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  1. Hot Box gets busy. Thanks to all who make this game even more enjoyable with their mods.
  2. Think that is a corporate sponsorship? At least it isn't Nike.
  3. These are cool. Is there someway you can list all the mods in one location? Otherwise I have to hunt through all the post pages to see what is new and what I may or may not have. Thanks
  4. Good stuff here. Did you PS the face for grime? Looks awesome...
  5. Looks like Lomo photography, which makes sense, since it is a russian camera
  6. Not holding my breath. I can't find the post, but sometime in Feb Steve said they were 6-8 weeks away...
  7. I am excited for this...but I still have not played everything in CMFI, CMCW or CMMG...too much gaming...not enough time.
  8. I downloaded both files, moved them to Scenario folder and neither appear when I look for them. Running 2.01.
  9. Use those standard issue prophylactics and find that brothel everyone in the section has been talking about. :cool:
  10. Thank you for putting this together. I know it takes time and effort. Your writing is concise and to the point. I intend to attempt to implement your concepts to good use.
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