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  1. No, Trenches deform the ground as well. Place 3 trench elements on the 20s fields, surrounded by these hights for example: 23 - 22 - 20 22 - 20 - 21 20 - 21 - 21 You will notice, that the trench will be sunken into the ground very naturally, but that the ground will pile up in the trench a bit, until the Setup phase is over. Soldiers sitting in the trench during the setup phase will now float in the air, above the trench, as they were formally standing on said ground. When they move, they will move into the depression of the trench.
  2. The official way sounds to be straight forward already, I will do it that way, thank you.
  3. Hello, I would like to make gift to a friend of mine and get him Combat Mission Cold War. I know there is an option on Steam to gift a game to another profile. Is is also possible to buy a game for him here on Battlefront? This would have the advantage that he could get and play it right now and it would be a better support of Battlefront as a developer, as the full amount of money goes their way. But I am not sure how I can get him the game from a technical perspective. I already bought it, and wouldn´t I just have two copies of the game within my account?
  4. @Double Deuce, ah okay. Understand that now. So the player would still play that other assets issued by the battalion, but it is only added to the core force to keep track of the losses. About the thread: is it possible to get a AT-4B Spigot Team as a single unit in the "specialist teams" category? For now only the AT-7 Saxorn is available there, while AT-4B Spigot is only available as a Battalion asset in some formations.
  5. Isn´t the TOW wire guided? How can a wire guided missle mismatch with the wrong tracking unit?
  6. What I would wish for would be the option to have an AI plan for friendly units on the map. Make some of the friendly units not playable, to stay true to the scope of this kind of warfare, and adding another leven of immersion to the battlefield, because you are now not the god controlling everything, but just one gear in the machine of war. Of course, this would come with other problems, to keep these forces performing in reasonable behaviour for the mission designer, which would be the job of the scenario creator, but overall, I think it would be a great addition. It would give you as a
  7. As far as I can see, there are only shelters, but no bunkers with stationary weaponary inside available in cold war. But what I noticed with a trench was, that infantery sitting in the trench at the setup phase would sit on the ground, sticking through the trench, and staying there (in the air) when the game starts and the ground is getting shaped for the trench. So they are not properly in cover as they are supposed to be.
  8. That is the case for all Combat Mission games. Fortifications have an effect on the terrain and are lowering it to the lowest point of their placement after the setup phase. The same is true for buildings, but changes for buildings are done instandly. So, even if you place a trench of a bunker in the editor, you need to test it with "Scenario Author Test" beyond the Setup phase to make sure the trench or Bunker is placed in the way you want it to be placed.
  9. Love XMal Deutschland, they have quite a rough and haunting sound. "Orient" is one of my favorite tracks. Anja Huwe now is a painter in Hamburg.
  10. Unfortunately not. I just saw it two times on a Livestream by @Aquila-SmartWargames
  11. There seems to be a bug with the Vulcan. If the vehicle gets destroyed and the crew want to bail out, one crewman gets stuck in a loop and stuck in the vehicle. Getting stuck is not good, especially if your Russian step bro is approaching...
  12. That works indeed if you are facing ATGM vehicles. If you have a vehicle which needs to shoot ATGMs by itself, this manouver doesn´t work at the moment because of an engine limitation:
  13. Oh yes! You are right, that is true and probably the most elegant solution.
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