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  1. Thank you, so than I hope that BFC, will grow up soon in the future !
  2. ยฟI don't know how I can formulate my question? ...but I don't have my answer either. I have a wallet sytem on steam and I want to use it, so my question stay (like above) ... Simple question simple answer !
  3. What is the difference to buy to the Steam instead BFC, Sitlerine... website ? Steve, can you not added a "service of wallet" to your website to pre order like Steam?
  4. Me too... music is a must, music is passion, music is life, music transform our mind soft of hard, in a smile and make us happy every time ! Nothing to say when I could +1 +1 +1 I could go with ...Stairway to Heaven or Baby I gonna leave you... but I choose this one !
  5. I like really that we will have a mix of helmets and hats !
  6. Woaww the Rom have now emblem, I couldn't do it or not so perfect, very nice the Kohlmethode, so now, every helmet will have emblems, also the Umlaut Danish ones soon.
  7. Lot of armies were using the German helmets after the ww2 (This is why we will have lot of possibilities to created lot of mods using CMCW and ww2 modules)๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜ Also awaiting the famous reminding DDR helmets for my future Yougoslavia mods 80' conflicts...๐Ÿ™‚ https://wwiiafterwwii.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/the-stahlhelm-in-latin-america-after-wwii/
  8. The creator is always the best and the worst criticism from his own job, cos never for him is correct ! ...only appreciated when somebody tell him. Is my text perfect, for sure not, but I try to let also enjoy ! Me I say that I am happy to see some guys like you, 37mm, LuckyStryke, Umlaut, Sophist Falaise, our unforgetable Mord, Mjkerner, Olecksander... and all that take part to modified and taste and try to modding, also the creators of scen and camp...All the good modders that let live this community. ! JM
  9. True apologise we have to keep in mind ! Yes for all the Police Nothing to say about Sioux and the band only that is For me a must! I don't know this I will check a little around ! Yes also Black Sabbath how can I forget it, on the same way Hurriah Heep Blue Oyster cult, Kansas, Omega, Styx, Kayak, Gerry Raferty, Manfred Mann's...
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