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    CMFDR got a reaction from IMHO in [Music] Setting the mood   
    So, what will you listen to while you'll be racking your brain over your pixeltruppen's life?
    A bit anachronistic given the time frame, but to me it will be Nena's 99 Luftballons.

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    CMFDR reacted to MarkEzra in CMSF 2 During Action Report 'Canadian Club'   
    The whole Scen is designed as a nasty surprise.  Well trained, well led, but brash Canadians must change their attitudes towards their enemies. The uncoms are fanatics in good defensive terrain. 
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    CMFDR reacted to MarkEzra in Antal's Inf Combat Scen Test   
    Are you familar with John F. Antal's interactive book, "Infantry Combat: The Rifle Platoon". If you are and have a copy currently than I could use your help. I've completed and play tested one possible version...the Reverse slope defense. If you know the book well than you know what this means. I need another set of eyes to play test the scen. Since the book setting is Modern warfare in the desert obvious changes had to be made. I would want your candid opinion. If you have testing experience all the better. But what is absolutely necessary is you have the book and know the interactive game well. Thanks!
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    CMFDR reacted to DerKommissar in [Music] Setting the mood   
    Big Front 242 fan here.
    Gonna get the obvious one, out of the way:
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    CMFDR reacted to Dr.Fusselpulli in [Music] Setting the mood   
    I have something from Belgium for @CMFDR, but with German lyrics.
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    CMFDR got a reaction from sawomi in [Music] Setting the mood   
    So, what will you listen to while you'll be racking your brain over your pixeltruppen's life?
    A bit anachronistic given the time frame, but to me it will be Nena's 99 Luftballons.

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    CMFDR reacted to Bil Hardenberger in A Word on Follow-on Modules   
    I know everybody is excited and would like to know what is next after the Base Game... believe me we are all excited too!
    As far as follow-on modules go.. yes several are planned, but what they are specifically we will keep to ourselves until after the game is released.  For now the focus must stay on the base-game for us, but feel free to conjecture and dream, I enjoy those threads, but we won't be confirming or denying anything until after this one is on the street.
    Just so you guys know that we aren't ignoring you in those discussions, we are trying to stay focused and not get sidetracked so we can deliver this thing in time.
    Cheers, Bil
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    CMFDR reacted to landser in A must buy   
    I have to agree, partly because of the Bil thing of course
    This is the first Combat Mission title I have been excited about since Red Thunder, and no need to say how long ago that was.
    It appeals to me because it features such well-matched adversaries in a conflict that never flared up. And it focuses on forces that are asymmetric in a number of ways. Nothing like Shock Force of course, but asymmetrical combat is highly appealing for me. Different doctrines clashing.
    And because the cold war did not go hot, this game will be free of the constraints of history. It's not tethered to historical battles and outcomes, and instead is all what-if. I've often said that as a student of this history I prefer what-if generators. I know what happened in real life, I'd prefer in some ways to war-game out other situations and scenarios. The historical Combat Mission titles have avoided this to a large degree, and understandably so. But Cold War has such massive latitude for campaign and scenario design as a result. This is exciting and I cannot wait to see how it shakes out.
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    CMFDR reacted to Wodin in A must buy   
    Well modernish isn't normally my thing, however, as Bil is involved then for me it's a must buy. Anything he has a hand in is a no brainer for me.
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    CMFDR reacted to akd in New things added to the new thing   
    If you really want to take a deep dive on the T-72, go here.
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    CMFDR reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Welcome to West Germany   
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    CMFDR reacted to Pete Wenman in Welcome to West Germany   
    This all seems a bit familiar

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    CMFDR reacted to Bil Hardenberger in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    “Here, across death’s other river, the Tartar horsemen shake their spears.”
    T.S. Eliot
    This BETA game is being played against Warren (The_Capt), and we are very familiar with each other’s style, strengths and weaknesses as we’ve been playing CM against each other for close to 20 years now.
    CM Cold War was our brainchild and has been on our wargame design table, off and on, for eight years now, but now it is a real thing.  You’re welcome.    With that said it is only fitting that Warren and I play in this BETA AAR.  We haven’t played in public since our original CMBN BETA AAR, Not your Father’s Combat Mission. 
    I hope you enjoy the ride, and welcome to the COLD WAR!!

    Sidebar!  I strictly use the Movie Mode when I play so all of my screenshots use that feature.  I don't mean it to insult anybody, but I just think the game looks better.
    Meeting Engagement at Dolbach Heights, 1980
    When Warren and I laid out the design for this game we wanted it to be primarily and ultimately a sandbox for experimentation and reflection.  A tool to test the tactical theories that were prevalent at that time.  Time… yes, we also wanted to be able to examine the different sides from different time perspectives, and this release, the base game in the CM Cold War series, contains the years 1979 to 1982.  We also only cover the months March to October, mainly so we didn’t have to generate winter textures and models which would have been one feature too many.
    This particular scenario is one that Warren and I threw together that we thought would be fun to play and show off.  The map is from the US Campaign and when you play that you will see this map eventually.  I will start my METT-T analysis in my next post, but for now, sit back, enjoy the existence of this game, and don’t go away!

    METT-T Analysis MISSION ENEMY TERRAIN TROOPS / TIME Tentative Plan The Action: First Three Minutes! Fourth Minute - First Contact! Fifth Minute - Return of the Blood Board! Sixth & Seventh Minutes Eighth Minute - One Meter Too Many Eighth Minute - BDA & Some Movements Ninth Minute Tenth Minute Eleventh & Twelfth Minutes - "...damn your eyes." Thirteenth Minute - The Board is Set Fourteenth Minute - Spoiling Attack Plan Fifteenth through Seventeenth Minutes Eighteenth Minute - Relearning Old Lessons Nineteenth & Twentieth Minutes Twenty-First & Twenty-Second Minutes - Beyond Here, There be Dragons Twenty-Third & Twenty-Fourth Minutes - Saga of Tank Section 1
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    CMFDR reacted to George MC in New things added to the new thing   
    @Bil Hardenberger is yer man  I'll leave him to wax lyrical about his babies - an they're beauts! 
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    CMFDR reacted to MikeyD in New things added to the new thing   
    A weird thing about this timeframe. No US marksman rifle in the TO&E. The M14-based sniper rifle had its problems and wasn't considered a reliable weapon. Troops got sniper rifles only if HQ saw fit to dole them out on an as-needed basis. There was no trained marksman in the unit. Yeh, that kind'a shocked me too.
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    CMFDR reacted to MikeyD in New things added to the new thing   
    CM Cold War takes place on the cusp of big changes happening to both the American and Soviet armies. The arrival of Abrams and Bradley changes the nature of the fight in Europe. Also in this time frame we get a fashion change! See attached, the Americans switching to battle dress uniform. This is new-new art that's still not in the current Beta so you won't see it in any of the posted screenshots. Please forgive my crappy graphics card.

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    CMFDR reacted to IICptMillerII in Promo Video   
    This is something I threw together in my own time. Please remember that this is from a beta build of the game and is subject to change. 
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    CMFDR reacted to Bubba883XL in Cherbourg map for repository soon.   
    giving it a go, not exactly historical, but i think it will kinda give you the impression... lots more to do! 

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    CMFDR reacted to akd in Digitized National Archives recon photos   
    Huge number of recon photos from France and Pacific are now online:
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    CMFDR reacted to Erwin in A plead for assitance from a complete newbe   
    A basic tactic when defending is to NOT put all or most of your units so that they would be visible and could be shot at by the enemy at the start.  It's much better in the set-up turn to put approx 90% of your forces out of any possible enemy sight or direct fire weapons.  (Leave a few small "expendable/sorry guys" teams in the front so you have an idea of what the enemy is doing.) 
    Let the enemy waste ammo blowing up the first buildings or obvious defensive positions.  You want the enemy to get in close so that he cannot use his artillery, and so you can ambush him at close range.  So, if in town, place most of your units one or more buildings inside the town, so they cannot be hit by long range enemy direct fire.  If in wooded territory, place em far enough inside the woods so that the enemy has to enter the woods to find your units.  The object is to create many short-range ambush opportunities.
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    CMFDR reacted to DerKommissar in A plead for assitance from a complete newbe   
    Roleplay in CM can be both fun and efficient. So, step into your officers' shoes. If memory serves, here's my rundown of the mission:
    a. You've taken a village. Now, the Hun is trying to take it back. As a rule, the defender holds a qualitative advantage. The counter-attack will be most effective, when the enemy is beaten and bloodied. So, let's focus on the defense first.
    b. Set up your forces in ambush. Think as your opponent: where would you attack if you were him? Where would you call in artillery? Try to set your forces in a safe place, that offers overlapping Line of Sight on suspected enemy advance routes. Try to space out forces that may get stonked, and run back to fall back positions when spotting rounds start falling.
    c. Put your observers, heavy support and tanks on the wooded hilly terrain (behind the village). Keep an eye on the hill in front of the village, the Hun may have STuG (s) there. The Hun usually concentrates his forces in a so-called Schwerpunkt. If they manage to achieve a local breakthrough, use mobile units from quiet sectors to bolster the defender's efforts. 
    d. Let the wave break against your shore. Once the Hun's assault stalls, it is time to strike! Have your observers call the rest of your artillery any buildings or wooded cover in the enemy's rear. Move up your rear line, as the front line keeps watch. This is called "leap frogging". Use HUNT to cautiously advance to the hill, to the front.
    e. Divide and conquer. Every time you encounter an enemy unit, stop and shoot everything you have at it, until it is dead. A thoroughly broken enemy will surrender, and hand you an automatic victory. At the end of the day, you want as many of your troops to see tomorrow. So, don't bite off more than you can chew.
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    CMFDR reacted to JMDECC in Iranians, Russians, Woodland & Mixed Uniforms   
    Not sure how much of an interest there will be, but I decided to share some faction mods I have made over the last month or so in case anyone wanted to use them. Not everything is completed in full, but are near a state of completion that I am happy with. I may make some tweaks/adjustments as time goes on, or if any major issues pop up. 
    The above drop box link contains individual downloads for the following:
    -British Woodland DPM Uniforms
    -British Mixed Uniforms (Several variants of mixed S95 Woodland/Desert DPM Uniforms) 
    -Canadian Woodland CADPAT TW Uniforms
    -Canadian Mixed Uniforms (Several variants of mixed CADPAT TW/AR Uniforms)
    -Dutch Woodland DPM Uniforms 
    -German Woodland Flecktarn Uniforms
    -Russian Faction ca. 2008 (or as close as I could get it) modeled after the war in Georgia. Conscript units wear mixed VSR/Flora uniforms, whereas regulars are primarily in Flora. Weapons have been visually changed in some instances, ex: AKM swapped for AK-74 model. Helmets are updated to the SSh-68.
    -Iranian Faction modeled after resource pictures I could find online. Units are wearing Iranian DPM. Load Bearing equipment is featured in a US DCU pattern that I frequently saw Iranian troops wearing online. AK family has been replaced with G3 rifles. PKM has been (mostly) replaced by the MG3. All vehicles have been painted a uniform sand/desert tan color. I was going to try and replicate some vehicle patterns I found online but I was never really satisfied with how they came out. After thinking about it, I may leave them untouched, as it paints them in a more generic light and doesn't force them to specifically be Iranian; they could be any kind of make-believe faction you can think of. 
    -Regarding the Brits, Canadians, Dutch and Germans there are two sets for each camo type (woodland/mixed): one set that is clean and one set that is dirty. That way you can pick and choose which you would prefer. 
    -In relation to the above, you only need to choose one of the options (Clean OR Dirty, not both) for each faction and drop that folder into your 'Z' folder to use. 
    -Regarding the Russians, US Army & USMC, I did not alter the vehicle colors. There are a few mods (Euroscape) that come to mind that will give the vehicles more of a European paintjob. I would download those currently to complete the overall look.
    -Most folders in each download will have a section titled "PSD". These are the photoshop file types that I used while editing. If you have photoshop or a program that can accept .PSD files you can open them up and make any changes you'd like. 
    Known Issues: 
    -Russian Faction currently does not exhibit any changes to the SF units. I have a few ideas here for what I want to do in the future but this will require some more experimentation. 
    -Iranian MG3's that are setup via tripod are currently sunken into the ground. Have not been able to figure this one out yet.
    -Iranian G3 rifles that replace the grenadier rifles do not have an underslung grenade launcher. Pretend they're just shooting rifle grenades!
    -Any instance where a weapon swap has been performed (AKM to G3 for instance) is purely cosmetic. The G3 will still use the same ammo type from whatever rifle it is replacing; equally so, the magazine sizes will also stay the same. There is nothing that can be done about this on my end. 
    -The Editor Logo for the Iranian Faction correctly displays the Iranian Flag button, but the text still reads "Syrian Army".
    -The Editor Logo for the Russian Faction displays both the Syrian Flag and the text reads "Syrian Army".
    -Some of the weapon icons in the squad overview have black backgrounds, I forgot to alpha channel these out and only just noticed today. Not game breaking by any means but I will see about fixing it up later on if/when I make further adjustments. 
    -The Russian faction is still currently using Arabic voices. 

     British Troops in Mixed DPM 

    German Troops in Flecktarn

    Canadian Troops in CADPAT TW

    Russian Conscripts in VSR/Flora

    Russian Regulars in Flora

    Iranian Conscripts

    Iranian Regulars

    More Iranian Regulars w/BMP-1
    Huge thank you to mjkerner who, about this time last year, walked me through how to begin changing/editing the base game files. Modding has brought me just as much enjoyment as playing the game and I would not have been able to do it without him. 
    Again, hopefully these will be useful to someone and help mix things up a bit. That's all I have for now!
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    CMFDR reacted to JMDECC in South Sahrani Map   
    Sorry gents, not sure why my first round of pictures still isn't working for everyone. Here they are again using a different file site:



    East Corazol

    Hotel Plaza


    Oretego Again



    Birds Eye


    Editor A

    Editor B
    Hopefully these work this time!
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    CMFDR reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in South Sahrani Map   
    @JMDECC  Bloody hell that is some fine work! 
    I don't play ArmA so I've never seen this 'in person' but I instantly recognised it from the various videos I've seen on YouTube.
    I thought I might take the liberty of posting a screenie of your map that everyone can see (at least I think they can)

    I wonder where they might wind up? 
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