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  1. Some IEDs also have a random chance to fail to detonate I believe as well - so everything could be perfectly set up and RNG decides that the explosive is a dud.
  2. Try low motivation troops? I feel like motivation level would be the primary deciding factor that determines whether they stay and fight vs flee or surrender. Training level in my experience affects how well they perform in combat (spotting, shooting, etc).
  3. Sounds interesting, send me a link when its released - i'll be sure to check it out.
  4. Hello fellow arma player, there's quite a few of us around here - CM can be a great resource for creating arma scenarios and giving a bigger picture to how combat plays out at the slightly larger tactical scale (albeit scaled down a bit for arma - depending on how big the community is). My friends and I have converted several CM scenarios or have been inspired by them for many of our missions for a few communities now. I am also utilizing a custom HC based AI (developed by a guy who goes by Pizzadox) in my scenarios, and was curious about what your AI project is?
  5. Do we know what laser designator system the game is trying to model for the US FO teams? The Icon in game reminds me of this, AN/PED-1 which according to this website can contain a variety of systems, including a day sight and thermal imager with the stated ability to identify vehicle sized targets out to 3km at night or in bad conditions, and 7 km in great daytime conditions.
  6. If I were to start this campaign with the current PLT HQ units not able to call in support and the game got a patch to address this issue during my playthrough, would it be likely that I would have to restart the campaign to get the fix? If so I'll just hold off on playing it until a fix is out.
  7. Also, in the briefing for mission 10 (Kameshli Airfield) it states the entire Dutch battlegroup is present at the start for the final mission, but I don't see the engineer platoon anywhere on map. Would be incredibly useful to have from the start.
  8. Minor spoilers again, but for mission 10 - Are the building objectives preserve objectives or just simply occupy? It says to control the building objectives, but I'm not sure if I'll be penalized for damaging them.
  9. I can send you a save file if you want, I think it was one of the rear ones (with the trenchline at the top right corner) and possibly one of the ones near a building with a BTR near the center of the map. I can send you a savefile if you want?
  10. Awesome, thanks for the advice. Another thing I noticed was in mission 8 (Unexpected Resistance) at least 2 bmps seemed to have been given the wrong face direction - when I encountered them in their positions they were facing away from my side of the map.
  11. Spoilers I guess, but in mission 9 of this campaign ("Over the Hill"), it states that there is a minefield present but we know the safe passage lanes, however I'm not seeing anything in either the tactical map or in game reference marks to indicate these safe lanes. I don't think this is intentional, right?
  12. For example, this thread :CM Shock Force2 v2.03 patch has been released. Has 3 (Though one could be argued intentional) bugs that have not been acknowledged by anyone in those three pages (I'll let you guys dig through the post to find them, since you guys seem to think that's the most efficient way of doing things 😂) . Have they been logged by the team? Who knows? There are many other threads just like this one which have reported bugs that no one has responded to throughout the forums. People think somehow that suggesting just some sort of more centralized public bug report
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