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  1. Season 1 Finale was great! Makes me want to try my hand at a CM Machinima. I was hoping Lt. Poon would give a dressing down to whoever tossed the 'nade at the POWs. The only good Hun is a dead Hun, I suppose. I prefer to use HUNT instead of ASSAULT when approaching prepared opposition. I have had too many half-squads cut down, giving the other half-squad cold feet. I find ASSAULT useful for advancing through closely watched open areas, and clearing buildings. For a poorly preforming PC, hiding the trees can improve frame rates. Now, I am slowly unlearning this bad habit. Turns out th
  2. Welcome to the forums, bud. They are releasing Black Sea on Steam, this Thursday. I'm guessing it's all hands on deck, this week. So, it may be a bit quiet until next week, possibly February.
  3. Epic cutscenes, dude! Will be keeping an eye out for more adventures.
  4. So, Black Sea Steam release is January 21st. Are we going to see F&R pre-orders before then?
  5. I don't envy anyone playing SAA in SF2. There's only one way a fight between T-62s and an Apache can go -- like Cheech & Chong, Up in Smoke. Congrats on a valiant last stand!
  6. Ambush! A LAV becomes the first casualty of a SAA ATGM. A recoilless rifle joins in, countered by 25mm Bushmaster. Infantry launch rockets and grenades at the SAA defenders. Northern Lights The Battlegroup begins offensive on a well fortified SAA chemical weapons facility. Infantry begin to clear out the flanks, the staging ground for the assaults on Tundra. The SAA defenders are well equipped with ATGMs and heavy rockets. The Leopard 2's take point. The LAVs and Coyotes on the flanks, join in. SAA def
  7. A New Hope The main roads are mined. The Battlegroup detours into the side streets, only to encounter road blocks and ambushes. The ground shakes as a VBIED detonates -- prematurely. Direct assaults proved costly and slow. The Battlegroup focuses on the weak flanks of the Fedayeen. The Fighters' flank is devoid of IEDs or mines. The few defenders give way to concentrated firepower. Nasri is now under surveillance. An Apache is called-in to beat the enemy into submission.
  8. My strategy for this campaign focused on minimizing casualties, above all else. First Mission was a Minor Victory for me, because I didn't take the objective in time. You do get some victory points for retaining your troops, though. It would be cool if you could turn off the time limit. The idea was to recce the strongpoints, outmaneuver them, surround them and then pound them. Each strongpoint was dealt with, individually. Then, the noose tightened. Half of all victories in this campaign came from surrender, prior to occupation of the primary objective(s). I don't remember if tha
  9. Leap of Faith The Battlegroup cautiously moves into a Fedayeen-held town. The Fighters delay the Battlegroup's advance with hit and run attacks. The Light Infantry establishes a base of fire, and breaches into the heart of Faith. Mines explode, and leave a rifleman bleeding out. There is no safe way to get to him. Fedayeen strong points are isolated and pounded with HEAT rounds and automatic fire. The Fighters' avenue of retreat is cut off -- no way to outrun a LAV. The remain
  10. Battlegroup's Leopard 2's roll across the Highway to Tall Tamir. A hail of infantry rockets, faces a hail of cannon shells. Pioneers clear the bridges from IEDs and mines, behind an air-burst barrage.
  11. Khabour Trail The Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battlegroup Tall Tamir & Al Hasakah, 2008 The Light Infantry approach the Urban centre of the Al Haskah Governate. Syrian Irregulars are engaged, near a Retirement Home. Ambush! The Jihadists organize a deadly maze. The advance is slowed.
  12. Sounds intense -- like a battle for the Reichstag should be. Can't wait for the massive 2x2 hour assault -- also greatly appreciate having both sides playable.
  13. Ausf. H was the pinnacle of P. 4 development, equipped with new armour and new gun. The plain M4 had a taller silhouette, slower speed, less muzzle velocity, worse TC cupola, worse long range optics, etc. Sure, the M4 had 1cm more of effective glacis armour (Ausf. H had 8cm at 90 degrees). I think the M4 also had better situational awareness for the gunner. Later variants would improve on a lot of the deficiencies, and they cost more. I don't know about unit cost, but I would think the Ausf. H would cost more to produce than M4. I know the StuG was cheaper than the P. 3. Lacking a tu
  14. Men of War and Call to Arms have a shooter mode, that's fairly seamlessly integrated. Although, I almost never use it for forces larger than a platoon. My time is more constructively spent micro-managing the units, rather than pew-pewing. Brass Brigade is pretty much an old-school Battlefield game, rather than a tactics title. I actually dig Cyberpunk 2077, a lot. I've gotten some ridiculous bugs, but nothing progress impeding. It generally looks and runs great. It's a solid CRPG, and feels like a worthy Deus Ex successor. Great voice acting and level design really make it stand out. I di
  15. Oh yeah, dude! That's next on my list. 100%, would love a prequel.
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