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  1. Now where would a CM Korea fall in that analysis?
  2. I did some more testing - It appears the LAV-AT vehicles in the LAR battalion have 4 men, but the LAV-ATs in the MEU formation are missing their commander, which is noticeable in the marine campaign.
  3. Man I need to become mega rich so I can pay battlefront to make a CM Korea game.
  4. Turkey comes to mind as it is a NATO member and where the factions from the NATO module start their drive into Syria from. Plus now we have M60s in engine with CMCW, so their armor already exists in the games. Israel would also be another choice.
  5. Full blown engineering vehicles conducting complex breaches/bridge laying may be on the larger scope on what CM can model, but that doesn't excuse the lack of simple minerolling/dozer attachments for tanks/IFVs/APCs. These are not uncommon things, and not only given to engineering units, especially in modern times. I mean it is really quite perplexing that the only CM games with vehicles that can traverse minefields are in CMBN and CMFB in WW2. Hell even the stryker combat engineering variant is modelled in CMBS, but it doesn't have any special functionality.
  6. Do you think cluster munitions would also come to CMSF2?
  7. That's unfortunate, but thanks for the information.
  8. Awesome, but why is the LAW tube extended on the back of the guy on the right? Shouldn't it not be extended until its ready to be fired?
  9. I think this is kind of a necessity for a european based cold war gone hot scenario to be completely honest. Not only that, I think this really applies to pretty much all the modern titles (SF2, BS, and this game).
  10. Will we see the introduction of functional engineering vehicles or attachments for vehicles in the game? They would play a large role in any major conflict such as this. I'm thinking of stuff like minerollers/mineplows for the M60A2, T72s, etc so that we can breach minefields and obstacles with vehicles, as in CMBN with the sherman flail?
  11. Will we see these ICMs be added to the other modern titles, like SF2 and BS?
  12. Is that a M60A2 on the right? Does this mean we will have a CM game with a Sheridan?
  13. Do I spy an M60/M48 In the far treeline? Is that DPICM I see raining down on the red hordes?
  14. While I agree that top mounted MGs and APS systems should be taking damage, I'm not too sure about optics considering that I believe a lot of modern tanks have armor plates that they can raise over cameras and optics to protect them specifically in the case of artillery. Also I'm not sure if ERA would be detonated by an artillery shell, I think it would have a higher chance of getting sheared off to be honest. Herr Tom had some great simulation work done with fragmentation and vehicles I think in the CMBS subforum, although I recall last time I brought that up I was angrily told that tank
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