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  1. BFCElvis, Thanks for letting me know. Since there was a specific CMBS manual for it, thought there'd be one like it for CMCW. There was also a special tin, too, and those are cool, but nothing this time. Am I correct that the pre-order includes the DVD as well as electronic activation (?) or DL? Regards, John Kettler
  2. The support link returns a daemon notice. Followed all procedures rigorously but got nowhere fast. Please help, so I don't miss the window. Thanks! Regards, John Kettler
  3. BFCElvis, For pre-orders, is there a physical CMCW Manual included? Hope so! Already have an Engine 4.0 Manual and the basic CM manual. What else do we get for pre-ordering in the way of things that won't be available to post-release buyers? Regards, John Kettler
  4. BFCElvis, Hi! Posted this question earlier here but never got an answer, for the Slitherine version discussion took over! Is it still possible to pre-order CMCW, or has that ship already sailed? Had to wait to get the money, and though I'm still in no shape to play CM (sigh), I wanted to get the game with the physical manual and all that because I have faith I will be able to play again at some point, the Cold War Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact threats were what I analyzed for a living at Hughes and Rockwell, and I wanted to support BFC. Please let me know. Thanks! Regards, John Kettler
  5. Are you talking about entrenchments or foxholes? Regards, John Kettler
  6. Vergeltungswaffe, Glad you found it worthwhile. All, Thanks to brother George, here' s a longish article that puts the above OP battles into a much greater context, so much so that the battles in the OP are described only in the last two paragraphs. https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2020/03/01/operation-queen-the-western-allied-november-1944-offensive/?fbclid=IwAR28Zj4kYjLdOfV3p9p2WRtkbFCGvo1LowsSPK1jflgbtsRXsQnPaePWGoU Regards, John Kettler
  7. chuckdyke, In the prepared defense, what you say would make sense, and such installations were shown in that Sacred War video, but the accounts I read mentioned no field phones. It's absolutely true that the US supplied vast amounts of commo wire, field phones, switch boxes and more to Russia. This is readily verifiable in the Lend Lease shipment lists on HyperWar. All, Something worthy to note is that the Cover Armor Arc is the plan, if you will, but not necessarily the reality. The AI can, will and sometimes does override your plan, including firing prematurely and even engaging o
  8. The standard Russian ATG battery deployment was a "L" shaped one, with a 3-gun gun line as the killing power and a gun on either the left or right flank and about 50 meters ahead of the gun line to open fire first to force the attacking Panzers to turn toward it, opening up their flanks to attack from the gun line. That key gun was not a good place to be if you wanted to live (not that life expectancy was at all good on ATGs!), because not only did it draw terrible return fire, but many were simply driven over, crushing gun and crew. Unlike in the Sacred War video where the ATGs are super cl
  9. Am highly surprised that a pair of battles falling smack dab in the subject area for CMBB has generated so few views and no comments in almost 24 hours. Was the headline not compelling? This is an account of battles in which an entire US tank battalion was reduced to a shell of itself, the tanks almost ran out of ammo, enemy fire rained down, resistance was ferocious, etc. Regards, John Kettler
  10. My favorite retired US Army Scout, SFC George Kettler, asked for my help assembling some game chrome for his upcoming 4-player CoC battle, naming a battalion CO who died in the real one. He was posthumously awarded a DSC. The unit itself won a DUC for what it did. This was a very hairy and super expensive fight for two German towns, Hastenrath and Schnerpenseel, as part of the Siegfried Line campaign. It makes Fury look like the attack of the pantywaists! https://3ad.com/history/wwll/memoirs.pages/earl.htm Regards, John Kettler
  11. Bad Squiddo Games is in the final 24 hours of its fabulous KS campaign. The firm specializes in believable females, and its Soviet soldiers and aviators who are the subjects, including soldiers, tankers and aviators, together with some notable specialty items. Campaign focus is winter warfare, but there are some new troops to fill out the summer line. Scale is 28 mm/ or 1/56. The Rules prohibit posting the link, so either go to Bad Squiddo or KS to find the campaign. Tons of painted examples shown. Be advised there seems to be an issue with where the page directs, but despite appearances, the
  12. Unless I missed something, the regular ordering has begun. That's what I saw when I took the pre-order link given in this thread. All I saw offered was the basic game for $60.00, with no mention of anything else. Got some money and was going to pre-order to get all the goodies, though I know full well I presently simply am in no shape to play ANY CM. Regards, John Ketter
  13. Erwin, You're welcome. SimpleSimon, A most cogent reply! Now let me. Give you a perspective on the Cold War Red Army (circa mid 80s) take on initiative "Initiative consists of the exact and precise execution of the commander's plan." Regards, John Kettler
  14. Doctrinal open fire range for the ZIS-3 was 750 meters and 500 meters for the 45 mm M1937 and M1942. IN the latter case, the weapon was accurate enough to target specific parts of the tank, such as tracks. The Red Army philosophy was to hold fire until a high hit probability would result, the idea being to open with surprise fire and then pour it on until the foe broke or the battery was blown up or overrun. See Drabkin's excellent Panzer Killers for more information. Regards, John Kettler
  15. Erwin, My understanding is that the no chute drop was tried--with disastrous results, but am unsure whether this was during troop trials in Russia or actual combat in Finland in 1939. Have zero knowledge of the purported German countermeasure. Regards, John Kettler
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