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  1. It's a workaround for an engine limitation. Vehicle weapons can't be rearmed within a mission or dismounted. But certain vehicles, here the Jeep, can dismount their weapons. For this reason, they have a second TOW launcher with it's own ammunition as their team weapon, while the model of the TOW disappears, when no crew is mounted. As this is a combat vehicle, only the original crew can mount it. As the TOW launcher carried by infantry, and the TOW launcher mounted on the vehicle are independent weapons, they can't share their ammunitions. It also works the other way around. If you dismount and shoot all 3 three missiles, they jeep will still have its original 5 missiles loaded. But this way, it is possible to simulate the team to dismount with the TOW launcher at least in a similar way, as it would be in real life.
  2. Great idea. And high water in Spring is indeed rather common.
  3. I think I once managed to let infantry exit a building to such a door, as it was a door to a balcony that was in line with the terrain, and when the soldiers stepped out to get on the balcony, they continued to walk on the ground and had left the building. But it did not work the other way around, it was not possible to let them enter the building through this door.
  4. I found some problems with one of my map being cut into a smaller one about a year ago. The flavor objects where still at the correct places, but about 40% of them were randomly different flavor objects. Traffic lights transformed into piles of trash Street lamps into poles Gravestones into park benches Such stuff.
  5. I would suggest for scenario designers to place their setup zones with caution and not blindly paint it on a map. There is no reason to make massive setup zones, if smaller but reasonable setup zones can have the same effect. And I have experience with a very detailed map of maximum size, on a regimental scale attack. Sure, I would wish for the ability to plant more trees, as I had to skim out my forest a bit so the map loads without issues. And I do have some problems with LODs and performance as well, but over all, I'm quite satisficed with the outcome. It works and is playable from my side.
  6. @BFCElvis what about a patch for the onmap mortars? They are so inaccurate, that I assume there might be a comma mistake or something like that, because it feels like they're inaccurate by the factor of 10. Which makes them almost unusable, as the rounds land all over the place. And I think there is the same Problem for onmap mortars in Black Sea as well. I would also like to report another bug with the lighting. The shadows of the Terrain is switched. When you have a mountain in the morning, the sunny side is shown in the shadows, and the shadow side is very bright. This is a bug in all CM titles. Maybe it's easy to fix, by adding a minus somewhere or something.
  7. "Rückzug, zieht euch zurück" It's absolutely correct... but the guy calling in Artillery support sounds like he got captured in eastern Europe and pressed into service.
  8. Wonderful! Thank you for the patch! Just brought the new scenario pack
  9. I really wonder how they were able to get the Russian equipment for the video? Did the Brits just had a bunch of BTR-60, T-62 and BMP-1 in their service? Even Hollywood movies had bad mock ups, but those vehicles are genuine. That really puzzles me.
  10. Oh yeah, getting a bike to tour around the game area and sleep in different hotels and pensions nearby might be a good idea. The area is very rural and cheap, but for KCD players definitely worth a visit.
  11. This is correct. To be a bit bland here, Battlefront was lazy. ATGMs rarely can be fired on the move, so what Battlefront did, to check if a vehicle is on the move or not, is to check if the vehicle still has waypoints available. And if it does, then the vehicle counts as on the move, and it will not fire it's ATGMs. @Brille describes the work around perfectly, this is how I would do it as well. You can get berm drill with an ATGM vehicle, if the shooting cycle is at the end of the turn, and you just reverse at the beginning of the next turn.
  12. Kind of, I'm the Community Manager. And I like to play Combat Mission in my free time. Realistic games are my favorite.
  13. @Bulletpoint & @Jane's thank you for your support of Kingdom Come
  14. This is just pure speculation, as I haven't tested it, but I suspect that the status will be that of the squad-leader who gets in charge of the team.
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