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  1. I have searched this forum, cmmods and google and can't find a mod that removes the Red Cross when guys die. I am pretty sure I have it for either Normandy or Red Thunder... Is there one for CMBS? Can I use one from another CMx2 game? Thanks
  2. He just realized he left the hull plug back at camp...you can see the hole in front of the rear wheel.
  3. I run Parallels on my Mac. I would not recommend running a PC game using Bootcamp or Parallels. You are running two OS's at the same time. The Windows portion ALWAYS runs slower. I have had no issues running CMx2 games on any of my iMacs.
  4. You must be referring to this very historical portrayal of Pip Cub scouting. I know, it gets even better at about 6 minutes.
  5. Magnetic lasso tool is great, background eraser works when the background is a solid color
  6. For those of us following along...will there be screen shots etc?
  7. The map is looking amazing, love the dark morning. Adds a lot of ambiance. I'm ready!
  8. Heh, yup That snow isn't gonna be white for very long...cool map.
  9. How do you view the map? I put it into the QB map folder, but I don't see it when I look for maps in the QB area. thanks
  10. I edit video and have done a few quick things from CB games. Downside is that is takes more time than screen shots. BUT, I think the result is so much more captivating...when done right. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Zllhm-I4pclVuauh7bU5w/videos
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