my cruisers and destroyers (MTB's had been sunk early) concentrating on the German cruiser and I noticed it broke in two before it sank, so there might be more variation in "death" scenes than you've seen so far.
  14. Just a follow-up to this. I must be doing something wrong, because in both play-throughs of the first tutorial, i only get to identify the first cargo ship and then the enemy torpedo boats come out to fight. After that I'm given the order to attack, I can target and torpedo the first (rearmost) ship but the front ship refuses to be identified and I can only torpedo it manually (without targeting). Here's what I'm doing:- I approach from the rear of the convoy with the other friendlies, with me on the right flank. I go forward parallel but to starboard of the convoy. I use the binos to ident
  15. Hi - just wondering where the demo is saving screenshots. The path in the manual seems to be aimed at XP. thanks smith
  16. "Wild animal citings" - they are usually terrible at using footnotes and such.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions Moon. I'm not an RTS afficionado - I have TOW and played it a fair bit (but not for a while) and I've played a lot of CMBO, CMSF etc (the latter I play WEGO because I don't feel all that comfortable with the real-time option), but I haven't tried any of the other RTS's - too fast-paced for me. I prefer the CM approach of really getting to grips with the ground and plotting my moves. I suppose a frustration for me is having my troops not following orders - using a bit too much initiative for my liking. I've been playing on novice to give myself a chance. i may try
  18. I've been playing the TOW2 demo but it's been frustrating the hell out of me and I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me appreciate it more - I think I'm not playing it right, or giving it the best opportunity to impress me. It looks good and all, but I just don't seem to be able to successfully play this game - don't know if its the desert setting or what, but I feel like I'm fighting against the game rather than the enemy and I want to know whether if I can learn what I'm doing wrong, then I might like it more. My main problems are i can't seem to move troops without getting th
  19. It was Close Combat's irritations that led me to CMBO.
  20. It's got more than looks going for it, not unlike the CM series (though CM SF is probably a different kettle of fish - that's pretty). SB Pro PE is certainly expensive, but I'd hate to tot up the amount I've spent just at say Battlefront - CMBO, CMBB, CMAK, TOW, T72, CMSF, plus Marines add-on. And that's only at Battlefront. Looked at that way, the price of SB don't amount to a hill 'o beans in my total spend on games in the last 5 years say, and it's given me at least as much satisfaction. I hope my wife doesn't browse this board.... smith
  21. Here's a few unretouched shots from a tutorial I was messing about with tonight (getting my hand back in).
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