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  1. Awesome I can upload it when its ready mate just send it over to me at greershane@gmail.com
  2. Just an FYI. All the CMRT Infantry mods released up to now are available from the Mod Warehouse. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/
  3. As an aside I went and edited that tree. Files attached. foliage.zip
  4. Indeed... I had left the foliage out as I was trying to build it back in as I really dislike this tree here.... doesnt fit the rest of the graphics in my opinion. Am going to try Bens winter trees over the top to see how they look.
  5. Forgot to mention this scenario was a night scenario.
  6. Yes... there is a problem but its not with the site but more the overzealous Google Chrome browser settings that is blocking the download. There is an easy workaround. Either log on under Edge or Firefox and it will work normally or in Chrome right click the link and save link as. A warning will pop up at the bottom and just select keep file. Its an added security setting on Chrome. I will look if there is anything I can do from my side in the meantime.
  7. The actual vids only take half an hour to make... it also ensures I have it in the Mod Warehouse.
  8. Putting these little vids together to show people how the mods look compared to the original.
  9. I will be reviewing the scenario on my YouTube channel today and a link will be posted... why not subscribe while you are over there.
  10. In that case no... this is the latest version as supplied to me by @Lucky_Strike
  11. These are the ones from a couple of weeks back. Didnt realise there was an updated version... can you point me to the url and I will update. Ive been so busy the last month as I was designing a virtual tour of 2 Paras actions at Arnhem for the new company Battleguides Virtual Tours.
  12. This Combat Mission Battle for Normandy mod contains new textures for all the above ground-level flora – Trees, Bushes (a couple are by Ez), Flower and Flowers Doodads, Clover Doodad, Grass and Weeds Doodads, Crop Doodads, Brush Doodads, Marsh Doodads and, of course, those Bocage textures. I have started a scenario with the out of the box Combat Mission and added this modification - I chose the hi-res simple install from file #001.. Over it I also added the WarMovie Advanced Mode by BarbaricCo. I think for a new Combat Mission player these 2 mods alone make the terrain look f
  13. Here ya go. Enjoy. sdp_ITA CMBN Normandy to Italy Conversion Pack (thefewgoodmen.com)
  14. Ok what I have done is collated all sdp_ITA mods together into a big pack. Its about 2.5GB. Uploading now and will send you a link in a minute. Bootie
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