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  1. And just a comment on MLRS, in game barrages are fine by me, so long as its realistic (the customer promise by Bf). There is a constraint though on Minute 1 artie, and the scenario designer has to take care that the game starts after the battle field preparation has ended (and this is for both sides), so the troops if they're assumed to be subjected to pre game bombardment have a force set that reflects their state after such a barrage, not the pristine TOE that one so often sees. So a very tight coordination between turn 1 barrages and movement is ok by me, if that's realistic, but
  2. In Objective Delta, the Russian Helo/fast air deliver some kind of 'sparkly' payload mainly against infantry in buildings, which is very nasty. Does anyone know what kind of cluster munitions they're using? In Syria, I think they're using cluster phosphorus! In a quick muck around play in OD the US got hammered. I'm finding this scenario more realistic - in the sense that there's a lot going on from lots of systems - than most, though why the US puts strykers against tanks I couldn't possibly fathom. The strategy I'll be toying with next is to pull back and 'remove the feature'.
  3. I had a quick muck about play of this and came out with a US Major Defeat 🤣 against the AI, so at first glance I'd call it a fair fight. Just takes a bit of practice to get it sorted. Stingers (only 2?) did nothing, Also, had a whole squad in building get destroyed by a russian firing a thermo RPG7 round - very nasty - the building collapsed and the squad took several casualties and become rattled. Interesting to see/be exposed to the CAS of the Russians, as that's a new trick for me. Has anyone tried this against a human player? I'd think pro-Russian in that case (as they
  4. Just had a situation where my Challenger destroyed a T-x while firing through a wrecked Warrior. Interestingly the Challenger's LOS wasnt affected at all by the wreck, is that normal? Or does the sighting time increseas and hit chance simply decrease? On the reverse, the T-x could only see the tip of the barrel, the left fender and the top turret optics! Best THH
  5. That's good thinking. I had the sense that a H2H scenario need to be different from the AI versions, also including the option that a H2H game would allow each side to add extra forces (like an extra vehicle or two) to help make the H2H match-up more competitive. Say if a player preferred one side or the other they could allow the other player to take the extra forces in return for getting their side of choice - in ASL this is called the Australian Balancing System. Such an approach would fit into AI version as a player could choose the extra forces or give them to the computer to m
  6. My gigabyte brand laptop has Intel CPU 10th gen i7 but both integrated and RTX 2060 graphics which works fine. But I had the pixellation problem that was fixed by forcing the laptop to use the RTX graphics. I also have 2 SSDs, to make the scenario loads, turns and saves load ASAP but stll not fast enough for me. My buddy has an AMD PC with integrated graphics which still cant fix the pixellation. BTW if I run OBS at the same time as the game, OBS crashes, 'cos of laptop problem OBS has! Its worth doing all the research you can...on all the potential uses for the gear.
  7. There seems to be to little of the good stuff your doing. Lack of stats is one part of the problem, time is another, understanding of the techniques how to get a better fight is a third. Inclination/built in bias is another-i've seen some ppl argue that balance doesnt matter, but I assume they always play AI and always Blue, which is fine for many ppl, but they shouldnt impose their approach on others who'd like to play a gripping battle H2H.
  8. I'm pretty impressed by this whole AAR, and presume it is part of the playtesting of the scenarios coming with CW. Nice to see the scenario being tested in H2H format and hopefully it will be developed to at least 60/40 win loss for either side. I know its super hard to get the scenarios balanced to that level - lots of moving parts and the two sides are very different - but the victory conditions can at least be tweaked. If Bf has the capacity, it would be super interesting to get the win/loss of all games played (2H, AI, at each level of skill) automatically reported to it by the
  9. Finally, I achieved a great result on this scenario Keys to victory: - hide everyone - setup Syrians to fire enfilade, and only reveal them when its worth it - develop a network of interlocking fire RPGs and ATGMs - don't risk tanks unless theres a clear flank shot - plot offboard artillery to attack German's as they set up to attack the village, within the combat zone - it helps to group Redforce infantry platoons so they're in voice or hand signal command of their HQs Mistakes that could have achieved a better result: - ATGM could have been g
  10. Did you design the scenario? I'm impressed by the rubble, how'd you do it? Looks like a combo or hard ground, large rocks and brick piles but how did you do the bricks?
  11. I'm playing that very scenario right now PBEM, bagged a Leopard, Marder and two Weasal's so far and have another Leopard lined up at 100metres side shot from a RPG Vampyre, my own losses are a platoon of infantry, two AT-14s and T55MV. But that's of topic, back to BMPs .... in this there is some classic shoot and scoot BMP style ....
  12. I'm not being critical, just encouraging, and your house rules looks interesting : its best to have fun no matter what. Some scenarios designers arn't looking to produce a H2H 'game" where both sides have a shot at a victory (and so a basic element to having fun) but are intending to replicate the french at agincourt though in a SF2 setting (ie a simulation).
  13. This is important ... get eyes on with the smallest unit possible and then coordinate your own targetting. I think the BMP is to valuable to be hit while doing the spotting. But of course there could be reasons to do so ...
  14. Red is much bigger challenge, ppl should love Red for that reason (Blue is just a Death Star).
  15. I think thats the doctrine - the dismounts go the right and left in front of the BMP - the doctrine is silent mostly on distances involved and of course its all situational. I'd like to see a vid of someone using BMPs and dismounts well.
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