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  1. Damn, that video raises sooo many questions.. What's a lone tank doing out there without any kind of support? What's a lone APC doing out there? What are the chances of a rebel drone catching all that? I'm skeptic, too many odd and crazy things in that video to make it truly believable, a good portion of my brain screams staged.
  2. One way to surprise players with enemy forces is to add probability of appearance. A scenario/campaign maker could deploy all possible forces on a map and then set chance of appearance on group level, some formations would have 100% chance of appearing while others would maybe have only 20% or even less. That would add a form of randomization making scenarios re playable. You could even do this for reinforcements just to add some additional randomness into the chaos. You could even add those two Tigers with 2% chance of appearing... Of course for this to work BF would have to add thi
  3. This is worrying. Personally I always avoid playing urban battles because I think that the current engine does not simulate urban battles in a satisfactory way. Hopefully we can see some changes in how the urban warfare is simulated as we move along on the eastern front with upcoming families. I also hope the map makers get a lot more objects to play with so that urban maps can be more "alive" than they are today.
  4. Great job Worg, looking forward to it.
  5. Man, BF should hire you as a texture consultant. I wish you would redo textures for all the other CMX2 titles. Great job.
  6. Outstanding. Looking forward to the finished package..
  7. I know it's RT but can we have this version of the Armata in the game. https://www.rt.com/news/340142-super-tank-armata-robot/ Autonomous with a built in UAV and a 152mm gun. ☺
  8. Also don't forget the CTRL+1/2/3 command to create groups. You can then use ALT+1/2/3 to jump between the groups quickly.. These are unfortunately not saved if you reload the game so you have to recreate your groups every time. Maybe BF can fix this in upcoming engine upgrades.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I broke through on the left flank and rushed the beaches and few other objectives. Resulted in a major victory for me which I suppose is good enough. Had they had more troops in the back I would have been in deep trouble but it worked out. Mission 3 is a big one, we'll see how it turns out. As for Russia today I usually manage it with care and caution
  10. Being WEGO player for years I recently started playing Real Time due to having much less time to spend in front of the PC. I started playing the Russian campaign and the first mission went fine but I'm struggling with the 2nd, there is only some 35 min left and I'm not even close to the beach objectives. It seems like even if I would run for them it would still be hard to achieve. Do you have any tips for playing RT? How do you manage time and troops? Do you pause a lot? I occasionally pause to evaluate the situation. What I struggle with is not having some kind of notification tool
  11. Worghern you just sold me the game! Great Job!
  12. Here you have a map editor that is much more intuitive and it's made for FPS. So it doesn't have to be complicated.
  13. I never said that. Please re-read my post, I never claim that these things made the game less playable for me. I have all of CMx2 games and enjoy them very much, I know where they lack and I still think they are good games that give me a lot of enjoyment but that doesn’t mean that they are perfect in every way because they are not. If we are not allowed to criticize in a constructive way then there will never be any improvement. I only reacted to the review which I think is bad since it’s not properly done. In my opinion every review has to break down the game in areas such as Mechanics –
  14. Hmm, I respect armchair but they are generally not good at reviewing games. Their reference is just not that good in gaming departement. Black Sea is a good game with great mechanics but it fails in areas such as graphics, sound, UI etc. When Armchair claims that "the game objects can be targeted and damaged or destroyed". "When soldiers run inside of buildings you can actually see what they see." Game objects can be destroyed? Really, all game objects? Did they notice lack of fire, or that it takes several high caliber projectiles to even notice any change in how the building appear
  15. Here are some screens from Gustav Line and they look roughly the same as the ones shown in Post 1 so I guess nothing major changed there so this is what we can expect.
  16. My initial response was "looks flat" when I saw the screenshots, that's why I raised the question if graphics looked like a step back compared to other CMx 2 releases. I also think that this is mostly due to the winter landscape and the ability of the engine to present it properly. Don't remember how it looked it CMFI but I don't remember reacting too negativily when I saw it for the first time. What makes it so dull are all the distinct borders between the roads, landscape and the houses. Roads can be snow covered, paritly covered, muddy etc. They can also be a mix, in the screenshot the roa
  17. Is it me or do the graphics look like a step back compared to other CMx2 titles?
  18. It's not that hard to understand the reasoning of Russian doctorine. It's purely historical. Russia is like an assault victim that almost died. It will do whatever necessary to prevent that from happening again. If you look at the numbers below you'll understand (these are only millitary, the real numbers are twice that high). Nukes are fine but what if that option is not possible or avaliable, using nukes against a nuclear armed opponent is suicidal hence the nukes will in that case keep it convential. You need to have a backup plan. Everyone in the neighborhood knows that Russia is living in
  19. John, You're right this is from the CAT competition. Here is the data I have from the book Team - Tank - Time between Detection and Hit - No Of Hits - Hit % USA - M1 Abrams - 10.2 sec - 44-45 - 93% The Netherlands - Leopard 2 - 11.9 sec - 46 - 96% West Germany - Leopard 2 - 11,9 sec - 42-45 - 91% West Germany - Leopard 1 - 16,2 sec - 45 - 93% Belg
  20. Now that I've read few more pages he does provide some data for NATO from a tank competition in June1985. Chieftain, Abrams and Leopard tanks were engaging targets (1.9 x 1.6 m) from both standing and moving positions. The distance to the targets was from 800 to 2000 m. The fastest crew was American, they successfully neutralized their targets with an average time of 6.2 seconds. Leopard 1 tanks required an average time of 16 seconds from detection to hitting the target. The Abrams tanks achieved 93% hit probability while Dutch crews with Leo 2 achieved 96% hit probability.
  21. Don't know about the type of tank he refers to, he only mentions that the effective range for T-55 is 1500 meters which I interpret as an example. He also claims that local commanders tampered with training results many times because of the personal aim of getting promoted. A commander who´s unit did good in training was considered for promotion much faster than a commander of average unit, this led to grades being higher than they usually were. If you put all these things together along with better spotting capabilities of NATO tanks you realize that Soviet tanks would have faced a very shor
  22. I'm reading a book called Red Thrust: Attack on the Central Front, Soviet Tactics and Capabilities in the 1990s by Steven Zaloga and I know it's dated for detailed comparison of today's Russian capabilities but one thing that struck me so far is the claim by the author that typical Soviet tank crew was expected (on training ground) to destroy an enemy tank within 60 Seconds! I found that strange since 60 seconds even in late 80s was considered an eternity on the modern battlefield. The author claims that the commander got 10 seconds to detect and mark the target, the loader received info o
  23. Here is a video showing what seems to be Rebels shooting at a passing vehicle of some sort. I guess at least part of the retreat was not so orderly performed. As mentioned in a previous thread retreating when in contact is not an easy task to perform properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVARL4JKZtc&feature=player_detailpage#t=506 Another one I found that claims to be Rebels cleaning an industrial area. Look at the autoloader when it spits out the casing. Also bunching up behind a tank doesn't seem to be that good of an idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK7ewCuIB4s
  24. John, If I remember the issue was related to the position of the crew in the vehicle, the spotting is caluclated from the "eyes" of the crew so if they are located in the hull then you need to have the hull exposed in order to "see". Most tanks and IFVs have crew in the turret hence the posibility to go hull down and still see.. A potential workaround would be to have "extra eyes" positioned where the sensor is but that would maybe increase the spottining ability to much, you would basically be attaching another crew member to the vehicle? Another would be to move a set of eyes higher up
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