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  1. Oh Mann this is the minimum, I do also a lot but now I try to be better... so be happy that you can use Blender and create new things, this will let you smile all the time, or almost,...remember... außreisen deine Haare manchmal 😁🥵 ...think only about that you make a big step in the 3d world... und mach weiter und weiter viel erfolg, falls nicht !! keine Sorge, meine Tür is immer offen... Freundlische Grüße JM
  2. So I am glad for you Immer wieder Fehler... ?? what kind of ??
  3. Ah ok but why you dont try the version that the guy was propose the version 2.79b official and working is highter and have perhpas more functions as the one that you are using and the addon from Python is just writting for this version,...!? ...but ok when this work for you you can be happy to use the 2.78a !! You could resolve the problem of the size of your radio ? I don t want to boring you but if you couldnt resolve the problem I propose to install the version above like Aquila was mentioned plus the Python addons dont forget and export your metadata das is sehr wichtig perhaps this will resolve your problem ? Viel Glück und sag bescheid ! JM
  4. Hi guy, it would be interesting for me, to know which version of Blender above 279b you are using, and which for you gives you good results, I was testing some but I dont have good results untill now I was trying the 281a, 292, ! Thanks in advance JM
  5. Cold War to another place of the world ! A period that I would like make something, when we will have a addons for CMCW, but having already a lot of stuffs with all CM togethers ! Just to let you awake enjoy it ! JM
  6. Thanks you now is more clear yes sorry I have only to click on the link above !
  7. You are welcome in the community or better you are accepting every works from the community !😄
  8. You begin to be a Master oder better ein Meisterwerk pls dont take on the words what I tell you about destroying your map, I am joking all the time, but I really really appreciated your Art to Berlin ! 😉 + 10 did you also making the wreck vehicles yourself ?
  9. Nice catch, but me sorry cannot really read all... can somebody activated Google for me ?
  10. Hehe ! I will pay attention to these period of war... later... and we will see what we can doing, can not make something wrong we have already the german helmets in CM 😉 (Joking)! What I wish to see again, is some Japaneses soldiers and theirs "banzaii " ! N play another personly battles like "Iwoshima" or perhaps Heroes shina...! 😊
  11. hopfully is a german car I think this is the original Opel isin t ? look more and more interresting !
  12. We some screenshots like this we can really recognize and appreciated the power of the engine game without to know what reserve us the power of cm3 ?!
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