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  1. Phase 2: Base of Fire Snipers sit atop the hill, in sturdy brick structures on Point Charlie. Shermans have to fill in as field guns. Sustained HMG fire is forcing Jerry to pull back from Point Bravo. This flank looks weak, Major Chetty is growing eager for an attack. Forward observers enjoy a great view, as spotting rounds fall on Point Alpha. All of the Battlegroup's howitzers are coming down on Celleno. Task Force 1 is poised to strike. Task Force 2 and 3 are waiting for artillery cover. Assault is imminent.
  2. I wanted to do my high school Remembrance Day speech about the Boer War. But because it was largely forgotten (ironically), it had to be about Afghanistan or WW1. The audience cannot be yourself, unfortunately. Cold War is hot right now due to 80's nostalgia and even Call of Duty is on that band wagon. I'm just happy that some saint decided to fund Fortress Italy, as it is often forgotten. From what I gather, BFC is going to give Black Sea and Final Blitzkrieg some love next. I'd love to see those titles expanded, hoping to see USMC vs VDV and Commonwealth vs Very Late War Germans.
  3. Thanks to J.J. Abrams and Alex Kurtzman, new Star Trek is trying to be Star Wars. Not a fan of Disney's Star Wars, but I'd still take Mandalorian over Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard. Don't get me started on Star Trek: Lower Decks. I'd recommend Westworld, Expanse (up until Season 4) and Counterpart to anyone interested in new-er sci-fi shows.
  4. Phase 1: Recce Recce platoons sneak their way into the brush. We need to see what we're dealing with. Forward observers establish satisfactory observation posts. They are ready to direct remaining artillery assets, for Phase 2. Oi! PAK opened up on us! Reverse -- oh, and do let Major Chetty's Shermans know where they are. Firing at that tree-line! First shot falls short! PAK returns fire! That was a close one -- hope we've brought spare underpants. They've quieted down after a few shots... but keep
  5. PRELUDE: A Retrospective This was our Battalion's first battle against the Hun, in Italy. It has been a rude awakening, and lessons were learned the hard way. After a heavy bombardment, Jerry pulled back from his defensive line. Little did we know about their well-prepared fallback positions. Their guns are well positioned, camouflaged and fortified. They make mincemeat out of infantry, and seriously crippled a couple of Shermans. We tried to advance quickly, to avoid being bled dry in kill-zones. The Hun made great use of automati
  6. At the end of the day, I'd rather be in a Sherman, on the fields of Europe. They were made in better staffed, equipped, and stocked factories, which were safe from occupation and bombing. US and Canada had the luxury of time for quality control in both design and production. US and Canada had ocean travel to consider. When shipping costs are paid in blood, tanks couldn't constantly be replaced. That's why the M3 and Ram were produced, before the M4. Knowing that a large batch of early production vehicles guaranteed trouble. What if I'm in Stalingrad, though? I don't have aircraft eng
  7. Tightening the Noose An SAA counterattack catches a couple of Light Infantry platoons off-guard. The assault turns into a stalemate. The SAA harasses garrisoned infantry with RPGs. The SAA infantry charges into the kill-zone. Another desperate move, Al Hasakah is near. Al Hasakah The Outskirts are lightly defended. Downtown is surrounded, but is still a fortress. Two Cold Warriors face off in the dusty rubble of Syria. The firepower of the task force persuades the SAA staff
  8. Suburban Hell Driver! REVERSE! The Eryx teams are quick to deploy and establish kill zones. Just in time for an armoured SAA thrust. We're dry! And they just keep coming! The cavalry is here -- and not too soon! The SAA expend their T-62s in a foolish adventure. Now, the town's capture is only a matter of time.
  9. Celleno: The Final Battle The Mission Before us, lies the hill-top fortress of Celleno. This is the final objective of our campaign, and it looks to be the toughest one, yet. We did our best to conserve our fuel, ammo and manpower for this battle. We are ahead of the recce, and nearly blind. Now, night approaches and we must begin the assault. The Plan Phase 1: Establish observation points and direct the initial bombardment. Phase 2: Occupy the heights and establish a base of fire. Phase 3: Begin the combined assault on ALPHA.
  10. Big Front 242 fan here. Gonna get the obvious one, out of the way:
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