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  1. Try playing the Syrians as the underdog, its a new way to experience modern war, and the experience will develop new skills that you never knew you needed. Even if your total force gets shot to pieces, learning to get the hard kills is valuable. THH
  2. In ASL, a player can combine the movement of a tank with a squad so the squad gets the benefit of cover from the tank. Once i had an opponent launch a russian human wave including a vehicle, that was a tough day in Russia. Experimenting with CMSF2, the tanks using Slow and squads using Move/Quick commands pointed at the same route and objective can kind of replicate the effect of tanks providing cover for the infantry. This combo is useful when crossing exposed ground, and is talked about in some US manuals. But its a bit tricky to stop start the combo as they can get out of alignment qui
  3. he he, 1 bunker, 8 T-62s and a BRDM, and no shells left .... yes he can get a reload package ...
  4. A much closer game against the AI as compared to the H2H attempt, mainly because the AI just stopped advancing in the objective buidlings despite still considerable combat power, allowing the SAA to prevent their US control.
  5. This fella needs a medal and a promotion to Regular for destroying an Abrams ...
  6. I re-tried this one against the AI as the SAA, kind of a worse outcome. Some highlights - at least a few heroes on my team:
  7. I was hoping for CMBS for Christmas joy, but no joy, is it really coming to Steam?
  8. Howdy I played Factory Outlet H2H the other day and wanted to give a rundown of the action and learning from the encounter. I was the Syrian Red Force and my opponent's turn to take US Army Blue Force. US attack with a first wave of three Abrams, accompanied by Strykers with the Abrams old gun and a selection of Bradleys with TOW launchers, and second wave as reinforcements were a company of infantry and engineers in Strykers, plus OBA and Apache helicopters. Their mission is to control four buildings spread across a factory complex (one however was outside the complex walls - the
  9. The consistent description I have for these kinds of vehicles - whether Marders, Bradleys, LAV, et al - is that they drop infantry 100-300 metres from battle zone and then let infantry advance with the vehicles providing fire 100-300 metres behind infantry both to suppress and destroy strongpoints etc to help speed the infantry along in their mission. They also have option of dropping infantry closer to objective, on the objective (very dangerous/aggressive), or past the objective, as well as forming a kind of battle group of AFVs (eg bronegruppa) to perform specific tasks including fire grou
  10. I'm not sure if the AI is modelling reality, or the effect of reality: perhaps even if the spots are shared in a colloquial sense but the receiving unit has no way (given their equipment, skills, motivation etc) to see the spot anyway (no Borg spotting!). US and NATO have little ipads that have a map and precisely the location of the spotted unit, which is networked to other units ipads, so the receiving units can decide what to do with it (which is another part of decision tree for the C2 to decide whether there's enough info to allow the player to spot the unit (which would then allow spott
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